February 2018 Prayer Requests


The Buescher Family – Cajamarca, Peru

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our family this month as Jessica and Eva will be traveling internationally. They will be accompanying the students to Israel for their first class of the semester. Pray also for Romeo as he cares for the other kids during these three weeks.

2. Join us in prayer over the start of the upcoming semester. That the students would be returning refreshed and ready to begin. That there would be unity on campus with all the past and newly incoming students. As well as unity for the staff who will all be slightly adjusting roles as we change directors on campus.

3. Pray for Romeo as he prepares for teaching, which will begin in just a few short weeks.

4. Please also pray for the last few months of Jessica’s pregnancy to go smoothly and that there would be no complications with the delivery. Also please pray that this baby would carry to term to allow for a safe home birth as planned.

We’re so thankful for those who take time to stop and pray over these things. It’s so nice to see the support system we have in the body of Christ. So, thank you! Your time is a huge blessing and we’re so thankful for each of you.

God Bless you,
Romeo, Jessica, Eva, Romeo, Anya, Avalina, Email: bueschersinperu@gmail.com blog: sgwm.com/buescher


Jon and Allison Brechtel – Preparing for Oaxaca, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. We are working on visas with a lawyer in Mexico. Please pray that we would get approved for religious visas!

2. That people would come alongside us in prayer and support as we continue to prepare for our move back to Oaxaca.

Thank you for praying for us!

God bless,
Jon and Allison Brechtel – Email: jabrechtel@gmail.com  Blog: http://sgwm.com/brechtel/


Brad and Melissa Miller – Amazon Jungle, Brazil

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the Apurina people. Please pray for strong leaders, committed to the Lord, and strong families. Please pray for their evangelism efforts to other villages and people.

2. Please pray for the Medical outreach here in Manaus that Melissa is organizing. Pray that the local believers would get completely involved and that those who are ministered to will grow in the Lord, and for unbelievers to come to faith in Christ alone and/or turn from their wicked ways in the world.

3. Please pray for our children. Pray that they seek the Lord. Pray that they can grow to love each other more and more each day, showing the love of Christ to those around them.

4. Pray for our whole family. Pray that God would protect us from the wiles of the Devil. Eph_6:11

5. Pray for those whom we encounter in every facet of life, that we would be useful and effective tools in the capable hands of our Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

Pro_18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Thank you and God bless you,
Brad and Melissa and Family – millerstobrazil@yahoo.com Blog: millerstobrazil.com/


Pastor Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. That God would raise up men and women out of our next church planting course (class begins on Monday January 29) that we could send out to church plant!

2. For God’s Favor as we continue to negotiate on the purchase of our building!

3. God’s provision for our family, church, and church plants!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel – Email: calvarychapelrosarito@yahoo.com Blog: sgwm.com/Vincent


Joel and Amy Garcia – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for fruitfulness in some of the things Joel is working on for SGWM, specifically the SGWM Newsletter, that it would fulfill its purpose of inspiring people to get involved in the Great Commission as senders or goers.

2. Pray for wisdom and vision as we redirect our focus with the Young Adults ministry we lead. Our focus is on discipleship and leading these young adults beyond surface-level things into what a deep, lasting walk with Christ looks like

3. Please pray for our family, as we navigate raising a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and an 8-month-old to follow Jesus.

4. Please pray for our financial support. This is a totally new venture for us and not easy, and each quarter of my first year working with SGWM is a bit of a benchmark to assess whether we can continue in this realm of ministry as we seek financial supporters. So please pray that the Lord would provide not just supporters for us, but those who would partner with us in the gospel by means of finances so that we can continue this ministry in the long run.

Thank you so much for faithfully partnering with us in prayer!

God Bless you,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, and Jude – Email: joel@sgwm.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/garcia/


Darryl and Kayo Record – Cambodia

-Thanks for praying for Darryl’s Apologetics classes in Cambodia. The classes went well. The students made skits/videos on topics such as, “If I Believe In Jesus Will I Betray My Culture?” and “If God is Love Why Is there So Much Suffering?”

Prayer Requests:
1. The third week of January, Darryl will fly to Thailand to teach Apologetics to pastors from Myanmar. Please pray for this class and for Kayo and Benjamin who will stay in Cambodia.

