Leo Gray Prayer Request

I was scheduled for surgery this morning in San Diego. Just a few of the details: Somehow age catches up with us. It started with a crick; just a minor discomfort, in my back a few weeks ago. I’ve had them before but they usually go away in a few days. However this one was persistent and got worse. Over the next three weeks I saw a chiropractor’s massage therapist then a chiropractor, still no relief. I noticed one Saturday that I had lost considerable strength in my left arm. I was stretching a lot, trying to find relief, and couldn’t do a push up to get off the floor. I called a Doctor friend in Gulf Breeze and a Chiropractor friend in Pensacola on Monday. When I told them the symptoms they said to see a Doctor and get an MRI done. We had a grocery shopping trip to the states planned so I called the insurance company and was told to make an appointment within their network. We were only in the US one day and I was able to get an appointment with a Neurosurgeon and have an MRI done that same day. I believe that was definitely a miracle. A week later the results showed a herniated disc pressing against my spine and the nerve to my left arm. He scheduled surgery for today Friday March 23. On Tuesday the Doctors office called and said the insurance company denied the surgery and said I had to have it done in Mexico. We switched to an International Insurance plan this year. I saw a Dr. on Wednesday evening and he just wants the results from the tests that were done before deciding on what to do here. Our pastor’s daughter is in Medical School here and says he is a good Surgeon and Doctor. Oddly enough I don’t have near as much pain as at first, but I have been doing less strenuous things as a precaution.

So that’s my story for now. I know this was long but you will know better how to pray. God is so good and I know He will get the glory from all this. I have the form and will get it to the Medical Records Department next week so we will see what happens next. I’ll keep you posted.

A funny thing happened – the insurance company found two hospitals they recommended in our area. One was in Cabo San Lucas and the other in La Paz – just a thousand miles away. If I could talk them into having the follow up work done there I would be tempted. It seems a lot of larger companies send their employees overseas for surgery now to save costs. This was one of those hospitals in a resort area that does the surgery I have been recommended to have done.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

God Bless You,
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