What a Privilege to Serve the Living God!

Greetings from my country, that is full of persecution.

I thank God for His kindness and love upon my family. By His grace and mercy, we are doing well. Both of my children are fine, and my wife is doing better. Thank you so much for your valuable prayers for my family. During Sunday service, my wife is leading worship, and my son tells his memory verses. We are daily having family prayer and Bible study. We are growing in our personal relationships with God daily.

It is an honor to me to serve the living God, who is, who was and who is to come. What a great privilege that I have!

My ministry time is scheduled like this: Monday is my day off, when I do personal study and personal work. Then, from Tuesday to Thursday, I do house visiting. Fridays and Saturdays, we have fasting prayer in both churches. Now, the ministry is going well and the believers are doing well. They are enjoying the blessings of the Lord.

I teach the Word of God according to the pattern of CCSG doctrine. I do not allow practices in the church that are unbiblical. Please pray for me, that I will always teach sound teaching.

Especially, I would like to thank Pastor T., C. and G., and the others who came. I spent a lot of time with them, learning from them. Let me tell you that I learned such deeply profound teachings, like I had never heard even in my Theological College.

It was a good time in the conference, with wonderful servants of God. Thank you very much for inviting me to the conference. Altogether, it was a very wonderful conference, where we learned from the epistle of 1 Timothy, chapters 1-6. After having good discussion, wow, what a wonderful outcome!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for my family; they are still idol worshippers. Pray that they will receive salvation.
  • Please pray for a piece of land for a church building.
  • Please pray for my fruitful ministry and ministry of evangelism to reach out to the unreached.
  • Please pray for both of my churches and their development.
  • Please pray for a couple that came to our church for the first time. They have been married for three years and do not yet have any children.
  • Please pray for our spiritual growth in the Lord and the Word of God.

I thank you for your concern and daily prayers and support spiritually and financially! May God bless you richly.

In Him, Pastor D.K. and L.K. and Family