2. Please pray for Darryl’s interns to finish the video. “Why Does a Loving God Allow Suffering and Evil.” Also please pray for the next video, “God and the Value of Human Life.”

3. Please pray for Darryl’s continued partnership with Light Times Magazine, Jesus Life Center, and the Chinese Ministry.

4. Please pray for Kayo’s work with at risk women, worship team, and Japanese ministries.

5. Please pray for Benjamin’s schooling.

6. Please pray for our health and strength.

Thank you,
The Record Family Email: darryl@sgwm.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/record/


Rebecca Alaniz – Preparing for Zagreb, Croatia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that the Lord would continue to prepare me for being sent out.

2. Pray that the Lord would provide a team of not only financial supporters but more importantly a team of prayer warriors to come alongside me.

3. Pray for the group of Roma youth, that I will be working with. Their names are Valentina, Mirela, Klaudija, Sanja, Darija, Marija, Dario, Manuel, Marko, and Robert. Pray that they experience God in such a real way, that they would want nothing to do with the darkness and filth that the villages have to offer.

4. Pray for the gospel to spread within the Roma Communities.

5. Pray for the receptive hearts within the Roma Communities as well as the Croatian people.

6. Pray for the church that is working in Croatia right now. That the workers would be refreshed and that the Lord would give them the strength to continue on.

Thank you so much for praying! Your prayers are felt and greatly appreciated.

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16

God Bless,
Rebecca – Email: ralaniz827@gmail.com Blog: https://thisventureoffaith.weebly.com/


Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. For more staff in our after school program. We would like to expand from 30 children to 50 or more, but need more staff.

2. For unity and harmony among our staff here, and for a smooth transition for Alex as he comes to live and serve with us in May, Lord willing. He is coming from Morro Bay to be a part of our staff here. Also, a place for him to live!

3. For us to purchase some property below our church if it is God’s will for us to expand

4. For minor health issues that I’m having. Mainly migraine headaches, pray that they would go away.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us!

In Christ,
Deanna – Email: deannajevas@gmail.com Blog: sgwm.com/jevas


Pastor Marc and Linda McSweeny – Frankfurt, Germany

Prayer Requests:
1. We just had our first men’s discipleship meeting of the year last week. We are going through an intense study book for 1 year. Please pray for God to equip us to follow him better, and for the men to grow closer to each other.

2. It is the end of the year and the New Year is very much in my mind. Pray for wisdom for how to move forward and what to do next year. I am weighing several options for how we can serve the people better during the week.

3. Please pray for my headaches/migraines. They have become much more frequent since Christmas. My doctor is trying to get me into a headache clinic but so far my case “is not bad enough.” Pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors.

4. It is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle all my responsibilities with family, work, and the church. Please pray for humble servants who will help carry the burden in the church.

Thanks for your prayers!

Marc, Linda, Sofia, & Zoe – Email: mcsweeny@me.com Blog: sgwm.com/mcsweeny


Pastor Mike and Erin Thiemann – California, USA

-The home office staff and volunteers is growing, and they are excited to move Saving Grace World Missions into the future. We have a lot of things planned for 2018 that we could use prayer for. Here are just a few:

Prayer Requests:
1. The monthly e-newsletter. Joel Garcia has taken this task and brought my vision to fruition. A lot of you might have received the new SGWM e-newsletter in your inbox. This is a “one-stop-shop” for all things SGWM. In one e-mail, we will quickly communicate to you all that SGWM and our missionaries have been doing and give you instant access to dozens of news articles from our missionaries. If you are not on the mailing list, please go to sgwm.com and click on the newsletter banner.

2. In the same context as the e-newsletter, our next hurdle will be to develop a print newsletter. The main obstacle here is the price tag. Getting things printed is really expensive. We are researching various options and hopefully within the next few months will be able to develop a system that works. Please keep this in prayer as we need wisdom, graphic design talent, writers, editors, and finances.

3. We have designed a 64-page prayer book that represents all of our missionaries and our ministries. However, the price tag on this project shot through the roof. First, please pray that the Lord would provide the finances. Second, as we are researching how to publish an e-book on various platforms like Amazon so that we can provide an electronic version.

4. We will be launching a SGWM fundraising campaign shortly. It is our prayer that the Lord would bring in the needed financial resources so that we can provide better service for our missionaries and reach farther into the unreached places of the world.

5. The book that I am writing for missionaries is well underway. Please pray for vision and direction as I write each chapter. Also, please pray for time. I am flooded with so many great ministry tasks that I am having a hard time carving out the necessary blocks of time needed to write. Another prayer request at this point would be that the Lord would bring qualified and willing volunteers to assist me in the ministry.

6. Please pray for wisdom and vision for Erin as she homeschools our three kids every day. Also, pray for our kids that they would fall in love with learning.

7. Please pray for Erin’s photography business as it is steadily growing. Pray for more clients and that the Lord would use her not just to bring in extra income but as a ministry opportunity.

8. Lastly, please pray for our financial support. Serving as full-time missionaries in the U.S. is challenging. Our cost of living is triple, if not more, than that of overseas missionaries. We know that God is radically using the SGWM home office to bless and advance the ministries of our missionaries and of SGWM’s ministry to the unreached, so we covet your prayers and thank you for your financial support.

Thank you and God Bless,
Mike, Erin, Malachi, Kyla and Alaina – Email: erinthiemann@sgwm.com mike@sgwm.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/thiemann/


Pastor Brian and Jill Kanyike – Kampala, Uganda

-Thank you for praying for the East Africa pastors conference. Over 300 attended.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for Jill as she prepares to start a new Bible study next week on Daniel.

2. Pray for Jill and the children as they continue homeschooling.

3. Pray for Liana to get her passport soon.

4. Pray for Brian as he pastors and leads the ministry team at Arise Christian Fellowship.

Thank you for praying for the Kanyike family and the ministry in Uganda.

God bless you,
Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee and Liana – Email: jillwiencke@gmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/kanyike/


Brenna Kulla – Preparing for Hungary

-Praise God for His continued faithfulness and help! He is good!

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for Jesus to be known in Hungary, for blinded eyes to be opened & prisoners set free. Pray also that the church will be strengthened and built up.

2. Pray that the Lord would continue to teach me through this season of waiting. Pray for patience, trust, and dependence on the Lord.

3. Continue to pray for strength and wisdom in this season of waiting and preparation. For the Lord to raise up people who have a heart to partner with the gospel going to Hungary. Pray for the financial provision needed in order to return to Hungary.

Thank you for your prayers!

Brenna – Email: brennakulla@gmail.comBlog: http://sgwm.com/kulla/


Chris and Rachel Arista – Palabra Viva, Costa Rica

Prayer Requests:
1. That God would continue to mature our church and give us all a heart of love and service

2. That God would continue to use our School of Ministry to train pastors and leaders in our community

3. That God would continue to lead us by His Spirit and provide for our needs

Thanks and God Bless,
Chris, Rachel and Jamie – Email: aristanational@icloud.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/arista/


P.M and V.M. – Southern Asia

-Praise God! Our son R was in a car accident, but the Lord
protected him from any injury. Only the car is damaged. He is here with us for a month to help me in the ministry.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for God’s guidance wisdom.

2. Please pray for the need of the, ‘Pastor Training School’.
Especially for the need of land.

3. Please pray for V.’s health.

4. Please pray that we would get right candidates for next semester
that would begin from July 2018.

5: Please pray that the current students would be equipped for the ministry.

6: Please pray for God’s protection over us as we are in one the most
persecuted region of the country.

7: Please pray that the Lord would give us boldness to be His witness.

8: Please pray for our financial needs.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We are encouraged and empowered by your prayers to move forward in the ministry.

Co-wokers in Christ,
P and V


Jeff and Corinne Moody – Carmen Serdan, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. That the Lord will continue to show Himself in charge and directing The Mission and that we won’t get ahead of Him. And that we will honor and glorify Him in all things.

2. That the orphans (especially the ones who can’t speak) needs will continually be revealed to us and cared for appropriately.

3. That we as leadership will be submitted to the Lord guiding us through our need and that we would be responsible when He sends us an abundance.

4. Single staff and family to care for the orphans, maintain the facilities, and manage the day to day operations.

5. That we would be able to finish building the chapel in His perfect time.

6. Direction concerning Schools of Discipleship.

7. That the Lord would provide for us only according to our true needs and what He knows we can handle and only precisely when He knows we need it.

