March 2017

It was our joy and privilege to attend Rahul’s wedding and to give him and his bride ride in our car to the wedding place and back home. When the Lord brought us to the North India in 2005 we met his parents, brother Rajendra and his wife Sunita, who were Hindus at that time. Rahul and his older sister Kiran were 13 and 14 years old. We were used to lead this family to the Lord after a year of continued sharing of the gospel. After his schooling Rahul went to a Bible College for two years. Last month he got married to his wife Pooja who is the only believer in her family. Her parents are Hindus, they wanted her to get married with a Hindu man, but she stood for the Lord. The Lord brought Rahul and his wife Pooja together and changed her parents heart to do the Christian wedding. In the wedding ceremony most of the people were Hindus. Please pray that Rahul and Pooja would be blessings to their Hindu relatives.

Our graduates who are serving the Lord, they too need to get married. We need your prayers for them that they should also get believer wives. They face pressure from family to marry Hindu girls as their parents are not believers. These graduates are doing great in the ministry. They are being used to bring young men and women to the Lord. Once a month we meet with them to pray with them and to hear from them what the Lord has been doing through them in the mountains.

We are doing well in our walk with the Lord. He has been teaching us to trust Him for every thing. We are learning so much teaching the SOM students. Each book of the Bible that we go through with these students we are blessed and grow stronger in our faith and in knowledge of Him. Teaching in the som has two fold blessing first of all we have more time to study the Word for ourselves and give more time to the Lord and secondly we are equipping these men for the work of the gospel.

Physically we are not doing too good. Vinita has been suffering from urine infection since we came back from Chhattisgarh. She has been suffering so much of pain. Two weeks back she had cystoscopy. After this therapy she had pain for about a week and now she is feeling better. She needs to take medicine for two months.

Reuben has been teaching ‘Prison Epistles‘ and I have been teaching Romans. The som students are now involved more in practical ministry. Each week two of them get opportunity to teach the Word, one student teaches in Tuesday house fellowship and one in Sunday Service for ten minutes. We are happy about the progress they are showing in their learning and teaching the Word. It is our prayer that the Lord would use them mightily for His glory.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

God bless!

Co-workers in Christ,

Pratim and Vinita

February 2017

We want to apologize for writing to you bit late. Since we came back from Chhattisgarh we were caught up with so many works and activities. Thank you for your prayers for us and our time in Chhittsgarh. We had wonderful time with our relatives and friends. We enjoyed time with them. It was good to see my (Pratim’s) mom after a year. She is 88 years old. In January she fell down on the floor at home and got a deep cut on the top of her left eye socket, but the Lord protected her eye. Though her eye became red for a week due to blood clot now she is well. We got opportunity to minister to the people from the Word. It seems that time passed so fast.

We came back to the North India on January 31st. We are busy in som and church ministry. It is joy to teach the Word to these young men in som and in cottage meeting and to visit families. The only thing that is not favorable is the weather. The cold weather of the north does not suit us. Both of us are not doing too good health wise. But we are growing in the Lord and the power of His Spirit.

Please continue to pray for our ministry in India. Our graduates are being used by the Lord mightily. One of our graduates showed Jesus movie in two villages . In one village 800  and in another about 500 people came to see the movie. With our another graduate in the Himalayas Mountains the whole village came for the Christmas program and all of them raised their hands when asked if they want to  accept Jesus as their personal Savior. The very next day they came to our graduate (brother) and threatened him to not to preach about the Christian God.In another village where our another brother was taking Sunday Service one of the believer girls father came in and slapped his daughter and started yelling. The girl was so embarrassed because her father slapped her before all the believers. He had never beat her before. But she did not stopped coming for the Service. Praise the Lord!

Pray that more and more people would be brought to the saving knowledge of the Lord. Pray that the Lord would give gift to our graduates to share the gospel boldly. Pray for our health and our financial needs. Since some of our supports have stopped their support we are in financial need.

We appreciate your support and prayers. Please continue to uphold us through your prayers and financial supports.

