Vincent Update July 2011


July 2011

Greetings from Rosarito! We began this busy month with a homeschooling graduation ceremony that we held at our church with several other local homeschooling families. We were very proud as our daughter Grace graduated from the 5th grade.  (Picture: Grace and Daniel’s Homsechool Graduation Ceremony)

Grace also was a featured soloist in the graduation band, and has recently made a transition at church to sitting in the sanctuary with mom to listen to her daddy’s sermons. (Picture Right: Grace singing with her friends at the homeschool graduation)

Our son Daniel graduated from the 3rd grade and he continues to enjoys PE and Bible as his favorite school subjects. Daniel also recently discovered a new love as he joined his best friend Luis in a local children’s hip hop class. In June, the boys “starred” as star fish in a community production of a dance based upon the story, “The Rainbow Fish”  (Picture Left: Daniel the dancer)

As we watched Daniel carve up the stage with his dance moves, it was quickly obvious that he did not inherit his dad’s (lack of) dance skills! (lucky guy) This particular class was special for Daniel as Luis is planning on moving permanently in August with his family to Southern Mexico to plant a new church. As we watched the two of them practicing their dance moves together in the back yard, it is a memory that we will cherish forever.

On the parenthood side of things, Sarah and I were blessed to take a week long course on Christian Counseling put on by the Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship! In this powerful conference we were challenged to become better counselors and instructed on how to use the Bible effectively to help our congregants. Please pray that God would use the principals that we learned in this course to better minister to our growing congregation. (Picture Right: At the Biblical counseling training with a Chinese friend that serves in the underground Chinese house church!)

The theme of this conference was “Impacting Rosarito, Mexico, and the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” (Picture Left: Impact Missions Conference!)

And those in attendance were challenged as we heard powerful missions minded messages from Pastor Trent Douglass of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, Pastor Mike Thiemann, director of Saving Grace World Missions, and our churches very own Pastor Miguelito! (Big Mike)  (Picture Right: Pastor Trent Douglass teaching at CCRosarito)

Also at the conference there was plenty of Comida Gratis (free food) to keep everyone’s tummies as full as their souls. We would like to give a special thank you to Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and Calvary Chapel Montebello for their help in putting on a wonderful event. We also would like to ask you to pray for the 45 people that came forward and committed their lives to be open to serve Jesus full time in the mission field if He leads them in that direction.  (Picture Left: Pastor Mike Thiemann of SGWM presenting God’s call for missions)

To top the month off, we had our first beach baptism of the summer where 25 new believers from our church were publicly baptized in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. June was a very busy month, but once again our Lord Jesus was faithful to bless us and use us and the ministry here for His glory.

Finally, I want to thank you once again for partnering with our family and ministry here in Mexico. Through your prayers we receive God’s guidance and protection. Through your financial support, we receive God’s provision.  (Picture Right: Thank you for your love, prayers, and support)

With much love from Mexico,

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel

Prayer Requests:
  1. Please pray that God would strengthen the 25 new believers that were baptized in June.
  2. Please pray that God would bless our churches summer community evangelistic outreaches.
  3. Please pray that God would provide for our family in these difficult economic times as our financial support has been very low recently.