Thank you,
Jeff and Corinne, Sarai and Noemi ~ Email: jeff-moody@hotmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/moody/


Pastor P.K. – S. Asia

Prayer Requests
1. Pray that I may take the gospel to many new places.

2. Pray for Pappu’s family. He is the only believer from his family and is struggling to stand for his faith because of his family.

3. Pray that he may stand strong in his faith.

4. Pray for Gattyri and Sheetal’s family, that the family will allow them to go to church.

5. Pray for Kanika’s health. She has tuberculosis. She is taking medications. Pray that God may heal her and open the door for me to visit her and her family.

6. Please pray for more people to come to our Bible study.

7. Please pray for my time with my parents in their village. I have just come to visit them for a few days. They are still very upset with me, as I am doing ministry. Pray that they would know the truth.

Thanks for all of your prayers!

God bless you!
Pastor P.K.


Vincent and Melissa Aniku – Midigo, Uganda

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our 3-year-old son Ian, to make a full recovery from this mysterious illness that had him hospitalized for a week and unable to walk.
-Pray for his physical therapy, that he will get full mobility back in his left leg.
-Pray that it was just an infection deep in the muscle that they couldn’t find in blood or the fluid drained from his knee.
-That this is not Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
-Pray for swelling and warmth to go away with these antibiotics.
-That we may get into the infectious doctors for the re-check before his scheduled appointment of Feb 21st since that is long to be on these antibiotics.

2. Please pray for Vincent who is still in Uganda and is busy teaching at church, making bricks for the projects coming, getting our Ugandan children ready for school, managing the football/soccer club, etc. Please also pray for the land issues!

3. Pray for me (Melissa) as God is doing the deepest refining in me He has ever done before. Bringing up so much junk I did not realize was deep within me. It is a hard refining but I can’t wait to see the outcome!

4. Please pray for our godfather Dr. Jim who is undergoing radiation and chemo!

5. Pray for Zachary’s IEP coming in March.

6. Pray for all the spiritual warfare we are going through!!! All I know is God has big things coming!!!!

God bless,
Vincent and Melissa – Email: faithinthebrokenhearted@yahoo.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/aniku/


Alex Gray – Ensenada, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. I came to Florida this past Christmas and on the way I found out that my grandfather has had a pain in his stomach. We found out on January 19th after he had a biopsy taken that he has a cancer in his pancreas. We are waiting on test results to find out what type of cancer and the severity of the cancer. Please pray for an awesome healing on his body. He is in good spirits and says he is “goin to keep on truck’n and not let the cancer put him down”.

2.  For the upcoming semester
-safety for the students and staff
-Preparing the hearts of the students
-God to change the lives of the students and staff
-For financial help
-For my parents’ trip to Israel

God Bless,
Alex ~ Email: alexinmexico88@gmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/alexgray/


Tim Pappas – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the continued filling and leading of the Holy Spirit as I study and teach through 1st and 2nd Peter via Skype in the southern Asia pastors’ school

2. Please pray for my chronic back and leg pain and overall physical condition. Pray for the motivation and discipline to take care of myself so I can age well and be of maximum service to the Lord and others for many years to come.

3. Please pray for my mom who has started to refuse food and water. Pray for wisdom for me as I continue to care for her.

Tim Pappas – Email: tim@sgwm.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/pappas


Nikki Arriaga – California

Prayer Requests:
1. During these past few months, I have dealt with insomnia and anxiety. Please pray that the Lord would give me rest in Him and a deeper trust to cast my cares on Him.

2. My car is having some serious issues and is on its last leg. Please pray that the Lord would intervene quickly and provide a reliable car.

3. Pray that the Holy Spirit would empower me with diligence, wisdom, and words of encouragement for the many SGWM missionaries I come in contact with.

4. Pray that I would put on the full armor of God and wage the good warfare as the spiritual battle rages.

Thank you for partnering with me in prayer!

Nikki – Email: nikki@sgwm.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/arriaga/


Jenna Pepin – Culiacán, Mexico

-Thanks to all who prayed for Sammy and I during our visit to Ohio. It was a fruitful time of fellowship with friends and family and resulted in two new monthly donors. Please pray with us this month for the following:

Prayer Requests:
1. The restructuring of the missions ministry I coordinate. God has given me huge dreams, but we are lacking the personnel to carry them out. Pray that God either redirects me or provides the help I need to increase our ministry here.