Thank you so much!

Co-workers in Christ,

Pratim and Vinita


Wish you blessed Happy New Year!!!!!! Praise the Lord for giving us one more year to serve Him and live for Him on this earth. Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support for the work of gospel in India. We hope that you would continue to partner with us in this New Year as well to train many more workers of the gospel.

Last month we had our Christmas celebration on December 16th. We had prepared drama and dances and nice gospel message too. We invited mostly the non-Christian friends for the program. After the program we had Christmas dinner together. More than 150 people came and heard the gospel. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to speak to them that they would surrender their life to Jesus.

We are in Chhattisgarh right now. We came here to be with our parents and relatives for Christmas. Aroma had exams till December 24. She travelled on 24 night and joined us on 25th noon. We celebrated Christmas with my older brother and his family. We always gathered to gather for Christmas, but for last 13 years we had not celebrated Christmas together.

Prayer requests: 1- We are going to be in Chhattisgarh for three more weeks. Pray that we would have ministry opportunities and nice time with our dear ones.

2- Pray for our safe travel back to Uttrakhand. We would be driving back in the end of January.

3- Pray for our financial need. We need more supporters who would support us on monthly basis or give one time gift.

4- Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for future ministry.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pratim and Vinita

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our prayer partners and financial supporters!
May the joy and peace of His salvation overflow from your heart as you
celebrate the birth of the Savior.  May this 1wonderful time of the
year help you touch the heart of people in a special way to show the
love of God.  Wish you all a wonderful Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support throughout
this year.  2It is because of your prayers and support that we have been able to reach out
to many unreached areas of the Himalayas Mountains of India. We saw lives
transformed through the ministry of our graduates.  We are so thankful
to the Lord for helping us to start the School of Ministry to train
the locals for the work of the gospel.  Previously we were limited to a small area and language was a barrier to communicate the gospel.
Training the locals has eliminated this barrier and expanded our area
of ministry.  This year we baptized about 20 people who truly
made a commitment to follow Christ.  There are many who are interested
in learning about Jesus and put their faith in Him.

3Recently Vinita was used to teach the Word at a ‘Women Conference’ in
Nagpur India.  More than 850 women from all over India from different
church backgrounds came for the conference.  Vinita had never taught
such a big group, therefore, she was scared, but because of your
prayers the Lord gave her boldness to teach.  After this conference
she got an invitation to go to China to teach the Word, but she refuse6d
because she had to teach in English.  Please pray for her that she
would not hesitate to teach in English.

The School of Ministry students are doing great in learning the Word.  We
went to a picnic spot by the stream of river. It was wonderful
experience to learn the Word in the open by the streams of water.  We
could feel how people and the disciples of the Lord would have felt5
when they were taught by the Lord by the Sea of Galilee.

Last month the students had another exposure of ministry among the
school students through music and testimony.  They had opportunity to
go to seven different school in the city with a Christian band for a
week.  Students are more open to the gospel. At the end of the 4program
feedback forms were distributed to the students and many responded .
Please pray that these students would keep searching for the truth and
know the Lord.

We also went for camping last month for two nights to meet the
believers in the mountains and encourage them in their faith.  They
are all doing well in the faith.  I (Pratim) am bit 4sad that I could
not go to this camping trip due to my back problem.  My back is troubling
me so much these days.  Winter is not good for my health.  Please pray
for my health and also for Vinita’s health as she has been often sick this
past month.

We were recently informed by our missions organization that several of our financial partners have had to cancel their monthly support over the past few months. We would like to request that you please pray about supporting us financially on a monthly basis or giving a one time gift as the Lord leads you so that we are able to continue the 5ministry that the Lord has called us to. To support us, you can give online at: or by mail make checks payable to SGWM, 17451 Bastanchury Rd, Suite 203, Yorba Linda, CA 92886 and in the memo portion note “Masih Family.”

With all good wishes for Christmas and New Year !!!!!!!!!!!

Co-workers in Christ,
Pratim, Vinita and Reuben