An Army Rocks Nepal

We feel incredibly loved and honored to share in this life and ministry together with you. This past month, the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, which happens one day a year. But as you love and partner with us we are able to share the love of Christ with others throughout this past month and everyday of the year!


When we visited Calvary the Rock in Northern CA last spring, we had no idea it would result in 31   people boarding a plane to come to Nepal and serve alongside us. An army loaded with 62 suitcases full of everything we had ever wished for in ministry and more descended upon our campus. They came prepared for the battle and although it was the most people we had ever hosted, we linked arms and went for it. We dreamt up all that we had burdening our hearts and the various people that we had desired to reach out to and this team was up for the challenge.

During the 10 days, we were able to:

  • Host an after-school program for 250 kids living in the slums where the Gospel was shared and kids were fed.
  • Spent a day the 12 promise children in our girls doing crafts, sharing bible stories, and the team poured out gifts that their own children had made.
  • Demolished a house that was destroyed by the earthquake, clearing the property and restoring hope and faith to a family that had felt forgotten.
  • Shared the Gospel at a bus park in town (many for the first time on the streets).
  • Served a meal to 400 children who come before school from the slums to a feeding program because there is no food at home.
  • Visited a Leper Colony to serve a feast to over 200 families, pray for people, touch them, love them, share a church service with them and enjoy a dance party together.
  • Host a special night for our CCBC Nepal students. In addition, the team painted, shared testimonies, poured out gifts and used every talent they had to bring the light of Christ to this dark place.

The army from Calvary the Rock linked shields with us to rock Nepal by taking back territory for the Lord that is having an eternal impact!


Our students at CCBC Nepal are growing. For Milan who has already graduated, we have seen a new church spring up. For Salina who is in her 3rd semester, she shared she is blessed to be part of a bible college that has opportunity for serving, outreach and evangelism. For Dawa who is in his 4th semester and has memorized most of the New Testament (even though he is legally blind), he is passionate about teaching children’s ministry and the kids are captivated. For Pradeep who is in his 2nd semester who was timid at first, he is now leading worship and translating classes. We have seen tremendous growth in the students as they learn the Word of God they are compelled to serve as a result. We are encouraged by the students this semester as Bond teaches classes and together we disciple young people in Nepal to be those who take Christ to their communities.


In October 2016, Bond took a trip to South India with several others to meet, pray and explore a new ministry opportunity. We want to thank you for your prayers and ask you to continue. A long-term lease agreement has been signed and we are excited to partner with an Indian family (based in Orange County and South India) in this new venture of faith. Their father has served the Lord for decades, but as he reaches into his 90’s he has been physically unable to carry on with the various ministries that the land was intended for.

This will be a new ministry opportunity for our family and many of our ministry partners who have stepped forward and joined forces to pray and work towards establishing a ministry campus on the land once again. We intend to start a bible college and fellowship in the first phase of ministry with many plans for additional phases and ministries to the community to come in the future as well. This is a huge step of faith and a massive under taking, but we serve a GREAT God who is able to blow our minds. We long to see a place established in South India where men and women are equipped and sent out to plant churches throughout India to reach the 1.2 billion people living there.

There will be many opportunities to partner in this new work. We look forward to sharing more with you soon as we put together more details of what is needed in the coming weeks.

With Love From Nepal,

Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona