Vincent Update September

Greetings from Mexico,

Summer has now passed us by, but before we wave goodbye, we want to reflect back and give God glory for all that He did here recently. Each summer our highlight is the many new believers that we have the privilege to baptize in the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and this summer was no exception.

August Baptism! Over the past months we baptized 41 new believers during our three summer beach baptism. Each believer represents a destiny changed, a life transformed, and a new-found hope for that family. Please keep these 41 new believers in your prayers.  (Picture: August Baptism!)

Many of you know that God has given me a calling to train up and send out church planters. This past month, we sent out three new church planting families over three successive Sundays. And in the remainder of this update, I wanted to share one of those amazing church planting stories with you.

Oscar Serrano began attending our church four years ago at the age of 20 after moving back in with his parents after attending Bible College. Oscar immediately began to serve at the church and assist in any area where help was needed. The Bible teaches us in James 4:10 to “humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up,” and that is exactly what happened to Oscar over these past 4 years.

IMG_4774Although shy and quiet, we saw Oscar’s God given gifts and talents and we soon put this humble young servant on our church staff. Over the years, Oscar has served as a Bible College assistant director, worship leader, and he has been one of my main translators. Oscar also founded and led our young adults ministry (ages 18 to 28) that we call Nueva Generazion! (New Generation!) In each ministry, Oscar proved himself faithful and He was a great blessing to me and to our entire church family.  (Picture: Oscar was one of our most gifted staffers and translators!)

Last year, Oscar completed the one year church planting course that I teach at the church and then this summer, Oscar married his lovely wife Dayana. A few months ago, Oscar approached me about an open door for ministry that God seemed to be opening up for Him. Oscar was being offered a house to live in rent free as well as a recently emptied church building in an area that he had ministered in previously.

IMG_4826 Even though we had good plans to continue to use Oscar at our church, God had greater plans to use him as a church planter. After our church elders spent some time praying with Oscar over this opportunity, on a Sunday morning in August we hosted Oscar and Dayana’s “Sending Sunday!” On that day, we had Oscar share his church planting vision in front of our entire church congregation, and then our Pastor’s came up and ordained Oscar and sent him out in a venture of faith to plant this new church! (Picture: The church elders Ordaining Pastor Oscar!)

Oscar and Dayana have now moved to the town of Coahuila. (Four hours away, located in Northeast Baja, one hour south of Mexicali and within walking distance from the Mexican state of Senora) Coahuila is a town of approximately 20,000 inhabitants most of which work out in the agricultural fields. There are very few Christians in Coahuila, and we see God’s perfect hand in calling Oscar to plant a church there.

IMG_4759 It is difficult to send out your best staff members from the church, but that is exactly what we have done with Pastor Oscar. But we have sent him out with joy, believing that God is going to do great things through this new church plant. Earlier this week we got in touch with Oscar and after only a few weeks, he is already hosting weekly Bible studies in the church building and God has been blessing his labors. Our church is going to be supporting Oscar and Dayana monthly as our church planting missionaries, and we ask that you would keep Oscar, Dayana, and this new church plant in your prayers. (Picture: Oscar and Dayana Serrano)

Finally, I would like to once again thank you for your partnership with our family and ministry. It is through your prayers that we are strengthened spiritually, and it is through your financial partnership that God provides for our needs. We could not do this ministry without your love, prayers, and support.

Preaching on our Missions focused "Sending Sunday"
Preaching on our Missions
focused “Sending Sunday”
Oscar and Dayana's wedding photo!
Oscar and Dayana’s wedding photo!
Map of Coahuila Mexico!
Oscar and Dayana’s Sending Sunday!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that God would strengthen the 41 new believers that were baptized this summer.
  2. Please pray that God would bless Oscar and Dayana and their new church plant in Coahuila Mexico.
  3. Please pray that God will provide for our needs and the needs of our church!