Harvest time

“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor.  For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.” __1 Cor. 3:7-9

Greetings to you all our friends and family! We are almost in the middle of year 2017, the time really flies. We praise God that our lives are being used by Him working in His field. God is always good and He is blessing the ministry in Pakistan every day. We are thankful to you for co-laboring with us in this ministry through your prayers, encouragement in different ways and support. As you stand with us in this mission field, we feel very loved, every encouraged and confident and it also helps us to remain steadfast. So Thank You!

New Church Planting

We are very excited to share with you that we have started weekly fellowship with another group of Christians in a village that consists of 45 families. As the population of the village was increasing and the areas became congested these people thought to come out of those congested places and start another community at a distant place. With the passage of time of 17 years, now they are 45 Christian families. We came to know this group of people through our out-reach program. They do not have any pastor and church in their area, they were very happy to come to know Calvary Chapel, and are very happy to come under the covering of Calvary Chapel as congregation. We are reaching these people twice a week, on Sunday Evenings we have main service with them and on every Thursday brother Joseph have Bible studies with children and youth (13-25 years old). The only thing that attracted them to Calvary Chapel is the simple teaching of the word of God in an ordered way. Although so much is going on around us in the form of healing crusades and Christian concerts but people rarely find the word of God being shared at those events. During fellowship with these people when we always shared the word with great love and passion, the Holy Spirit really touched the hearts and minds of these people and they have decided to come under Calvary Chapel. Please keep this all in your prayers, this is going to be our second church in the surrounding of our town Gujranwala.

The Word of Grace that Builds up

Most of the people here have many kinds of spiritual influences, a large majority was under Roman Catholicism for a very long time which left it’s marks on their souls. Many are falling an easy prey to new movements, liberal and Charismatic theology and many cults. We know from the word of God that only thing that can build people up and protect them is God Himself and His word of Grace. We keep people engaged in the study of the word of God in many different ways. During our Sundays we are going through Genesis as we want our

congregation to have good understanding of our Christian doctrines that have foundation in the book of Genesis. On the Fridays we have topical teaching mainly done from the New Testament giving them more and more insight into the Bible based Christian living in order to be a witness of our Lord in this world. We have also developed short Bible studies for the children and teenagers. We are feeding them on the pure word of God regularly and we praise God when we see their lives being transformed. The areas where Lord led us to work are very low socially, the people we are serving among are underprivileged, but it gives us great joy to see them healthy and growing spiritually by being fed on the word of God. Please continue to pray for Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we want to invite you to get involved in this ministry through praying for us, sharing about CC Pak with other friends and family and your church and by supporting to provide the needs for this ministry.

Women Ministry

Women ministry is another very important project of our church, Farah along with her helper Monica reach to the remote areas, have meetings with women there, encourage them in the Lord and start Bible studies with them. We started this with one village but the ministry is growing very fast.

This is really a wonderful ministry that is impacting not only the lives of the Christian women in the villages, but the families and the next Christian generation as these women learn from the word of God to lead their lives in the fear of God and it also helps them to build their families according to the teachings of the Bible. The one Sewing School that we have under this ministry is going well, we have request to start more sewing centers in the other places where this ministry has Bible Study groups, we want you, our brothers and sisters to keep the need of Sewing Machines for this ministry in your prayers. We are very happy to share with you the praise report that last week we received an AIR COOLER for the Sewing School as gift from two of our friends. As these women get together daily to have fellowship and learn sewing skills in the scorching heat of the day, this air cooler is really a great blessing for them.

We are thankful to you for faithfully praying for us and graciously coming forward to stand with us through your support, love and care, God Bless You! we pray for you and your family!

in Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey


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