Weekly Prayer 04/04/17-04/11/17

Miller Family – Amazon Jungle, Brazil 

We thank God for His wonderful mercy and grace, and His word, which we can trust in.

Please Pray:
1. The Jardim Tropical Ministry.  Pray specifically for Artur and Merinete, Leandro and Roberta, Adailson, William and Diana, and Sergio.  Pray also for the children’s ministry, and the countless adults whom we wish to reach.

2. Please pray for Iran, a young man at Jardim Tropical who recently repented and received Christ as his Savior.  We believe he will be vital for future youth ministry there.

3. Please pray for the Apurina people.  Pray specifically for our disciples, Oscar and Analucia, Makao, Valdicir, Patricio, Davi, Armando, Guillermi, and Raimunda.  Please pray for the new villages we contacted on our trip in March.

4. Please pray for the 1st ever Apurina Bible Conference, which will be held in the village we evangelized 2 years ago, in which the Chief, Apurinari and son repented and accepted Christ.  We have invited all villages in the area to attend.  We are expecting 20 + men who are interested in the Bible, plus all others who come as spectators.  The Conference will be held the 1st week in May, 2017 on our next trip.  This village is 14 hrs by boat up river from our jungle house and village where we minister on a regular basis.

5. Please pray for Linelma, who now lives with us.  She was born on a reservation here in the Amazon, was adopted by American Missionaries and had upper schooling in the U.S.  She is back in town to start her own business of teaching English.  She helps immensely around the mission base, with our kids, and with translations for the people who pass through our house.

6. Please pray for our eldest children living in the U.S.  Jr and Ashley, who just had their first daughter.  Andrea, who is just completing a 9 month cosmetology school and is deciding to stay or return here to Brazil.

7. Please pray for Judy King, the original missionary with the Apurina people who translated the Bible into their language and we use to train and teach them.  She arrives here on Saturday, April 1st for 3 weeks.  She wishes to return to the village and reunite with the people.  She also needs to take care of “loose ends” here in town from her 35 + years of ministry.  Please pray for safe travels, and her health.

Please pray with us for these things, God bless you all,

Brad and Melissa Miller, Josiah, Veronica, Benjamin, and now Linelma – ~ Email:  millerstobrazil@yahoo.com  Blog: https://millerstobrazil.com/





Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Serving in Asia and Africa

Prayer Requests From Nepal:
1. Pray for our student missions trip with-in Nepal where we take the students off site for several days of outreach. The dates are April 9 – 11 and we will be doing the outreach where Milan is pastoring (5 hours from the city). Pray that as our students practice and prepare skits, dances, dramas, testimonies and children’s programs that they would be used mightily and stretched.

2. Pray for our Resurrection Service Celebration and Outreach Services that Bond will be teaching on April 15 and 16. It is a time to invite many who have never heard about Jesus. Pray the Lord would give us favor as we invite others in our community.

3. Pray for our time with the Promise Child girls this week as they are out of school and we plan to take them on a field trip.

4. Pray for our health. We (Bond and Heather) have been having stomach issues off and on over the past two weeks.

5. Pray for our time as a family to be sweet, centered on Jesus and that God would be glorified in our lives.

We love you and are so thankful for your prayers!

Bond, Heather and Breanna ~ Email: hlgaona@yahoo.com  Blog: sgwm.com/gaona/




Jenna Pepin – Culiacán, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for Sammy who is recovering from a nasty case of chicken pox… and me, too.  I hate to think how many hours of sleep I’ve lost this week caring for him!

2. Also pray that God will speak through me as I will be preaching at my church this Wednesday evening and in the Breakfast Club on Saturday.

3. This week also marks the beginning of my added administrative responsibilities in the church.  Pray that I can take on these new tasks without difficulty, and that a smooth transition may take place in all involved ministries.

Thank you!
Jenna  and Sammy ~ Email:   senoritapepin@hotmail.com  Blog:  sgwm.com/pepin



Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. Pray that God will continue to provide for the financial needs of our family personally!

2. Pray that God will help us purchase our building, as our 5 year lease runs out at the end of the summer!

3. Pray for our Orange County fundraising banquet scheduled for Saturday July 1st!

Faithfully on the firing line for Christ,

We remain sincerely His,

Mike,  Sarah, Grace, and Daniel ~ Email: calvarychapelrosarito@yahoo.com Blog: sgwm.com/vincent




Mike and Erin Thiemann – California, USA

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for the Youth Spring Break trip, April 7th-9th that Erin and I will be leading. The theme is, Behold Your God.
-For safe travels there and back
-Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit.
-For Erin and I to have plenty of wisdom and energy.
– For an amazing time of fellowship

2. For my mom and dad and the kids at home while we with the Church Youth

3. For God’s continued provision for our family.

4. That God would provide a car for me to use for work

Thank you for faithfully praying.

God Bless, Mike, Erin, Malachi, Kyla and Alaina Email:  erinthiemann@sgwm.com  mikethiemann@sgwm.com
Missionary Blog:  sgwm.com/thiemann




Nikki Arriaga – California, USA

-Praise God for His unchangeable character, grace, mercy and desire to sanctify us!

Please Pray:

1. Please pray that I would be able to better manage my time for God’s glory!

2. Pray that the Lord would continue to give me His heart for the Jr High girls, His Words to speak to them and that He would radically move in the lives of the girls each day.

3. Please pray for the short term mission’s trip in April:
-that the Lord would provide the needed finances
-that He would prepare the hearts of those He will bring in our path
-that He would raise up more laborers for the trip!

4. That I would continually learn a deeper trust in the Lord to provide for all of my needs!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!
Nikki Arriaga ~ Email: nikki@sgwm.com Blog: sgwm.com/arriaga




Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. For the after school program “Amigos Del Rey” We are going through a series of many changes, all good—to better help the children. We are mainly in need of people to help in the area of homework with the children, and we are going to be using the parents in this area as well. This will all take place April 4th. God is doing a marvelous work in this program and we are just along for the ride.

2. For my health. I am battling migraine headaches. They are becoming more frequent. I am taking migraine prevention medicine and it’s not working, please keep this in prayer. I am under a doctor’s care

3. Blessings on all of the teacher’s at CC Pedregales, and for the Lord to raise up a nursery worker for Wed. night service, and a teacher for the 6-8 year old class on Sunday.

4. Continued provisions for my personal needs. God is so good and has always taken care of me and I know that He will continue to.

Thank you for your prayers for me and the children in Tijuana, Mexico.

Serving Jesus with abandon,
Deanna ~ Email: deannajevas@gmail.com  Blog: sgwm.com/jevas/



Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping
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