2. Our ministries in La Invasión and Ampliación Bicentenario. Both of these ministries are bursting at the seams with need for personnel and resources. Pray that God supplies those needs and continues to do a mighty work in both communities.

3. Upcoming mission trips. In March, April, and May, our church will be receiving missionaries. Please pray that God will bless all of these groups, and we will be able to take full advantage of them to greatly impact our city.

4. My finances. At this point, I am still about $300/month short of what I ought to have coming in. Pray that God would raise up donors to help meet this need and further the ministry.

5. Sammy’s and my health. After Sammy’s recent bout with Typhoid Fever, we are still working to rebuild his immune system, so he will quit catching every infection he comes in contact with, and I was recently diagnosed with asthma-related lung damage. I see a pulmonary specialist next month. Pray for healing and wisdom for treatment decisions for both of us.

God bless you!
Jenna and Sammy – Email: senoritapepin@hotmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/pepin/


Pastor R.M. (2)

Thank you so much for your prayers and love in the Christ.

Praise God:
– for His faithfulness in my life and family.

– for my good health.

– for protecting us from anti-Christian groups.

– for providing all my needs.

– for the opportunity to reach 2 more new unreached villages.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my plan to train 10 believers who are growing in the Word of God, from all of the villages where we have house churches going on. I want to teach them how to lead house churches and to teach the Word of God verse by verse and chapter by chapter so that I can hand over these house churches to them.

2. Please pray for my neighbor who has charged two false police cases against my parents. The cases have been in court for the last 12 years. They have also taken some parts of our family’s land.

3. Please pray for my mother’s health; she is not doing well.

4. Please pray for the financial need to get a motorbike.

5. Please pray for an orphanage in my area. I have been praying for long time that the Lord would help to open an orphanage.

6. Please pray for my older sister, Asha’s, marriage.

7. Please pray for my father’s finances. He has been doing independent ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! God bless you!

God bless you,
Pastor R.M.


Pastor Bond and Heather Gaona – Serving in South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for the completion of building construction on the new ministry campus in South Asia.

2. Pray that God would arrange and bring students to come to South Asia that would fall in love with Gods Word and desire to reach their own people.

3. Pray that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus for everything and have vision for all He desires in our lives and this place. We are in a new location, new culture, new language, new climate and new people groups and we are asking the Lord to show us how to best to minister to those we come into contact with.

Thank you,
Bond, Heather and Breanna – Email: hlgaona@yahoo.com Blog: sgwm.com/gaona


Pankaj and Tonielle Sarkar – Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Wisdom in moving forward with some big changes.

2. Continued protection from the government and laws its against Christianity.

3. Financial Provision for the ministry

4. Wisdom in raising Levi and choosing the right schooling options for him.

5. Tonielle to stay diligent in learning the Nepali language.

6. The planning and preparation for School of Worship classes to start in September 2018.

7. Protection of our family and marriage.

Thank you for your prayers!

Pankaj, Tonielle and Levi – Email: sarkar@sgwm.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/sarkar/


Pastor D.K. – S. Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for a good mobile phone for me to communicate with.

2. Please pray for my wife and my son.

3. Please pray for us to find a good place to have our church, because it is very difficult to conduct a prayer meeting in a rented house. There is much opposition by Hindus, so our prayer is that God may help us.”

4. Most of the new believers come from non-Christian families, so pray for their spiritual life, that they are able to stand strong in their faith.

God Bless,
D. and L.


Matthew and Noelle Harris – Gulu, Uganda

-Traveled safely around the Midwest and had plenty of opportunities to share our vision/encourage believers to obey the great commission.

-For all the love and hospitality we have been shown during our time in the U.S.

-Praise God for all the discipleship opportunities that we have had here. And that one of the guys we were mentoring for the past two years is raising support for long term missions!

-Multiple people are/will be meeting with us to learn how to start down the path of missions.

Prayer Requests:
1. That all of our monthly income would come in before march.

2. That the Holy Spirit would use us as we are teaching different groups of people.

3. That we would be healed from our colds as a family.

4. That the pastors in the school of discipleship would learn and grow from the pastoral conference that they are attending this month.

In Christ,
Matt, Noelle, Emma and Madeline – Email: noelle.harris813@gmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/harris/


Leo and Pilar Gray – Ensenada Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for my Dad he’s been diagnosed with Cancer and that our visit with him will go well. Also for our family….

