Vincent Update May

Greetings from Mexico!

In this update, I wanted to feature an aspect of our ministry and church that we have never talked about in our nearly 11 years living in the mission field. And that is the many missionaries to Mexico that have made our church their spiritual home.
When we moved here to Mexico in 2002, we never thought that missionaries would be a group of people that God would have us ministering too, yet we can see now that that was God’s plan all along. And on any given Sunday, as you look around our sanctuary you will see over 100 missionaries and their families worshipping at one of our bilingual services. In this update I wanted to briefly share four of their stories with you. (Picture: (Sarah with some missionary ladies from the church)
George and Stacey Palau (nephew of Luis Palau) moved down to Mexico with their three boys as Missionaries from Northern California back in 2005 to start an orphanage called Grace Children’s Home. (GCH) Their orphanage exists to help fulfill Jesus’ commandment of caring for “the least of these!” (Matthew 25:40). Today, their ministry stands as a beacon of God’s love in our local community. The Palau’s do this by caring for abused, neglected or orphaned children. Today, GCH houses over 30 children of all ages in two group homes.  
George and Stacey have been attending our church for 6 years now. Stacey is one of our worship leaders, while George is one of my main translators and the director of our financial board. Their family has also become our close friends over the years and we have been able to take a number of family vacations together. (Picture: George and I worshipping together!)

Rod and Cheryl Hoople were one of the very first Missionary Family to call our church their new church home. Joining us back in 2005, Rod and Cheryl moved down from Canada to serve as missionaries with a wonderful local mission’s organization called YUGO ministries. (Picture: Praying for Rod and Cheryl’s daughter Rebekkah as she left Mexico to go to college)

Rod and Cheryl serve by connecting missions teams to local churches and are also active in numerous local mercy ministries. Cheryl is the leader of a team of ladies that boldly share the love of Jesus each week at the local women’s prison. During Rod’s time in Mexico, he enrolled in Bible College and recently graduated with his Bible College Degree. Rod and Cheryl are a great blessing to our church family.
Next up, I would like to introduce you to Robin and Carlos Oliveros. Robin came to the church as a single Missionary back in 2004 while ministering to poor families squatting in the dumps of Tijuana.I asked Robin to share with you what our church has meant to her over the years and below is her written testimony. (Picture: Our Good Friends and ministry partners, Robin and Carlos Oliveros)

My husband, Carlos and I serve with Spectrum Ministries in Tijuana, Mexico. I have been at CCRosarito since 2004 back when it was under 30 people. I have had the chance to see God grow this body of believers to over 1200 and we are now on our third church building! A few years ago I met my husband at the church and I married Carlos (who at that time was a church intern) in 2009.”(One of five missionary weddings at our church over the last four years!)

(Robin Continues) “Learning God’s word through the sermons at church has had a huge impact on my life. The Bible taught to us verse by verse by our pastor and explained and applied has made all the difference in our lives and those of so many others here in Rosarito. As the church has grown, so have the programs and learning opportunities through the Bible College and the many other ministries offered at the church. CCR is our family, our community, a place to minister and be ministered to. A slice of heaven here in Mexico until we go home to glory and experience the real deal!”

Finally, Rob and Cindy Lee (along with their boys Christian and Hudson) moved down to Rosarito all the way from Canada in 2011 to serve as missionaries with Sojourners Mission. (Partnering with our missionary friends Victor and Sonia Mayoral) Sojourners Missions serves the Body of Christ in Mexico by connecting American and Canadian Mission groups with local orphanages and other needy families. (Picture: The Lee Families CCR Christmas Pic! )

Upon moving full time to Mexico, the Lee family quickly plugged into our church and got involved. Rob plays a rocking Piano on our worship team while Cindy serves in the ladies ministry, and has been the main interior designer for our new sanctuary. The Lee’s have been a huge blessing to the people of our community and to our church family and we are honored to call them our friends.
These are only three of the many missionaries and their families that now call our church their home. There are also missionaries from Baja Christian ministries (a home Building ministry) Youth With A Mission (YWAM), YUGO, Casa Estrella Girls home, and many others call our church their home. Each one of these missionary families are involved in planting churches, serving in orphanages, feeding the poor, and impacting our local community in life changing ways. Each and every missionary family is a great blessing to not only the missions they serve with, but to those in our local church family. (Picture: Missionaries heeding the Call to Global Missions)
These missionaries are also a great blessing to our family personally. They provide us with a group of like minded friends that have also counted the cost, stepped out in faith, and serve Jesus on the mission field of Mexico. Many of these missionary families have become our family’s closest friends and homeschooling partners.
Once again, these are just a few of the precious lives that God has touched through the ministry here in Mexico. We are so thankful that you have chosen to invest your time and resources with our family and church. We are honored and blessed to call you our partners, co- laborers, and friends.

Con mucho amor de Mexico,(with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that God would provide financially for each one of these missionary families that live off of support and faith just like our family does.
  2. Praise God for our intern Pedro’s recent church planting vision tour to Southern Mexico. Please pray that God will send him back with a mission’s team permanently in His perfect timing.
  3. Please pray that God will continue to provide financially for our family and for the families in our church.
(Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel”)
(The Children and missionaries serving at Grace Children’s Home)
(The Hoople family is constantly serving the people of Mexico)
(Robin and Carlos ministering in the dumps of Tijuana)
(Robin and Carlos ministering in the dumps of Tijuana)
(Missionaries serving the poor and feeding the