Ministering to the People

  When we think about serving the Lord, our thoughts often turn to what we can accomplish or what work needs to be done.  This is definitely a part of ministry, but it is the people that we minister to that are the objective within ministry. I was reminded of this throughout the month of March as our family was blessed to minister alongside other churches while serving those who have great need.  

 We were blessed to help out at a medical brigade in early March.  We went to downtown Tijuana and ministered to the homeless while others attended to their medical needs.  My good friend Gil Garcia brought some brothers and sisters from Calvary Chapel Rosedale to serve alongside us.  The body of Christ was able to meet the needs of more than 500 people, truly a blessing.

    In late March Calvary Chapel Buhl brought 20 youth and 10 adults to come and serve for a week here in Playas, Tijuana.  This was an incredible group of youth as they were bold through evangelism and effective in outreach. They performed a biblical drama at a public school, shared the Jesus film and drama in local colonias, served people at the Tijuana dump and ministered to families in tent city, did construction at a nearby church plant and ministered to our body of believers as well.  The objective to minister to the hearts of the lost as well as the saved were met, through God’s provision, for God’s glory.

    Our family is doing well. The Lord is so faithful to provide, He seems to know just what we need, when we need it. Ryan has enjoyed building relationships with people at the local parks through the handball/racketball ministry and local rehabs. Karen stays busy with homeschooling the kids and being involved with women’s ministry. The kids have been able to visit Bible colleges, participate in the SoCal Harvest Crusade, and build homes for people in Tijuana and Rosarito these past few months. Jamie is excited to work at a local health food cafe in Playas. Brian is almost ready to graduate and is working at a produce store started by a couple from church, their heart is to share the love of Christ to the community in Playas. R.J is busy with basketball, and soccer. Mackenzie is a diligent student and has volunteered to do children’s ministry for the school of ministry at church. We are a blessed family to be supported by such a great group of brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much as you serve the Lord through your physical and spiritual support of the Gause family, serving the Lord in Mexico.

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Seeking Vision from the Lord

Gause Family Serving in Mexico

January has been a month to pray and seek vision from the Lord. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with our deportee ministry. We really have a great need here in the northern border of Mexico to help the thousands of men and women who are being deported.  We have hopes for a home to house people, businesses to employ, and a school to educate their kids as they come from the United States to live in Mexico as a family. We will need to connect with chaplains in the Federal Prison system who can get us in contact with prisoners who are serving the Lord.  If you would like to be involved in this great ministry, please contact me.

Starting in March we will begin our School of Ministry.  It will be a 16 month program that will help to equip believers to serve the Lord with their giftings and callings.  We are very excited to see the body of Christ united in doctrine, vision and service of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.  One of our goals through the School of Ministry will be to identify those who have a call to church planting and missions. What a great opportunity we have here in Mexico to reach people with the gospel through church planting.  Southern Mexico, specifically the Circle of Silence, is just as unreached as areas throughout Asia and the Middle East. Please pray that God would put the call to church plant upon the hearts and lives of those who come through the School of Ministry.

After a nice little vacation, the kids are back in school. I am very proud of our 4 children as they have been a great blessing to our family as well as the church body.  Brian and R.J have started their own basketball team with some friends from Rosarito. I am officially the coach, but it is just a title I wear with no real authority. The boys are running the team and I get to go watch.  It has been fun to watch these boys grow into men and we are excited for their future in Christ! The girls are doing well. Mackenzie has become quite the baker and her sweet treats have become dangerous for our waste lines.  Jamie is still debating what she will be doing this upcoming year, whether she will work or go to college. Please keep the kids in prayer!

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December Update

    It was a wonderful 2018 as we were blessed to serve the Lord in Playas Tijuana.  Over the course of the year we have seen people saved by God’s grace, discipled through obedience to the faith and serving in the local church.  What a testimony to the power of the gospel as it alone can take dead men and make them alive!

The month of December was exciting.  We were blessed to have Calvary Chapel Heyburn come on a mission’s visit.  Their church body blessed us with backpack presents for the church children and others in the community.  We are very excited to have them on board as a mission minded church that wants to get their body involved in serving across the border.  On December 16th we were able to have our celebration for the birth of our Savior. Our outreach leader put together a great day for the kids, teaching them about John the Baptist and the coming King.  After the service we were blessed to have Calvary Chapel Rosarito come up and do a Christmas play for our church and invited our women to their annual Christmas Women’s Dinner as well as the youth Christmas dinner. We are so grateful for their support as well as the many churches that support us personally and the ministry as well.

    Please pray for us as we embark on a New Year with vision for the deportee ministry.  We have a family in the church who are researching what it would take to open a call center.  What we would do is make contacts in the federal prisons with men who will be deported, we will pick them up as they are deported to Tijuana, we will house them, employ them and help them as they make the very difficult transition into Mexico.  Please keep this in prayer, it will take many open doors and much patience. We trust this is the Lords heart for men and women who will be deported, as they are often overlooked and rarely cared for. Just the people Jesus would minister to.

