Weekly Prayer 06/06/17-06/13/17


Pastor P.M. and V.M. –  India
We would like to thank you all for your continued prayers for us and
the ministry in India. Because of your prayers we are able to face the
hard times that we go through.

Please Pray:
1. Our move to another state in India.  We are moving this month to
start a ministry there.

2. Pray for our the moving cost.  We need more than $1500 for the move.

3. Pray for V.M.’s health.

4. Pray for God’s protection over our family.

5. Pray that God would help us to over come the mental and emotional pain that the devil has caused.

6. Pray for our son R.M. as he stays back and continue the ministry here.  Pray for his finical needs.

Co-workers in Christ,
Pastor P.M. and V.M.






Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. For a complete healing from pneumonia, migraine headaches, and planters fasciitis.

2. For WISDOM and leadership skills in the soup kitchen and children’s ministry.

3. For the V.B.S. July 24-28 that it would be a blessing, that the Lord would prepare the hearts of all the children that will attend, that their lives would be changed forever by the gospel, and for the 28+ servants from CC Shoreline that will be coming to help us, for their safety and provisions for everything.

4. For the training sessions that will begin this Sunday and continue each Sunday for the V.B.S.,  that the servants would be supportive and for the entire church body to be excited about this event, that we would be in one mind and spirit.

5. That I would love Jesus more today than yesterday, that I would cherish my time with Him each morning, and that I would have ears to hear what He is telling me.

Thanks For Praying For Me And The Children In Mexico.

Serving Jesus with abandon,
Deanna ~ Email: deannajevas@gmail.com  Blog: sgwm.com/jevas/





 Brad and Melissa – Amazon Jungle, Brazil

Greetings in Christ!

Thank you for your prayers!

Please Pray:
1. For the Indian village we minister in.  Specifically for Makao, Oscar, Analucia, Guerlermi, Elsamara, Valdicis and Armando.

2. For the men and women of Jardim Tropical.  Specifically for Artur, Merinete, Leandro, Adielson and William.

3. For the upcoming 2 months.  In June, this week we have a family staying with us for one week, June 15 we have a young lady from the U.S. coming down for a couple of weeks, and on July 3rd we have a Pr and his group from the U.S. staying with us and doing a week of ministry here.

4. For our eldest children now living in the U.S., so far away from us.  Junior and his wife Ashley and their new child Charlotte, and Andrea who is now looking for a job in her specific trade.

5. For our health and for the glory of the Lord to shine through us to those around us!

God bless you,

Brad and Melissa and family ~ Email: millerstobrazil@yahoo.com blog: https://millerstobrazil.com/





Bond, Heather and Breanna G. – South Asia and USA

-Praise the Lord, Bond has a great week in South Asia. The unexpected trip last week went well and we are excited for things in the North to continue.

Please pray:
1. Pray for Bond as he is fighting a head cold and getting over jet lag. Pray for healing, rest and that his body would be restored.

2. Pray for our family as we travel to Northern CA on Saturday, June 10th by car. Pray for safe journey.

3. Pray for us as we share / teach on Sunday, June 11th at CC River Fellowship. Pray for a wonderful time with the church that has been a blessing to us.

Thank you, for praying for us.

Bond, Heather and Breanna ~ Email: hlgaona@yahoo.com  Blog: sgwm.com/gaona/



Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. Pray that God will continue to provide for the financial needs of our family personally!

2. Pray that God will help us purchase our building, as our 5 year lease runs out at the end of the summer!

3. Pray for our stateside fundraising banquets scheduled for Friday June 30 in Bakersfield and Saturday July 1st in Yorba Linda!

Thank you for faithfully praying for us!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)
Mike,  Sarah, Grace, and Daniel ~ Email: calvarychapelrosarito@yahoo.com  Blog: sgwm.com/vincent




Mike and Erin Thiemann – California, USA

-Thank you for faithfully  praying for us as we minister alongside our missionaries.

Please Pray:
1. Be in prayer for CCSG’s Outreaches to the Homeless, the Muslim community and Watt’s Youth camp.

2. Please continue to pray for the Youth & Young Adult mission trip to Belize from July 7-17th

3. For  our Church and our missionaries that they would be encouraged through tough times and God’s peace and love would be shown them continually.

4. Pray for the youth leaders and youth at CCSG; that God would pour out His Spirit

5. For wisdom and direction as I lead SGWM and the CCSG High School Ministry

6. Pray for Erin as she home schools our kids; that she would have patience and creativity as she seeks to pour the truth and the Love of Jesus into our kids.

7. Please  Pray for God’s provision for our family

Thank you for praying!

God Bless,
Mike, Erin, Malachi, Kyla and Alaina ~ Email: erinthiemann@sgwm.com  mikethiemann@sgwm.com  Blog:  sgwm.com/thiemann






Dave and twinkle Zavala –  Kenya, Africa

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for Pastor. Michael as he pastors CC Nairobi while Dave is on furlough.

2. Please pray we would raise sufficient financial support while in the US

3. Please pray for healing for Twinkle; She has been experiencing left lower abdominal pain for several months and has been having tests done

Thank you for praying for us.

Much Love,
Pastor Dave, Twinkle, Bianca and Sophia ~ Email: twinklepoornima@hotmail.com  calvarychapelnairobi@gmail.com
Missionary Blog: http://sgwm.com/zavala/





Jenna Pepin – Culiacán, Mexico
Please Pray:
Thank you for your prayers for my crazy week last week.  Saturday’s events in La Invasion went wonderfully!  We had two new volunteers go with us (they’re now hopelessly hooked!) and two moms got saved!  That evening’s mission’s event also went very well.  We got a lot of new faces, and everyone enjoyed the event.  Looking forward to planning our first events…

1.This week, there are several things you can pray for.  First, pray for the formation of the mission’s leadership team.  Hopefully, we will be able to have our first planning meeting in the next week or two.

2. Also this week, I will be starting a Celebrate Recovery style Bible study with a few ladies from my church!  YEAH!!!  Please pray that this study will go well, that these women will find their freedom in Christ, and that this study will open the door to bring Celebrate Recovery into Culiacan!

3. Next, please pray for our church family as we mourn the loss of Olya, our Ukrainian piano player.  After several days in the hospital in Mexico City, she was released, and then tragically died that night of a low blood sugar crisis.  We will be holding a memorial service for her this week, but her family and our friends in Mexico City are still steeped in paperwork, trying to make arrangements to have her remains sent back to the Ukraine with her family.  Please pray for all involved.

4. Finally, please pray for my health.  I will be seeking medical attention this week and appreciate your prayers that I will be able to get appointments quickly with each of the specialists I need.

Thank you for your continued prayers as our ministry begins to blossom and grow here in Culiacan!

Jenna and Sammy ~ Email: senoritapepin@hotmail.com Blog: http://sgwm.com/pepin/







Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping    
“Reach the Nations…One Soul at a Time”.

Saving Grace World Missions