Vincent Update June

Greetings from Mexico,

IJesus and Benyn this update, I wanted to write about a very good friend of mine that has partnered with me for many years here in the ministry. If you have ever visited our church in Rosarito, you have met Pastor Jesus Ochoa and seen his radiant smile. (Picture: Jesus and his famous Smile with his wife Beny)
Let me tell you about Jesus’ story. Jesus was born in the state of Michoacan (located in South-Central Mexico) and he was carried across the border into the United States in the arms of his mother while still a baby. Jesus and his family lived legally in the states for many years, but although he was a legal resident, Jesus never got his green card. (Meaning that he could get deported back to Mexico if convicted of any serious crime!)
Unfortunately, while growing up on the gang infested streets of Santa Ana, Jesus drifted towards the gangster life. The result of that was his spending many of his formative years locked up in the Juvenile Hall prison system. Eventually, Jesus was involved in a gang shootout that left a gangster dead. At the age of 21 Jesus was convicted of murder, and sent to prison facing a life sentence.
Jesus and Mike preachingWhat Jesus didn’t know at that time was the wonderful plan that God had for Him, and God used this tragic situation for good. (Romans 8:28) While serving the first year of his multi year sentence, Jesus met Jesus Christ and made Him his personal Lord and Savior. For the following 10 years in jail, Jesus served the Lord, led Bible studies, and God used him mightily behind the prison walls. Miraculously, after serving just 10 years, God opened the prison doors and Jesus was released from Prison and dropped off in Tijuana Mexico with a lifetime deportation.

Having no family here, Jesus got an apartment and a job, and he began attending our church services in late 2004! Right off the bat, two things caught my attention with Jesus. First off, Jesus immediately wanted to help out and serve in the church. Secondly, ever time that I saw Jesus, he had a beaming megawatt smile. Jesus served faithfully at our church, and he eventually became my primary translator, our first Youth Leader, and the first assistant Pastor that I ordained at the church.
Eventually, Jesus met our good friend Beny. (Beny was the very first convert of our church back in 2002 when we were still meeting as a home fellowship!)
Jesus and Beny's weddingAfter a blessed courtship, our church hosted THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR, as Jesus and Beny were married in 2005. Presently, Jesus and Beni are the proud parents of three young boys, Dominique, David, and Joshua, and their home is full of life and blessings.
Over the past 8 years, Jesus has worn many different hats at the church. He is/has been, our main janitor, lead sound man, men’s Bible study leader, Bible college director, and has led our internship program. Today, Pastor Jesus holds the position of Executive Pastor of Calvary Chapel Rosarito and he frees me up by taking care of most of the day to day activities at the church.

The Ochoa Family

Through the years, Jesus has been my friend, supporter, and right hand man. Jesus is one of the many special gifts that God has brought to me and to our church to help me do what God has called me to do.

I hope you are encouraged by this story and testimony of Jesus Ochoa. His life and the lives of his family members are just of the many amazing testimonies of what God is doing in the lives of the people here in Rosarito.

Jesus and Mike preaching 3

Finally, I want to once again thank you for your partnership in our family and ministry. It is through your prayers that we are strengthened spiritually, and it is through your financial partnership that God provides for our needs. We could not do this ministry without your love, prayers, and support.

Con mucho amor de Mexico,(with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for Pastor Jesus Ochoa and his wonderful family, that God will continue to bless them and provide for all of their needs.
  2. Please pray that God will continue to provide financially for our family and for the families in our church.
  3. Please pray for a harvest of many souls as we begin our summer community outreaches and service projects. 
Jesus will do anything Grace, Dominique and Beny
Jesus baptizing his son Dominique Jesus and Mike baptzing Daniel