    Please keep the Brechtel Family in your prayers as we partner with them in planting a church in Oaxaco, Mexico. Thank you for your wonderful support and please keep our family and ministry in prayer.

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Fall Update 2018


The Lord has been so faithful to provide!  

It is such a blessing to be serving the Lord in Mexico as a family.  We have been in Playas de Tijuana for 3 years now, wow how time flies!  We have almost finished the first phase of remodeling on the Church building and after adding more seats, more people keep coming to hear the gospel. It is definitely a work of the Holy Spirit. We have tiled, built a sound room, run electrical, drywall, and painted but, we are slowing down for a bit until we have the finances to finish. 



Things have been going great at church. As we have expanded the sanctuary, the Lord continues to add to the church. We have had many professions of faith and are excited to see people grow in their faith as they come to discipleship studies at the church. We are organizing a women’s discipleship group which should start in November. We have a great group of Godly women who are excited to minister, encourage, and train the younger sisters in the Lord. 


As a church family, we had a fun night of celebrating Mexican Independence day with God’s word, delicious food, music, and fun games. We were also blessed to have some dear friends visit us and we are so grateful for their loving support and friendship.                                                               We have been reaching out to a local community, Laureles, every other month and are preparing to do a Thanksgiving outreach. Calvary Chapel Joshua Springs came down this past month and we were blessed to see a family come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Their family has been faithfully attending church and are growing in their faith. Would you pray with us, as we believe God is leading us to start a bible study in Laureles. It is a very poor area, with lots of drugs, suicides, and corruption. We know that Jesus wants to shine the light of His Gospel on this place, we just need His wisdom to lead us!The church body was blessed to hear a special message from Pastor Raul Cervera from Peru, about not getting distracted when God has called you to serve Him. It was a great reminder to stay focused on the calling God has on your life.

                                             The kids are doing well. Homeschooling has begun, so the kids are very busy. Mackenzie and Jamie love to help out in the nursery at church. RJ and Mackenzie are both playing soccer with Calvary Chapel Rosarito’s  Youth Group team. Brian continues to practice his guitar skills. After graduating, Jamie is still praying about what her next step will be. We believe God will give her direction in His time. The other kids are working hard and already looking forward to Christmas vacation. We are so thankful for our children, they serve the Lord, they are growing into adults, and although it is a bit scary as parents, we know the Lord is in control.
















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Summer 2018 Update

Summer 2018 Update 

It has been a busy and exciting couple of months.  

The church is doing great as we have been blessed to see many people come to the Lord over the last few months and have had about 15 people baptized.

We had a men’s conference that went well as we had Pastor Gil Garcia from CC Rosedale, Bakersfield, CA and also Pastor Martin Garcia from CC Las Delicias, Tijuana, BC, Mexico come and share powerful messages from the Word.  

We have begun a construction project at the church. The plan is to knock out a wall, expand the sanctuary and create a bigger space for fellowship.  Calvary Chapel Hagerman came down with their youth group and helped us with some of the construction. The air conditioning is finished and working well, praise the Lord.  

July has been busy as we have had family night every friday, watching movies and playing games.  Our Vacation Bible School went well as we were able to minister to 30 kids over the course of 5 days.  We are looking forward to having a women’s conference in October, please keep that in prayer.

Our oldest daughter Jamie had the opportunity to help Baja Christian Ministries with building homes for people in Tijuana.  We are so proud of her as she has excelled in her studies and is deciding what her next step might be.  

Brian and RJ have been doing well in basketball and enjoying their summer. RJ’s basketball team won the championship in a church league we were involved with at Calvary Chapel Rosarito.  It was a great time playing with the boys in basketball. The boys also had friends from Idaho come stay for a few weeks, during summer break.


Mackenzie has been hanging out with her friends, she always stays busy with little craft projects and loves worshiping the Lord as she listens to her favorite worship songs. Jamie and Mackenzie attended a girl’s retreat with Calvary Chapel Rosarito.

Many of you know my grandma, Barbara, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Karen has been taking care of her for the past three months. We have just moved her up to San Jose where she will be well taken care of by my uncle.  It will be great to have Karen back at home full time, we have definitely missed her much. Keep Barbara in prayer, she seems to be doing well in her battle with cancer, the Lord is in control.  

We are so excited to share with you what has been happening in our lives as we serve the Lord in Mexico.  Thank you for your spiritual support as you pray for us and also your physical support as you provide for us financially in the mission field of Mexico.

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Gause Family April/May 2018 Newsletter

April and May have been great months! It was wonderful to celebrate our Risen Lord during our Easter service. As well as celebrate new life with Baby Dedications, Beach Baptisms and we had a special day to celebrate kids for “El día de los niños”, “Day of the kids”.                            


