Vincent Update May


May Update 2011

We hope that everyone had a wonderful month of April as we celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! I know that for our family in Mexico we enjoyed a wonderful month that began with our “little” girl Grace celebrating a birthday and turning 11 years old. (Only two more years until she becomes a teenager, yikes!) (Picture: Calvary Chapel Rosarito Easter Service 2011!)

Grace celebrated her birthday with a party with her friends at church. Grace also took a couple of her closest friends to the local jewelry making store where they made some beautiful jewelry. Later on in the month, the young lady that helps Grace at the store professed faith at the end of the month at our church’s Easter outreach service. (More on that later!)  (Picture: Grace’s Birthday Party! Feliz Cumpleanos!)

On the church side of things, we kicked off our Easter weekend with a special Good Friday service. The program for this service was to remember the death of Jesus which was provided by our children’s and youth ministry.

We had our children’s worship band lead the church in worship, our youth put on a powerful drama depicting the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, and our children’s choir completed the service with a rousing sing along that included an amazing solo by our Birthday girl Grace.  (Picture: Grace singing a solo at church)

On Easter Sunday our church was blessed to participate in the very first Interdenominational Easter Sunrise service for our city. Many of us rose up early to witness the sunrise and remember that our Savior Jesus rose 2000 years ago early on that very first Easter Sunday morning. I was blessed to be able to assist in the worship service, and share a short message along with the other participating pastors.

Later on that Sunday, our church combined our normal three Sunday services into one giant outdoor Easter Outreach service. We shut down the street in front of the church, rented an extra 600 chairs. We encouraged our congregation to bring an unsaved friend to church with them. (Picture: CCR Easter Service)

The service itself was amazing. We had plenty of special music and I preached a sermon out of John Chapter 20 that I titled “Jesus is Alive” It was an encouraging morning as we reflected on the truth that we love and serve and follow a risen and living Savior Jesus. I love the words that Jesus shares with the church taken from Revelation 1:18 “I am the living one, I was dead, and behold I am alive forever and ever!”(Picture: Mike Preaching on Easter Sunday!)

We ended the service with a short children’s drama that included a giant piñata of the tomb of Jesus! The interesting aspect of this Easter piñata is that it was empty! This was a reminder to our children that the tomb of Jesus was empty because Jesus has risen and Jesus is alive.

Since we didn’t want any of our children to leave church disappointed, we did have a giant Resurrection Easter Egg hunt, where all of the children received plenty of candy to celebrate our risen Savior. And since we didn’t want the adults to feel left out, we also had a giant COMIDA GRATIS (Free food) BBQ as well. (Picture: Jesus is Alive!)

At the end of the day our church hosted over 1000 people for our Easter Service. That set a new Sunday attendance record for our church. We were also blessed to have many first time visitors, and many of them made first time professions of faith to the Gospel message that was presented. (Including the teenage girl that helps Grace make her jewelry and works at the jewelry store) (Picture: Over 1000 in attendance at CCR’s Easter Sunday Service!)

Finally, I want to thank you once again for partnering with our family and ministry here in Mexico. Through your prayers we receive God’s guidance and protection. Through your financial support, we receive God’s provision. We could not do anything here without the help of our Lord Jesus and you our precious co-laborers.  (Picture: My 2 beautiful Easter ladies)

With much love from Mexico,

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that God will continue to bless our many upcoming summer community outreaches that we are planning. Pray that many would come to faith in Jesus.
  2. Please pray for me as I take a vision tour in May to the Mexican state of Zacatecas with our future missionaries/church planters Jason and Rebekkah Villalabos.
  3. Please pray that God would continue to provide support for our family, the church, and the families in the church during these difficult economic times.