September 2017

Dear Friends and Family,
We are so excited to share with you all the things that have been going on in Cajamarca. 1st we would like to share with you that 3 weeks ago all 49 of our young girls in our orphanage ministry (Belen orphanage is an orphanage for young ladies that have been in prostitution and sexually abused) have accepted the Lord. Praise the Lord! Since March Natalia has been in charge of visiting this orphanage with a group of ladies from church, on a consistent basis. Every visit that was made, two things always happened. 1. At the end of each visit the girls would always ask them if they were coming back? 2. Spiritual attacks and something always went wrong (tv not working, dvd not working, dvd player not playing, computer not working). This happened every visit! After all these months the girls finally trusted in them. It’s awesome to see God’s hand of work upon these girls who once ignored what they were sharing but now are excited each time to be with them and learn about Jesus. Now they welcome them with hugs and kisses, even calling them “mom”.
Here are some recent updates:
2. Natalia is discipline a small group of ladies in our home once a week.
3. I have recently been made an elder at the church and given opportunities to teach Bible studies on Wednesday nights and even teach an occasional Sunday.

4. We were able to bless one of our Belen girls with dental work. This 16 year old had an accident and lost her front teeth. With the help of a missionary team from San Francisco and the pastor’s family, we were able to cover her expenses.
5. We did our first clinical outreach with a Missionary group that was here to put a roof on a church up in the mountains . We saw 78 patients from 8months to 98 years old. This was a very successful trial run. It helped us to see what we will need for future medical outreaches.
6. Originally, we thought to continue working with the Bible school this new semester that started in August, however, God has changed those plans. Clearly we see God calling and leading us in a different direction. Now, 100 percent of our work will be focused in the city of Baños del Inca and Cajamarca.
7. Natalia along with the pastor’s wife are organizing the first women’s retreat of the church. It will take place September 29-30th. Natalia will be teaching how to be a godly mother. I have the privilege of cooking for their lunch.
8. We finally had a date, it was really needed! Thank you for your prayers.
Please keep the following in prayer:
1. Emily is still struggling with constipation.
2. Alejandro’s good friend is leaving us shortly with his family to start another church in Chile. Please pray that he can find another good godly friend.
3. Natalia-after the loss of our baby, she has been having hormonal issues. Sometime she feels down, body aches and lacks energy. Please pray for strength and peace.
4.John-prayer for wisdom and direction in how to guide my family. Since we are leaders in the church, prayer for wisdom and knowledge. Many come to us asking for advice and how to deal with their problems, especially issues in their marriages. This can be very stressing.

We love and appreciate your trust in us. Thank you for being a part of this team.


The Gundersons

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Gunderson Family Update July 2017

Dear Family and friends,

I apologize, we wrote this letter back in July but we never sent it out.  I know it has been quite some time since we last wrote a newsletter but I would like to catch you all up on how our missionary journey is going.  After we came back from the states we continued to serve at the Bible College.  During this time God strongly laid it on our hearts to start a sports club.  The Lord opened many doors for us to be able to start it.   First we started with soccer classes and now we are doing basketball.  Aside from teaching a sport we like to use this time to teach the kids a Bible lesson.  Many of the kids have received Jesus!

In March, we moved out from the Bible College in Llacanora and into the city of Banos del Inca.  For the past Four  Months we have been in this new location.  God moved us in His perfect time.  He has blessed us with a very nice house which we have been able to open up to many people.  Some of the activities that we have had in our house have included cooking for a missionary group, hosted missionaries, a barbeque swim party for our sports club, hosting a baptism and many gatherings after church. One of the big events that we have been able to be a part of since we have been here is in the planning and catering of a wedding.   The bride is a member of the church but the groom didn’t like or want to be a part of the church. This couple had been living together for the past 16 years without marriage.  Here it is so common for two people that love each other to live together. In fact by other people they are called husband and wife.  One reason for why they live together without marriage is because a wedding is so costly.  A couple of ladies in the church had been encouraging this young lady to get married because she was living in sin.  My wife came along and insisted that they get married!  Finally Carmen and Cesar went through with their wedding and the two became one.   When Cesar  saw all the things we did for his wedding and the love of Jesus being shown, his heart changed toward the church.  Now he is coming to the Church.  I pray that he will soon come to know Jesus as his Savior.   Another way that God has used this wedding, is now a few other members of the church who are living together without benefit of marriage are praying and wanting to get married.

In the city of Banos del Inca we have had the pleasure of being a part of La Iglesia Refugio (The Church of Refuge).   During our time that we have been a part of this church, we have started an English class two days a week. On Mondays we do Lectures and on Friday we do a conversation club.  God has blessed this class!  We now have over 40 people coming to the class and some are even becoming a part of the church.  On Fridays we visit a couple of different orphanages.  Wednesdays we have our midweek Bible Class.  Some of the classes I will be leading.  Sundays we help with translation because the services are in Spanish and English.  My wife also helps out with the worship.

The Family:  Emily is now 20 months old!  Time is going too fast!  She has quite the vocabulary and even understands both English and Spanish.  One of her favorite things to do is climb!  Alejandro is working extremely hard on his homeschool.  We are very blessed to find another homeschooling American family with a boy that is the same age as Alejandro and two sisters.  He has found a best friend here.  Every Friday we have a small homeschool co-op.

Prayer Requests:  1. Health for the family, especially the kids.  This time of year it can get so chilly at night.  Many kids get really sick during this time of the year.

2.  Emily has been having constipation issues.  Please pray that her stomach will work properly.

3. Provision:  There are many needs here but we need to be wise in how we administrate our support that we receive.

4. Protection:  Spiritually and Physically. We are constantly under Spiritual attacks in many ways.

5. Our marriage: We are looking forward to having a date soon.  I can’t tell you how long it has been since my wife and I have had a date just the two of us.


Love John, Natalia, Alejandro and Baby Emily

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