We are so blessed at Calvary Playas to have a great team of servants and leaders. The midweek studies are going well. It is great to see the body of Christ growing in their relationship with the Lord. We have begun teaching a midweek series on the “Pillars of Our Faith”. Thursday nights we have started providing “pan dulce”, or Mexican sweet bread, for the congregation.  We want to make Thursday nights a little more intimate for the church as we learn about the foundational doctrines of the faith. Food and fellowship unite the body of Christ (Acts 2:42).

            Jamie graduated from High School and we are so proud of her diligence as well as her love for the Lord. We are praying for her as she is deciding what her next step. Brian has started serving more on the worship team at church, he has worked very hard playing the guitar and is a talented young man. Our prayer is that he will continue to serve Jesus with his musical abilities. We have a traitor in the family! We are going to be involved with Calvary Rosarito Basketball League, and Brian and I will be on the same team, but R.J is jumping ship and teaming up with friends from CCR. Mackenzie recently had a birthday and we have been encouraging her to practice with the worship team, she can sing really well. 



So proud of these kids. It is not easy to be missionary kids as well as pastor’s kids, but they are faithful servants.

Some of you may know that my Grandmother, Barbara, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The doctors will begin radiation treatment shortly, but we ask that you would continue to pray for her.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support!

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Gause Family March Update

What a great month of March! Calvary Chapel Playas is continuing to grow numerically and spiritually. We were blessed to have Jeff and Bonnie Johnson come down from Santa Barbara to do a marriage conference.  How important it is for our marriages to be centered on Christ as well as His Word.  Thank you Jesus for unified marriages.
     Calvary Chapel Buhl, from Idaho, came for a week and were able to minister to people at the Tecate dump, to the less fortunate in Tijuana and to people in our church body as well.  Unfortunately, during their stay, tragedy struck. The group was on their way to do some construction projects at a home for a brother from the church.  His daughter, 23 years old, had passed away the night before. It was a terrible time of grief and mourning.  After a few days, Calvary Buhl was able to go up and pray for the family and minister to their physical needs as well.  Please keep this family in prayer, it has been incredibly difficult, but encouraging to see our brothers and sister gather around and support them.

     Our family is doing well.  Our oldest daughter, Jamie is about to graduate from High School. We are so proud of her. Our boys are doing well in basketball and school. Brian has started playing guitar on the worship team. Our youngest daughter loves hanging out with her friends and worshipping the Lord. What an incredible journey the last 5 years have been, and we feel like we are just getting started.

     Please pray for our building expansion and the acquisition of anther small room we want to make our children’s ministry room.  Also, we need to spend some serious cash and upgrade our air conditioning, so if you have any recommendations, let us know.  Pray for the marriages in the church, there are a lot of damaged marriages, and we need more people to step up and help out in that area.
Thanks so much for your spiritual and physical support, thank you Jesus for your faithfulness.
     Blessings from the Gause family serving Jesus in Mexico.
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February Update 2018

It has been a great month of February. We are so grateful to be serving the Lord here in Playas De Tijuana, México. We were blessed to have our good friends Richard and Kim White come down with a group of bible college students and put on a women’s conference. It was an incredible time, over 40 women came out for the two day event. The women came away grateful as they learned about the importance of following Jesus wholeheartedly.

    Our weekly studies are going well. There are about 20 people showing up to each of the weekly discipleship studies. The church is hungry for the word of God and it is exciting to see the growth the Lord is bringing through these times of fellowship and study. Our sanctuary is filling up on Sundays, we have a very diverse group of people. Mexican nationals, Deportees, African Americans, and Gringos. It is wonderful to see people from all walks of life enjoying fellowship through the Spirit of the living God.  One Lord, one faith and one baptism! Thank you Jesus for this wonderful fellowship.

    We were encouraged this last month to begin a bible study at a nearby cancer treatment center, Hope for Cancer. These are people who have come to Mexico from all over the world seeking alternative treatment for late stages of cancer. Oh man, this has been the most encouraging thing I’ve ever done in ministry. I thought I was going to be an encouragement to the patients, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. There are about 10 beautiful born again believers with their companions, spouses and relatives, that come to the study. They shared 2 testimonies last night and they were mind blowing. These brothers and sisters share about their trial, they rejoice in knowing Jesus is on the throne and in control. We weep, we pray, we study God’s word, we praise him in song, oh man it is powerful.

    Please pray for our upcoming marriage conference on March 24th. We also have an opportunity to do biblical counseling at a local call center. What an opportunity to see people come to Christ and see lives changed by the power of God’s Word. We will have access to over 120 deported men and women, to counsel and encourage. Only Jesus can open a door for Christians to go into local businesses and preach the gospel, we are blown away.

    Please pray for our ministry house, we have placed our first man in the home. He was deported 5 days ago, he spent 42 years in prison. He is a sweet brother in the Lord, his name is Edgar. Our goal for the home is to continue helping deported men transition into life in Mexico as we disciple them in the word of God. What an adventure!

Thank you for your prayerful support my brothers and sisters,

Gause Family


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Gause Family Missionaries

Ministering and Loving people in Playas, Tijuana, Mexico

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