Endless Summer in Africa

When Heather was in the 5th grade she spent a week during the summer visiting neighbors who had moved from San Diego to Hemet, CA. The week she went to visit friends in Hemet, it was Vacation Bible School (VBS) at their church and she had never heard of it. It was at VBS that she first learned about Jesus and gave her life to Christ. At the time, she did not know how life altering that decision would be, but it set the course of her life forever.

Vacation Bible School Rocks

This past month, our dear friends from Calvary the Rock made the journey to Uganda to join us in serving the community of Midigo on a short-term mission’s trip. They packed costumes, crafts, games, and a lot of love to host the largest VBS we have ever been a part of. Over 500+ children from this 95% Muslim community descended on the CC Midigo church grounds for VBS.

Moses made an appearance sharing the 10 commandments with the kids, the team led the children in making crafts, playing games and learning bible stories of God’s great love for them. The team also made it possible to provide snacks and drinks for each child that attended and we were amazed as it seemed to multiply to be enough. At the conclusion of the day, Heather reflected on how that summer day at VBS as a 5th grade girl changed her life and to be a part of hosting VBS so that other children had that same opportunity was priceless. We pray that it would be a life changing day these kids remember forever as they heard the Gospel and of God’s great love for them.

It was also Breanna’s first time to attend VBS. Much to our surprise, she stayed with her preschool class the entire day and rotated to all of the stations to hear bible stories, make crafts, color and play games. She loved every minute of it! We are thankful for each of the team members, the local teachers / children’s ministry workers and Calvary the Rock for an amazing day that allowed hundreds of kids to hear about the love of Jesus.


Refugees Receive Love

This past month, we were able to visit the refugee camp twice a week to share and show the love of Christ. There are 250,000+ people from South Sudan living there now and while the numbers are staggering, we focused our efforts to minister most effectively according to what was requested.

Matthew 5:16 says, In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” and that was our goal.  The team was able to spend several days hosting women’s, youth, and children’s programs as well as teaching at the mid-week service as there are now several churches that have been planted there.


We also had an opportunity to share at one of the jr. high schools in the refugee camp where 100 students were packed into each “classroom” which were actually just large temporary tents. Bond and several of the teachers from the team divided and visited each class to share the Gospel and remind the youth that there is a God in heaven that loves them and has a beautiful plan for each one of their lives.


Please continue to pray for peace in Sudan and for the Sudanese refugees who have endured hardships and loss over the past few years. Pray that God would pour out mercy and provision and healing and draw many to Himself through these tragic events.

Having Fun on the Field

We get asked from time to time, do you ever get to have fun while overseas? Although our ministry schedule is usually busy, the answer to the question is YES. This month, we were able to join the visiting team and take Breanna on safari for the first time. We took a boat ride on the Nile and jumped into a jeep to see giraffes and elephants in the open. To experience the African wildlife with our daughter was a memorable treat that we are thankful to the team for blessing us!

This past month many of your prayers were answered as our family and the team visited the hospital, prison, schools, huts and the refugee camps. Everyone remained healthy, safe and it was a fruitful time of ministry. We know that this is because so many of you are joining us in prayer. Thank you for praying and for partnering with us as we share the Gospel, disciple believers and see churches planted in unreached parts of the world.

With Love From Uganda,

Bond, Heather and Breanna