-Thanks for your prayers for my Dad. He has been a Pastor since graduating from Bible College. Most of his ministry has been serving as Director of the Rescue Mission in Pensacola. He’s 89 and was still volunteering at a homeless shelter for women until his recent illness. What a joy to know he loves the Lord and has been a faithful servant for many years. He’s helped countless numbers of homeless and needy people and still loves sharing the gospel and teaching the Bible. He’s known for helping literally hundreds of Thrift Stores all over the US. When he retired he became a consultant for Rescue Missions and other Christian organizations. At a recent Conference I attended several people mentioned that his help with their stores. They have been able to provide literally millions of dollars to their ministries, free clothing furniture and other items to those in need, and share the gospel with so many people…He says he knows it is all in the Lords hands and he just wants to do His will and if He chooses to heal him Dad will give him the glory for it and if not he gets to be with Him in heaven.

2. Pray for safe travel and encouragement as we meet with friends, churches, and supporters in the weeks ahead.

3. New semester at Calvary Chapel Bible College Mexico starts the first week of February- pray for students and teachers.

4. Pray for Ollie and Jenifer – our middle son and his wife – they got married December 29.

God bless you,
Leo and Pilar – Email: leo@ccbcmexico.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/gray/


Pastor R.M. (1)

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the Lord to give me wisdom so that I am able to answer these young men and women. These young men and women to surrender their lives to Jesus.

2. Our safety as we drive our motorcycle.

3. My financial needs.

4. Me to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.

Thank you for remembering us in your prayer!

God Bless you,


Jana Sandbulte – USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my daughter, Rose’s growth and development. She is 9 months old, and still only 15 pounds. Praise God that she has not caught any colds or the flu so far this winter!

2. Please pray for me, that I would be a true encourager and a help to the South Asian pastors.

3. Please pray for God’s glory to be made known throughout South Asia!

Thank you!

Jana – Email: pandj@generalmail.com


Pastor R.K. – S. Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. We (and S.K.) are staying in the villages these days, so please pray that God may open more doors for us to share the Word

2. Please pray that we will meet some people here who are interested to hear God’s Word. Pray that God may open their spiritual eyes and that they will know the truth.

3. Please pray for a brother in Christ, J., who is going to Bible college for 6 months.

Thank you very much for your prayers

God bless,


Pastor Nadeem and Farah Massey – Pakistan

Greetings, we are always thankful to you for the prayer support.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please keep our youngest son Jared in your prayers, He has chest infection, our whole last week was very busy and disturbed as he has been suffering from high fever. Please pray for him to recover fully soon.

2. Please pray for the provision for us to have iron roof shelter at the place we have planted our second church. People are very much committed, we don’t have covering for the Sunday meeting in the very cold weather.

3. Please keep Liaqat the brick maker in your prayers, he is suffering from Tuberculosis, and needs the prayers and support to overcome his disease and feed his family.

4. Please pray for the protection of the CC Pak’s whole team and congregation as we serve and witness our Lord here.

5. Please pray for the need of financial support for printing my first Urdu Book here in Pakistan.

Thank you very much once again! God bless you and your family!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey and family – Email: jsm.pak@gmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/massey/


Pastor S.K. – S. Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. We are staying in the villages these days, so please pray that God may open more doors for us to share the Word.

2. Please pray that we will meet some people here who are interested to hear God’s Word. Pray that God may open their spiritual eyes and that they will know the truth.

3. Please pray for God’s continued provision.

God bless you and thank you for praying!


Joni Houser – USA

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for God’s guidance in the best ways for me to help and encourage the nationals as they share the Wonderful News of Jesus in South Asia.

2. Please pray for my financial support.

3. I have a heart condition that causes me to have a low energy level. Please pray that I will continue to be strengthened in the Lord; and also for me to be wise and organized with managing my time.

Thank you so much!

God bless you!
Joni – Email: standing613@gmail.com


Pastor J.E. – S. Asia

Praise Report:
-Praise the Lord Pastor J.E. has come on board as a new SGWM South Asian national missionary.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for Pastor J.E. and his team to continue to love God and love people through his fellowship and ministry in South Asia.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

God bless,


Pastor R.K. (2) – S. Asia

-Pastor R.K. has now joined the ministry helping start a future South Asian Bible college.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for God to guide me and use me in a mighty way.

