Lord’s Vineyard

“You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power. Your knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my understanding.”

____Psalms 139:5,6

Greetings and love to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. The greatest joy for us is to be servants of our Lord here as He is working great things in the lives of hundreds of peoples. We are thankful to you all for always supporting us with your love, prayers and care. Summer in Pakistan did not come as quickly as we were expecting, the month of April was very pleasant and cold at most of the time, but now the summer has started and it is getting hotter and hotter every day. Our church team, our families and congregation is fine, we praise our Lord and God for protection and want to thank you all who pray for us.

Witness of Christ

The church that we planted is in a corner of our town where there are many Christian families but because there was no church there at all, Christian families were living DSC05061individually, lonely without any fellowship among themselves. When we visited the area first time many of us were not very hopeful that things were going to work, though we were sensing the urge and leading of the Holy Spirit. We praise God who enables and empowers us to continue serving Him. Since we have started church in the area now Christian families are joining in and are having wonderful fellowship. Now the families are coming to know each other and people are happy to see the presence of the Christians in that area. They are no more separately living by themselves individual families, but all of them have come together in Calvary Chapel and are now ONE FAMILY in Christ. This was the first time that they got together for the service of Resurrection Sunday. Our family was so blessed to be among those all whom our Lord loves so much and has appointed us for serving them. Not only that, but our small congregation also had Sun-Rise Service also, which is commonly organized here at many churches. This all is taking place first time in the history of this area.

We praise God that we could reach to people in this corner of the town and we could become good witness of Christ to them. Now they are witness of Christ in that area. Our regular Church services and Bible teaching programs are going well now only in our church but at different places of the town. It is exciting to see how powerfully the Word of God is changing the lives, people love the teaching of the word of God and many are coming out of so-called Christian movements as the word of God is opening their spiritual eyes. We are thankful to all of you who are praying for us there. We are in process of getting permission of government for church building here, it is taking some time, but we are hopeful that though it might be late, but everything will work smoothly for us. Please keep this also in your prayers!


One thing that is missed in most of the churches here is Out-reach Evangelism, but reaching out to other people is the foundation of our ministry and church here. We have never been careless about this and this mission work continues along with church, arrangement of Bible study groups at different places in the town, sermon recording and other things. Our team is faithfully reaching people at different places to share the gospel of Christ.

God has blessed us with two motor bikes which will be mostly used for out-reach evangelism. Please continue to pray for us as we reach many un-reached souls here and also pray for all those we are reaching, that the word of God may transform their lives and help them grow in their Christian faith.

Women of Faith

Women Ministry of our church started through a Sewing Center where Farah started DSC05410 weekly Bible Study while the women got together there everyday for learning Sewing and knitting skills. Through this ministry we are reaching many villages to share the word of God with girls and women. The amazing thing is that the weekly Bible study has turned to be Daily Bible study at the first village where we started the Sewing Center. Once again we saw that how powerfully word of God works in the lives of His people. During recent visit of Farah there were many old ladies with great witnesses of how the word of God has changed their lives.

The Sewing Center continues to work and we praise God that our ultimate goal is being fulfilled through the center, which is sharing the word of God with people and helping them to experience the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Our youngest son Jared can be seen in the last two photos as he joins his mama on mission now!

Family Corner

DSC05085Our family is fine, Joshua and Rachael are busy with their studies and we have our youngest son with us to keep us busy everyday. The schools will be closed by the end of May, 2016 for summer vacation and both older kids are going to have more time with their younger brother. We Praise God for their good physical and spiritual health. They are growing very fast.

Our friend and co-worker Joseph’s family is also fine, please continue to pray for the protection and well being of our families as we serve here. We don’t post much about our families here on purpose, we have prayer group on facebook by the name Massey  Prayer Support Group, you may join us there and see information about our families and also learn about our prayer requests there. [https://www.facebook.com/groups/208526292656903/].

We love you and pray for you!

in Christ Jesus

Massey Family

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