Weekly Prayer 03/21/17-03/28/17


Pastor P. M. and V.M. – India

Thank you for your prayers for V.M.’s health.  She is doing better.

Please Pray:
1: V.M. now her both the knees are hurting.  She has problem in
walking and bending her knees.

2: Our believers (both are sisters) from a village have been beating  by their father while V.M. and R.M. visited them last Sunday. They were beaten before all the believers. Pray that these sisters would not get disappointed by this incidence and for their parents would be saved (they are Hindus).

3: Pray for God’s guidance to take decision for the future ministry.

Co-workers in Christ,
Pastor P.M. and V.M.






Pastor P.K. – India

Please cry out to the Lord for Gyatri!

Without warning, Gyatri’s father abruptly entered a Church service in India where our dear Pastor P.K. was leading the service and made a public display and began beating Gyatri for attending the service in front of the congregation.

Gyatri, who is a passionate evangelist, remained steadfast and faithfully returned to the following service as did the rest of the congregation. Later, while she was at a Bible Study with Pastor P.K., and other church members, her father once again came and violently beat her and also her sister.

We are now told Gyatri’s father is making this a regular practice! Before Gyatri became a Christian, her father had never before beat her. This shows how hated Christianity is there.

We are asking for urgent and deep prayer for our dear evangelist and sister in the Lord, who is passionately serving in such an area of strong opposition and even in the face of danger and suffering.

Please Pray:
1. Gyatri’s safety and physical healing and that God would protect her life. For encouragement and blessing and comfort and strength; and that she will sense God’s Presence in an amazing way!

2. That this persecution will be turned around for good to bring even more new strong believers to be added to the church and stir a great hunger for Jesus in the area!

3. That the pastor and church members will be given exceptional wisdom in how to respond to these painful trials,and will only grow stronger and even more enthusiastic in serving Jesus, and that they will clearly see God’s hand on their church and their lives!

4. That Gyatri’s father will stop beating her, and that his heart will be softened toward Jesus Christ and that he would be come a dedicated and committed follower of Him.

Thank you so much that we can count on having you to care and pray hard for our dear sister in such a great time of need!

Much love in Jesus Name!
Pastor P.K.





Deanna Jevas –  Tijuana, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. For the after school program. The lord is bringing about a lot of changes, and they are all good! Pray that all will be on board and that there will be sufficient staffing. Also, that we would continue to be led by the Holy Spirit.

2. Provisions and good time management for Nena, the pastor’s wife, who is going back to college in May to finish her education and get her teaching credentials. (education is extremely expensive in Mexico). She doesn’t know how she’s going to pay for it, but know that God is calling her to finish school!

3. For minor health issues that I am battling with. If it’s not one thing it’s another, and all of this tends to throw a wrench in my daily plans in regards to serving.

4. For Godly boldness for me in regards to authority (giving it out). And for good leadership skills (wisdom).

5. A preschool teacher on Sunday mornings, and a nursery teacher for the Wed. Night service.

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”  Psalm 5:3

Thank you for praying for me!

Serving Jesus with abandon,
Deanna ~ Email: deannajevas@gmail.com  Blog: sgwm.com/jevas/





Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Nepal

-South Asia team had a great time. We facetimed with them every day and they asked our input. They got a lot done…crew of 15 workers cleared all the trash and overgrown areas, 3 bobcats on sight and the architect came up with some amazing plans as just a few highlights. Wonderful plans were put in place for the first phase coming later this year.

-God provided an awesome female translator that exudes the joy of the Lord. She was able to go out with me twice last week and we shared the gospel with four women one on one during our time in the leprosy colony.

-Bond was able to go visit Pastor Milan in the village this past weekend. Milan is one of our first CCBC Nepal grads and we are rebuilding his home (damaged by the earthquake) and building a fellowship hall for the new church plant to meet.

Prayer Requests – Nepal
1. Pray for Bond’s physical healing. He went to Milan’s village this weekend (5 hours away) and came back last night and was sick all night and everything has been coming out of his system since then. He was in bed all day, not able to eat or teach. We have visitors (a team of 9) coming tomorrow (Tuesday) to serve with us for 4 days before they head to another part of Nepal so he really needs to be at full strength.

2. Pray for our student mission’s trip with-in Nepal where we take the students off site for several days of outreach. The dates are April 9 – 11 and we will be doing the outreach where Milan is pastoring (5 hours from the city). Pray that as our students practice and prepare skits, dances, dramas, testimonies and children’s programs that they would be used mightily and streched.

3. Pray for our Resurrection Service Celebration and Outreach Service in mid April. It is a time to invite many who have never heard about Jesus. Pray the Lord would give us favor as we invite others in our community.

4. Pray for this upcoming week March 21, 22, 23, 24 as we host a team from a CC in Washington state. Wednesday we will be sharing the Gospel at the Leprosy Colony and distributing hygeine kits and Thursday we will be spending the morning at the bus park doing evangelism and in the afternoon with the Promise Child girl’s. Pray that many would come to Christ.

Prayer Requests – South Asia
1. The new work in South Asia is a GO! Pray against anything that would try to hinder the work.

2. Pray for us as we work on the admin portion of getting a new Bible College set-up in South Asia. Pray for the paperwork that will be filed in the next week or two with CCBC in Murrieta. Pray for the website to get up.

3. Pray against fear or anxiety at the unknown in starting this new ministry in South Asia. Pray that our faith would be increased. Pray for the team the Lord is putting together on the ground and others who may want to join and serve. Pray for the students, that God would bring those who have a heart for Jesus and reaching their own people through church planting and sharing the Gospel.

4. Pray for our time as a family to be sweet, centered on Jesus and that God would be glorified in our lives.

We love you and are so thankful for your prayers!

Bond, Heather and Breanna ~ Email: hlgaona@yahoo.com Blog: sgwm.com/gaona





Nikki Arriaga – California, USA

-Praise God that we had our first Jr High girls Ephesians Bible study last Friday! I am so excited for how the Lord is going to move in this group! The girls seem excited and hungry for the Word!

-Praise God that He is raising up more laborers for the Arizona Missions Trip!

Please Pray:
1. Pray that the Lord would help me teach Ephesians on the girls’ level of understanding and in the Spirit of the Lord. Also that I would keep my focus and dependence on God with every verse that is studied and passed on to the girls.

2. Major spiritual warfare has begun since I began this Ephesians study! Pray that the Lord would strengthen me, help me to endure to the end and stand strong against the Evil One’s devises!

3. Please pray for the short term mission’s trip in April:

-that the Lord would continually provide for me financially
-that He would prepare the hearts of those He will bring in our path
-that He would raise up laborers for the trip!

4.That the Lord would take me into a deeper trust and satisfaction in Him alone!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Nikki ~ Email: nikki@sgwm.com Blog: sgwm.com/arriaga





Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping
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