2. Please pray for my health and God’s protection over my life.

Thank you for your prayers! God bless you,


Nancy Schipke – Mazatlan, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. Immediate need for additional financial support , for myself, our church, and the Pastor and his family. That the Lord blesses mightily his faithful financial providers and that Holy Spirit prompts the hearts of those to invest these financial blessings with boldness and joy.

2. Protection over my heart and mind as well as all in ministry. “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith.” 1 Pet. 5:8-9

3. Calvary Chapel Maranatha, Mazatlan.
That we may be His lights in the darkness, stepping out in faith and confidence and hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we teach, disciple and guide His church and those who do not know Him yet.

4. Mazatalan will soon be flooded with those celebrating the week of Carnaval. We will be joining with other Christians to do outreach during this time. Please pray for God’s truth to prevail!!!

Thank you!

Your co-laborer in Christ,
Nancy – Email: nancyandkishon@gmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/schipke/


John and Natalia Gunderson – Cajamarca, Peru

Prayer Requests:
1. Our church here in Banos del Inca is under the direction of a new Pastor. We pray for wisdom and guidance as he will be taking over from Pastor Ryan, who has started a new church in Chili.

2. My son is really having a difficult time adjusting back to this culture. He misses his friends and family back home. I pray for new friends, that we will be able to find sports for him to do and also that we can find a music teacher for him.

3. Protection: I feel like it has become a little unsafe in this area of Peru. We pray for protection for our children, our church and friends.

4. Our new programs that we will be starting up this year: English classes, sports classes, Orphanage ministry, Medical camps, mid-week bible studies, women’s bible study, men’s bible study and youth programs.

5. In the business of everything, we need to find a date where we can be together as family. Also that my wife and I will set one day a week to go out together.

Thank you so much for your time praying for us. Thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it.

May the Lord bless you!

John, Natalia, Alejandro and Emily – Email: nataliagordillo34@gmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/gunderson


Joe and Lisa Horner – HisKids

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for Hiskids to help more kids. Everyday we are encountering more and more children that are hopeless, helpless and hurting. We were able to raise $5000 in December to fund our school in Haiti for 2018, but we are only 50% funded for our current program of helping 150 widows and orphans.

2. Also, pray for Jenny whose face was deformed at birth. We are trying to get her surgery in Haiti in the next few months.

We are also praising God for saving many children from starvation and over 30 people who made decisions to follow Christ in the last 2 months.

Thank you for praying for us!

God bless you,
Joe and Lisa Horner – Email: joe@hiskids.com   Missionary blog: HisKids


Mitch and Christine Sorensen – Nice, France

-To begin with I want to share about a health issue I have that started Dec. 31. I woke up with severe head pain on my left side. That lasted about 5 days. The pain subsided a bit and on Jan 8 I woke up and had which initially looked like a stroke but was later diagnosed as Bell’s palsy. The left side of my face is drooping but full recovery is expected. During the examination process, I found that I have hypertension and diabetes, all treatable with some meds, diet, and exercise. I expect to be back to normal in the near future but need patience as I’m quite inactive at the moment.

Prayer Requests:
1. Christine and my health so we can get back on the street doing evangelism.

2. For revival in the churches in Nice and France.

3. For believers in the church to receive the call to spread the Gospel.

4. For me to continue to learn french on the spiritual level so I can communicate the Gospel well.

5. That our lives and our marriage will be a witness.

God bless you as you serve Him.

Love in Jesus
Mitch and Christine – Email: heart4france@gmail.com Blog: sgwm.com/sorensen/


R Family – North Africa

Our family in a closed country in North Africa is actively looking for divine appointments in which they can naturally share the gospel. Due to the nature of where they are, they cannot openly share the word. Consequently, they have become very adept at leading conversations with interested non-believers in which they are naturally able to share simply by answering the questions of the non-believers.

Nonetheless, having served on the mission field elsewhere where they were not only able to openly share but also able to actually train new believers, they sometimes struggle now with the slow-going nature of their current ministry. At these times, God has reminded them of their usefulness where they are and the importance of baby steps. We should pray that they not become discouraged in this process and that God gives them even more encounters to share Him and bring Him glory.

