The Lord’s Faithfulness

Hello Family and Friends,

We are so excited with what the Lord is doing through us here in Peru. We are now entering our 4th year serving here in Cajamarca. John continues pastoring the church and preaching every Sunday. We have around 40 members coming on a regular basis. Natalia continues in leading the women’s bible study every week, making visits to the Orphanage of Belen twice a month, and doing discipline classes for some of the girls from our Church.
The English classes are growing! It is a blessing to have a missionary that lives with us in our home, that is taking care of the classes. There are around 30 students. Awanas ministry is amazing! We are blessed to have 30 kids learning every week about the love of Jesus and being able to memorize bible verses. This Awana year we have added 5 new leaders to help us with the kids. We had a leadership training at the beginning of the year but when the youth team from Purpose church came in July, we also had another leadership training going over the new material. Awana Purpose Church has been great! They have donated many materials for us and the children of Purpose Church have been so generous to bless our program here in Peru with their tithes and donations.
Along with the normal activities, each month we have had a special event take place.

Awana: Prayer time
Belen Girls

January: we were able to send our youth to participate in a summer camp in Lima, the capital. They joined with other churches that we have close relationships with in a summer Christian surf camp. Remember that here the summer is different from the US.


February and March: we had two different baptisms. It was great to see three young ladies take a step forward in their Faith. Natalia was especially blessed to witness the young girls that were a part of these baptisms because two of these young ladies were ones that she discipled.

During the month of March we also worked alongside Osborne Head and Neck Fundation to do a huge medical campaign in the regional hospital of Cajamarca. Natalia worked really hard to make it possible. For more than 3 months, every single morning she worked on the paperwork required for the team to be able to work here. Along with paperwork she also did pre-triage for the patients and subscribed them. We had 7 days of surgeries and 3 days of clinical. In total the doctors saw more than 200 patients in clinical and performed over 50 operations. The surgeries varied from small cases to complicated cases. Some of the cases she is still doing follow up work. In some of the more complicated cases cancer was found. Praise be to our God, these patients that had early stages of cancer were healed. Our church also had the opportunity to share the gospel inside the hospital. This was part of the deal we had with OHNI if we were going to partner with them. Many people heard about Jesus!

Dr Ryan Osborne
Changing lives

For those of you who are interesested in watching the video that was made by the OHNI group while they were here, you can type in OHNI Peru in the YouTube address link or on the internet webpage address bar link.

April: we celebrated in a very special outdoor Easter service with the church members. When the service was over, we ended with a nice Easter lunch. There were around 50 people joining us for this special occasion.

Easter service

May: We had a Women’s tea party. Around 80 women (not counting their little children that they brought) were a part of this celebration. All of them enjoyed a beautiful setup and great food but most importantly they had a great teaching. The theme was Our Identity in Christ.

Awana day I our new location ( Our house)

Leaders praying before Easter Service