Woo Hoo No More 4 a.m. Meds!

This infectious disease doctor at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles who has done residency in Uganda thinks Ian has toxic synovitis. This would be the best diagnosis yet when it comes to long term. Praying so hard he is right! He has taken Ian off the antibiotics! Woo hoo no more 4am meds! Now we wait and see. If in 2 weeks it comes back, it was infectious and we go back on antibiotics. If it comes back after Ian gets sick again it is toxic synovitis or if it comes back or is in different joints it is rheumatoid arthritis. His inflammation factors in his blood are back to normal levels and he is his silly self showing us he is less than enthusiastic about the traffic! (see photo) We don’t have to go back unless something happens again. He even gave us a prescription and more ideas for staph while back home over seas!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind notes! Please pray that my husband is able to join us on the 16th, he is still in Uganda. Thank you again!

God bless,
Vincent and Melissa
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