Amazing Grace

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Pakistan! We praise God for His love, protection and grace, we all are doing great and pray for all of you! We are thankful to you for keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers!

Calvary Foundation Youth Fellowship

My meeting with Pastor Trent in Europe was very inspirational, when I came back my wife and I started to pray and plan, and we started a youth group by the name of “Calvary Foundation Youth Fellowship”. First day we had 6 guys there who came and we had wonderful fellowship and prayed together. We have started a weekly Bible study with them, we meet on every Monday at 5 pm and have Bible study till 6:30 pm. The number of the people who are joining is increasing, and we are very excited about what Lord is going to do and accomplish through this group of young people who are joining us!

We wish to grow this fellowship, train these young men and send them for serving the Lord at different places in Pakistan. We are planning a Winter Camp with these people, we will go to Murree Hills during the snow fall and for three days we will study “Biblical Theology of Missions” Please keep this fellowship and all plans in your prayers.

Church of Brick Makers

We have been reaching the group of Brick makers for years now and they are also our one small church. We have fellowship and service with them every Friday and the first Friday of every month is our mission day, with the help of these brick makers we reach other people like them at different locations.

Monsoon is a very difficult time for them as they don’t have work in these months and it’s hard for them to feed their families, secondly their living places are filled with water and so many poisonous animals like different snakes and other reptiles come to their houses. They are in tough slavery but we are always blessed to see their great love for the Lord and hunger and thirst for the word of God. I want to share some needs these people have, if Lord leads you to help them please join us in prayer and support of these people.

  • We wish to help these people with warm cloths in the winter that is approaching, if we get support from our friends and family we can purchase used clothes to help these people remain warm in the winter.
  • We need floor mats for these people to sit on during the service and fellowship. They are very poor but very sincere people, please keep this need also in your prayers. 
  • On Christmas we wish to arrange a special program for the Brick Makers, we want to bless them with our love and care. If you would like to contribute in this program, you may send your support for our Christmas with Brick Makers’ program where we will invite other brick makers also from different brick kilns around.

God has called us to encourage these precious souls through our prayers and spiritual and material means. We want to request you to come along side with us in this ministry for Brick Makers.

The Church

The church is going well, as I’ve shared with you in past that we have planted another Calvary Chapel outside of our town and we have Sunday Evening Service there. Recently I met some Christian political figures and some people from Human Rights organizations, they have promised to help us get our organization registered soon. Please keep this in your prayers as we are trying to push the process of registration. The Women Ministry is going well, thank you very much for prayers, our women ministry support was very little, now one of the friends has committed to support this on regular basis, we are seeking more commitments like this prayerfully. The General Funds of CC Pak have almost finished, we use these funds for the general needs of the ministry, we want to request you to please keep praying for this specific need and please do share about Calvary Chapel Pakistan with other friends and some churches if it’s possible for you! Our family is also fine, schools of our kids have re-opened after summer vacation. Thank you very much for keeping our family and team in your prayers. Kindly go to our “Prayer Requests” page to find out about the requests and needs of CC Pakistan. God Bless you and your families!

in Christ Jesus

Nadeem Massey


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