Tough Times


This last month we had some tough times. One Sunday, V.M. and Pastor R.M.1 visited Pastor P.K. to meet him and the believers of his fellowship. While they were having fellowship suddenly a man, the father of two of the believing women, entered the room and started beating his younger daughter with his sandal. Then he dragged her out of the room and beat her badly. Every one in room was so afraid and could not understand what was happening. The older daughter (who is also a believer and was there) and V.M. came out and then the man started beating the older one too. V.M. asked these women to go home. It was an awkward situation and nobody knew what to do. If the man had called the police and told them that we are converting his daughters then V.M., Pastor R.M.1 and Pastor P.K. could have been in danger of imprisonment.   The Police do not listen to Christians on this matter.  They only listen to the Hindus and arrest the Christians. But he did not call the police. This was the second time that he beat his daughter in front of the church. Please pray for the new believers that they would stand firm in their faith in the midst of persecution. Also pray for God’s protection over His people.

Just about ten days after this incident, Pastor P.K. had an accident in the city. He and his brother had come to the city to do some purchasing. Pastor P.K. dropped his brother at a shop and came to pick up Pastor S.B. to help them buy a mobile phone. Pastor S.B. was waiting for him by the road side and when Pastor P.K. reached there he did not notice that a mini truck was coming behind him , he turned his motorcycle to go to Pastor S.B. and got hit by the truck. He and his motorcycle got caught beneath the truck. The Lord protected him and saved his life. The truck stopped itself, otherwise the front wheel would have run over his legs. Pastor S.B. with the help of some men pulled Pastor P.K. and his motorcycle out. The motorcycle got damaged badly but he only got some minor scratches on his left leg

Our last year graduate Pastor H.K. has been serving the Lord in a very remote area. His parents are first generation Christians. They had two donkeys (mules) that was the means of their livelihood. In the mountains people hire donkeys to carry their goods. Last month one of the donkeys fell on the ground and died. The village people are accusing them saying that it has happened because they have changed their religion. Pastor H.K.’s parents and rest of the family members are so upset about it. They are not in position to buy another donkey as it costs a lot of money. Please pray that they would not listen to the village people and get depressed but stand firm in their faith. The Lord would give the wisdom the answer those villagers. Pray that God would help them to buy another donkey.

V.M. has been not doing well. She has been taking medicines for the urine infections. Now she has pain in her knees. She has been seeing many doctors. She is fed up with taking so many medicines. Doctors say that she has developed an arthritis. She has been  doing some exercises. Please pray for her that the Lord would heal her. She gets depressed.

We have had some good times too, learning the Word from our guest pastors from the States. Pastor M. and Pastor D. J. were here and we learned the Word from them. Our graduates were also here during that time. We had good time with them too. Present SOM students are ready to graduate this month. Please keep the up-coming graduation ceremony in your prayers. On 28 April our SOM students will graduate and go back to their home town to preach the gospel and plant churches. Pray that these graduates would be used for the extension of His kingdom. God would give them wisdom, words and boldness to share the gospel.

Thanks for your prayers and financial supports.

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.