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We were in disbelief when we first heard the news that the airport was on fire. Dave imagined it was a little fire in one of the kitchens in the airport. However when we saw the pictures on the Internet and heard that the roads to the airport had been closed down this is when we realized how massive the fire really was. It took the Kenyan fire fighters an entire day to put out the fire in the arrivals side of the airport. The fire rekindled it self that same night. All flights to and from Nairobi were cancelled for 2 days and when the flights resumed they resumed in the small domestic wing of the airport. As I type this newsletter the chaos has still not been settled, travelers are still staying in tents as only some international flights are able to take off. This crisis affected our bible college as one of our students flights were canceled due to the uncertainty of when the airport would be operational again. Please pray.  

 Evangelism outreach in Nairobi: Christ commissioned all his disciples to share the gospel of salvation. In the past few months, Dave along with a small group of people from our church has been going out every Tuesday morning to preach the gospel in various areas of Nairobi. We have faced such intense spiritual warfare every single time, but we praise God that His gospel goes forth unhindered each time. We have times of “open mic” where we ask people in the streets to ask us questions they have about God, Jesus Christ, and the bible. Our aim is to give biblical answer. We have had many interesting questions. This usually draws a crowd and some have given their lives to Jesus. We also have had live worship on the side of the streets which has drawn crowds and has given us a huge opportunity to evangelize the people. We also hand out flyers inviting people to church. One Tuesday evening, Dave’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing as many people were calling asking for prayer as they had surrendered their lives to the Lord that day. Praise the Lord!

Pastoral Ordination: Dave ordained Michael Kibe last month in recognition of the work that God was already doing in his life. Kibe has been part of our church for the past 7 years. Currently he is serving in Tonj, Sudan with In Deed and Truth Ministries. He has been teaching the bible to the locals and the foreigners on Sundays and doing various ministries there. We Praise God for Kibe! Please pray that God would use him mightily for His glory.

In Christ,

David Zavala


Prayer Request:

  •  Please pray for Good health for our family.
  •  Please pray for our weekly evangelism outreaches in Nairobi.
  •  Please pray that God would provide for us to purchase a new car, if He so wills, as our old one seems to be dying & we keep replacing all the parts frequently.
  • Please pray for Pastor Michael Kibe as he ministers to the people of Tonj, Sudan.


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on fire.
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on fire.
Bernard Mabonga preaching the Word
Bernard Mabonga preaching the Word
Pastor Michael Kibe with Pastor Dave

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