The Best Gift Ever and A Great Work

It was wonderful to spend Christmas and New Year’s in the states with our family and friends. The main reason we were glad to be home was to spend time with Heather’s dad (Bud) who continues to battle cancer. He remains hospitalized and is recovering from a fifth round of chemo and we continue to pray for a miracle. It was also great to have opportunities to share at several churches, attend and teach at conferences and tell many about the amazing things the Lord is doing throughout Asia and Africa. We felt welcomed and overwhelmingly loved by so many of you who faithfully pray and support us in ministry.

Good News Brings Great Joy

After 15 years of marriage, we are expecting our first child and we recently learned that we are having a baby girl. Baby G (as we refer to her for now) is due on July 8th and we are filled with joy as we eagerly wait to meet her.

Our growing family!

Our growing family!

Perhaps you may be asking the question, what happens after you have the baby….will you continue to work overseas? The answer is YES, we plan to continue in the ministry that God has called us to in Asia and Africa, only now it will be as a family of three!

We will return to the states for the summer to give birth to our daughter in Southern CA. Once we are able to get all of the documentation, passport and necessary immunizations to travel with her, we will head out again for fall. We know that there will be adjustments and we may not be able to work in as many countries each year or move from place to place as often, but we trust the Lord will continue to lead and guide us as He has so faithfully in the past.

Arrived in Nepal – A Great Work Is Taking Place

We hit the ground running when we arrived in Nepal, as Bond began teaching this week. He is teaching the book of Luke and the book Genesis in the daytime to all of the students and meeting in the mornings and evenings with Pastor’s and Leader’s.

It was one year ago that CCBC Nepal was established and although we had vision to see many ministries go forth from the place God provided in Kathmandu, we thought it would take time. Upon returning, we want to share just a few of the many highlights regarding all the Lord is doing here in Nepal in 2015:

Teaching the book of Luke - spring semester

Teaching the book of Luke – spring semester

Nepali Students – We currently have 20 Nepali students who are taking classes at CC Bible College. Half of the students are new believers and it is a privilege to instruct them as they are like sponges that are absorbing all that is being taught. This is the future of Nepal and discipling these men and women is an honor.

Radio Program – Last fall when Bond was in Nepal, he learned about a radio station from our friend Pankaj. Shortly after visiting the station and meeting with the manager, the recording of teachings for the radio program began and continued during winter break. We are excited to report that today the weekly program began airing (twice a week for 30 minutes) throughout the Kathmandu Valley, which is home to several million people. Most people rely on the radio as their sole source of information, entertainment and for passing the time. This is the first verse-by-verse teaching program of its kind to air in this largely unreached nation. We pray that it will be a blessing to the believers and bring the Word of God to thousands who have never heard the good news.

Sanctuary – We desired to have a place to plant a church on campus and last year funds were donated by a church in the states to build the place we dreamed about. Now many months later, the walls are finished, the roof is on, the windows and doors have been installed and paint is currently going on the walls as we type this. We are hoping the new sanctuary will be fully completed later this spring. This building will be a place where we can invite the community to learn and grow in the Word of God. This building will be the place that our ministry partners will launch a School of Worship later this year. This building will open up endless opportunities for conferences, training, concerts, and outreach. We anticipate great things are in store!

Our teaching staff with the new generator.

Our teaching staff with the new generator.

Generator – With a campus that houses 25 people, a bible college, a music school, a church, a recording studio for the radio program and several other ministries it is essential to have power. With only a few hours a day of electricity provided by the government, it has created many challenges that have hindered the work from expanding, happening in a timely manner or getting done at all. Without electricity, we do not have lights, use of the office equipment, the ability to plug in instruments to play, we cannot teach, keep food cold, have heat and function in simple tasks when candle light is the only option. We were able to share this need while in the states and a faithful ministry partner provided the funds to purchase a new generator. We arrived in Nepal and two days later it was delivered to the campus this week and we now power for the CC Bible College, Salvation Music School, School of Worship, Calvary Chapel Kathmandu and so much more!

We marvel at all the Lord has done in a relatively short period of time. Yet, we know that it is simply the beginning of what is to come and we are praying that this place would be a hub from where revival breaks forth and lives are changed forever. There is a song that rings in our hearts and the lyrics say, “greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city.” Please pray for all of the ministries in Nepal that we are involved in, for our ministry team to remain united and for the students to be equipped and sent out to do great things for the Lord in villages throughout Nepal. Pray also for our baby girl who is growing, for Heather to remain healthy during pregnancy in Nepal, for our preparation to become parents and for Heather’s dad who is in the hospital fighting cancer.

With Love From Nepal,

Bond and Heather Gaona

In front of the CCBC Nepal campus (5 months pregnant)

In front of the CCBC Nepal campus (5 months pregnant)