There are exciting opportunities on the horizon that you can join us in pray for:

  • A fellow missionary from a different country who lives in a neighboring city led 15-20 locals to the Lord and has asked for help in discipling and teaching them in their language.
  • The fellow missionaries from other organizations in their city have asked the head of our family to fill in as teacher when needed in their twice-monthly Sunday meetings.
  • Yet another missionary, also from another country, who led a local to the Lord, is delighted to share discipleship and language-learning opportunities with the head of our family. This in itself is a sign of waiting on the Lord, since the first opportunity mentioned above has been delayed. This new relationship has enabled a unique chance to practice language and discuss bible passages on a one-on-one basis with someone who speaks no English.
  • Ongoing relationships with local believers who enjoy discussing theology have also afforded opportunities to learn language and share the gospel. Some may be on the verge of coming to faith in Christ.
  • For the wife in our family, an opportunity to teach English to locals has also arisen. She is praying if she should take on this task, since she is already very busy with home schooling and sharing the gospel, as the Lord leads, with house help and a mother of one of her son’s friends.
  • The boys in our family have also been able to share the reasons why they believe what they do with their new local friends.

On the business front, they are weighing options to proceed with activities they could operate there and take with them when and if they move. They recognize that the business they started was the main reason they were able to get a long-term visa.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us

God bless you,
The R. Family


Craig Tippie – Huacho, Peru

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for our church in Huacho!

-Against envy & strife

-Against divisions, & gossip

-Physical healing, back pain, and sinus problems and migraines

-Restoracion, reconciliation and repentance!

-Overall obedience to God’s word, & humility

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Craig, Daisy and  Ryan ~ Email: craigydaisyperu@live.com  Blog: http://sgwm.com/tippie/


The B. Family – S. Asia

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ministry Prayers
1. Please pray for the Lord’s provision of a home for our family on the compound. Two staff houses are almost complete and we are in need of two more for our family and our parents. Dad is currently separated from mom and baby (and baby on the way) for an unknown amount of time partially due to not having a house on the compound to live in.

2. Please pray for the completion of the remaining work on our compound. We had to push classes back a month as the hostel and classes aren’t finished yet.

3. Please keep our students in prayer as they arrive the end of this month and adjust to a new culture, environment and routine.

4. Please keep our staff in prayer that we all remain flexible and moveable during this transition period and waiting for the completion and opening of our school.

Family Prayers
5. Please pray for our family’s health and safety.

6. My husband has a lot of travelling across the state for both family and ministry related work this month.

7. We start the 3rd trimester of pregnancy mid-February; please keep baby’s health and development in prayer.

8. Our son is climbing on everything and being all boy. In January he fell down several concrete steps of our stairway for the first time. Please keep his growth and safety in prayer.

9. My wife’s 11 year old niece was diagnosed with incurable cancer in January. Please pray for the Lord’s miraculous healing and His guidance in her treatment plan. Pray for comfort for the family and also for my wife as she struggles being so far away.

10. My younger brother fell off our roof the end of January but we praise God there was no serious damage, only stitches and bruises. It seems the enemy is really focused on our family right now but we praise God for keeping us all in the Shadow of His Wings!

Thank you for standing in the gap for our family and the ministry.

The B. Family


Nick and Sue Long – Milliwatt, Austria

Prayer Requests:

-The sharing time this next week at the Budapest pastors conference.  We’re adverting our need for permanent staff.   (We need another 7 choice, flexible, spiritually mature servants)

-The “Fall Semester 2018” – For Gods choice of students for the semester, all administration an organization for that semester, for the college part and for the Castles part in it all.

-Good connections with the pastors there for future ministry

-The next five weeks will include a lot of major renovation on our apartment and in the castle. Completely re-doing Bathrooms, floors, painting etc.

-Continued harmony, strength and perseverance for the staff, as we wait for more helpers.

-Finances – as we are still “praying in” responses from our support letter.

-Pray that the support letters don’t get stuck in peoples junk/spam folders.

-Health as we are trying to stay ahead of sickness that is going around.

-Finishing the proofing of the last manuscript of Nick’s book, and last final touches on that.

Thank you for praying for us!

God bless,
Nick and Sue – Blog: http://sgwm.com/long/



Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping
“Reach the Nations…One Soul at a Time”.

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