Equipping the Saints

“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings and Love from Pakistan! During all these years of ministering we have literally experienced the impact of “Simply Teaching the Word Simply” in the lives of people we have met and ministered to. Simply Teaching the word has not only changed many lives around us, but it has been continually changing our own lives to better. God has laid on our hearts to “Reach” and “Teach the Word” more than anything else, and we praise God for all the wisdom and guidance He always provides. The concept of expository teaching is new and not very popular here. People feel much fascination in Healing Crusades, Health Wealth and Prosperity Gospel. Now a days we have many Christian TV Channels here and most of them are taking people away from the Bible rather than bringing them close to it.

We know that the Word of God is the most power thing that transforms every person it touches. Our vision for 2017 is to reach people with the Bible and inspire them to study it. We have been faithfully teaching very small groups and now Lord is opening doors for us to reach large groups specially young people, mostly High School student of next generation.

One of our Bible Study Groups at a Christian School

 As we reach these people and teach the word of God to them, we find that they have so many misconceptions about the word of God. We are helping them to have the literal understanding of what God wants to teach us through His word, and at the same time we beware them of different kinds of misinterpretations and misuses of the word of God by false teachers and cultic movement. It is so encouraging to see these wonderful people developing their interest in studying the word of God properly.

These students have tons of questions but no platform to get proper answers, they are very happy for this special class with us through which we not only study the Bible but also learn more about it’s authenticity. During the month of January we had four classes on “Evolution and Creation”, now we will have look at Bible as the “Book of Prophecies” with this particular group of students.

New Creature in Christ

Monica (supervisor), Kiran (instructor) & Farah

With Alishbah (Sewing School Instructor)

Women Ministry has so many stories of changed lives, when we reached those areas first time, most of the women were busy working in the fields, and they were ignorant about their spiritual life. God touched hearts of some women to come forward to join Farah for reaching other women with the Word of God and empowering them with the Sewing Skills. The impact of this initiative has been very much powerful ever since and we rejoice to see these precious souls coming to know their real position in Christ Jesus. These women are very vibrant at the Bible study and at the Sewing Center. This project of women Ministry has given new meaning to their lives. Every person has a joyful story to tell, the families have started to experience the blessings of Christ’s love in their lives. This ministry is very important and this is working for and among those who are considered low in this culture and society, and therefore are ignored. This ministry has kept growing since it started, but we don’t have proper support to meet all needs of this. We would like our friends and family to visit facebook page of this ministry https://www.facebook.com/CCPWM/ and keep the team and all the needs in your prayers. We also want you to please join us in co-laboring in Pakistan so that we may reach more people every week to help them know Christ and grow spiritually as true Christians.

Equipment Tools

Tones of free literature from cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Oneness Pentecostalism and Branhamism is circulating all around us in Urdu language, and many new books by people like Jae Rock Lee, Joyce Meyer and Choo Thomas are being translated and printed here for free distribution. We feel great need for good Christian books to give in the hands of people so that they may grow instead of being misled. Three years before we printed Pastor Chuck Smith’s book “Effective Prayer Life” in Urdu, this small book really was a great help for everyone who read it. This clarified people’s concepts about prayer, and encouraged them to lead prayerful life. This book was one of the great tools Farah and Women Ministry Team used to help those ladies learn about their spiritual condition and guide them to start praying. We have received many books from “The Word for Today” with the permission of translation, we wish to have “Basic Calvary Series” in Urdu and for that we need your prayers and support. If you know someone who will be interested to support translation and printing of such good Christian books for Pakistani Christians please get us introduced to them.

At the end we want to thank you for your faithful and generous support, your love! Our whole family and team is fine and we are thankful to you for always covering us with your prayers, we love you and pray for you and your families!

In Christ Jesus

Nadeem & Farah Massey

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