Vincent Update June


Greetings from Zacatecas Mexico!

I am writing this ministry update from the Central Mexican state of Zacatecas where I am finishing up a missions trip in this historic yet mostly unreached state. In this update, I would like to share with you our adventures on this vision tour and the calling that God has given us to minister and plant a church in this vital region of Mexico.  (Picture: Mike in Zacetecas on a church planting trip!)

Three years ago I met a wonderful new family at our church. Although Jason and Rebecca Villalobos and their three children live and work in the United States, they have a family home here in Rosarito that they visit often. So over the past three years, I have been able to grow close to this special family.

Two years ago, I was able to sit down over lunch with the Villalobos family and they shared with me the Mexican heritage that both of their families share. (Both Jason and Rebeccah have family from Zacatecas Mexico and the surrounding areas.) They also shared with me the burden and calling they had began to feel for Zacatecas over the many family visits that they had made there. Eventually, the family realized that God was calling them to become full time missionaries and church planters in the Capital city of Zacatecas. (Zacatecas City)   (Picture: Jason and Rebecca Villalobos, future Church planters to Zacatecas Mexico)

Jason and Rebecca quickly found out that there is nothing that get’s me more excited than talking about church planting in Mexico. And I was quick to share with them my personal passion and calling which is to raise up and send out church planters. Since that meeting, our Pastoral staff and I have been blessed to have the opportunity to pour into and train this family about missions and church planting. Over that same time period the Villalobos family has been accepted as Saving Grace World Missions missionaries. (Picture: Jason worshipping Jesus in Zacatecas)

All of that brings us up to the present day in May of 2011. Jason and Rebeccah, myself, and a Pastor friend of ours (Michael McDonald) flew down to Zacatecas for a vision tour to pray and seek God’s heart for this upcoming church plant in the city center. (Picture: The four of us on our vision tour in front of the 500 year old irrigation system for the city)

During our short time in Zacatecas, we have seen God open doors and set up many divine appointments. One of those took place as we traveled to the top of the highest mountain in Zacatecas to a place called “La Bufa”. While there, an older tour guide named Raul approached us out of the blue and offered to give us a tour of that historical site.

A half an hour into the tour we shared about Jesus with this tour guide, and to our surprise he told us that he was a Christian. It is important to understand that running into a Christian in Zacatecas is a very rare occurrence.

The state of Zacatecas is less than 2 percent Christian, and it lies in the center of a godless and dangerous six state region that has been dubbed the “Circle of Silence” because it consists of the most unreached areas in of all of Mexico. This divine appointment with Raul led into a wonderful conversation about Jesus and the need for a healthy Christian church plant located in the city center.

Later on in the week, Jason saw one of the hotel managers (Rene) reading a Gospel of John that he had left in the hotel. Jason lovingly yet boldly approached this man in much the same way that Jesus’ disciple Philip approached the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts Chapter 8. Jason asked this man “Do you understand what you are reading?” That question turned into an hour long discussion about the Gospel and the Bible with this unbelieving but searching young man and a few of his friends who also joined in.  (Picture: Jason and Rebeccah with Rene, the non Christian but open manager of the hotel)

Jason and Rebecca are excited to move their family to Zacatecas as soon as the Lord opens up that final door and provides the funding needed for them to move and live in Zacatecas. At this point they are still in the fundraising process and are searching for monthly supporters that are willing to partner with them in this much needed work.  (Picture: Jason praying over the city!)

Please keep this upcoming church plant in your prayers and if you would like to partner with the Villalobos family in this mission, you can find their support information located on their missions page on the Saving Grave World Missions website or (Picture: Please pray for Jason, Rebecca, and their three children!)

Finally, I want to thank you once again for partnering with our family and ministry here in Mexico. We could not do anything here without the help of our Lord Jesus and you our precious co-laborers.

With much love from Mexico,

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

(Picture: Lord Jesus, help us raise up and send out more church planters!)
Prayer Requests:
  1. Please pray that God would provide monthly supporters for the Villalobos family so they can move to Zacatecas and begin their church plant.
  2. Please pray that God would provide a safe house for their family and a storefront for the church.
  3. Please pray that God would be preparing the hearts of those that live in Zacatecas to hear and respond to the message of the Gospel.