Tigers, Monkeys, and Chai…Oh My!

After 30 hours of traveling, praise the Lord we have arrived in South Asia safely! This past week has consisted of Nancy and I settling into our new cottage for the next couple of months. We have navigated the market to buy groceries and had an electrician over to fix our power because it had stopped working. The town we are staying in is in the mountains and is very different from the rest of the country! Our cottage is in the middle of a mountain, so we hike every day to leave and to come back. When we had first arrived, we got dropped off at the bottom of the mountain with our luggage. We were met by several men who were hired to help carry our luggage up to our house. Our walk up the mountain to our cottage is not the smoothest and the man had strapped a rope around his forehead and carried it on his back up to our house. What an intense job!! These men carry everything from wood, furniture, refrigerators, and bricks on their backs in all types of weather!

This past week has been great meeting the friends I have heard much about. We have had chai, coffee, lunch, and dinner at the home of the local pastor and his wife, who run the church we have been attending the past two Sundays and where we will be going while we are here! We have gotten the privilege to learn how to make chai and different meals from the wife who is such a great cook. We also have had the privilege to hang out with their daughters and cousins, taking a hike in the mountains, building relationships, and learning more about the culture.

Every morning Nancy and I have a routine to wake up, make breakfast and coffee, and gather together around our dining table. Once we are finished with breakfast, we enjoy our coffee, while we devote that time in praying, reading the word together, singing songs of worship, and we are currently reading through a few books together. This morning routine is very important as it allows us to humble our hearts before God and each other and draw near to God as He draws near to us. This routine is our fuel to get us through each day! 

Nancy and I have also spent most of our time at the Bible College campus. It has been great getting to know our brothers who are running the college and the students who are attending. This past week, we have spent time preparing the campus for the students who will be arriving soon. While some of the guys shopped for tables, beds, blankets, and heaters, the rest of us deep cleaned all the rooms and bathrooms. Once all of the new items arrived, we set everything up so the college will be ready to host around 15 students. The other day Nancy and I were at the college and while we were waiting for 5 of the students to arrive from the South we were able to make breakfast and chai! When they arrived, we learned that they had taken the train for three days and then a bus to arrive at the campus! Most of the students have traveled from places where it is extremely hot. They have arrived in the North where the college is in the mountains where it is currently very cold!

Some of the students speak different languages. This semester will be new for all of us from location, to language, to students to learning new things in our internship. We know God’s hand is on each of us and He has a purpose and plan for this new season. My friend here was sharing, “This year in the North has been the coldest year in the past 100 years.” When we had arrived here we heard that it had snowed twice already. Heather had prayed it would snow at least one more time so that we could experience the snow. Heather and Bond have been serving in this town for 5 years and they had never experienced it snowing here. Their 4-year-old daughter and Nancy had never seen snow before. Since I lived in New Jersey for 3 years, I lived in the snow!

While we were cleaning the college, one of the guys said, “Hey it’s snowing!” Bond went home right away before the roads got bad and played in the snow with this family, while Nancy and I stayed at the college and went on a hiking adventure with our brothers. We hiked up a mountain and overlooked a nearby village. I have never experienced snow like this before because the views of the mountains covered in white are insanely beautiful but the roads could be very dangerous and icy! In addition to the snowfall, we celebrated Pastor R, Heather, and Nancy’s birthdays!

Hiking the mountain in the snow 

In our cottage, our wifi is not reliable, but we are hoping it will get fixed soon. In the meantime, we are able to check-in when we go to town. Thank you for your love, care, and partnership. I am praising God for His love, grace, mercy, provision, protection, sovereignty and His ultimate control in my life and the details of my days. 


-The Bible College classes start this week. For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Pastors teaching the Word. Pray for the students to have understanding and for the Word of God to take root in their hearts and minds. 

-Nancy and I will be teaching English to the students Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please pray God would give us wisdom, vision, and creativity.

-For Nancy and I to continue to be willing and obedient to the opportunities God provides us with to use us, even when we don’t feel qualified and are challenged, that we would look to God to use us supernaturally.
-That Nancy and I would be a blessing to the Gaona family.
-For our trip in March for two weeks to serve at a safe house where the girls have been rescued from sex trafficking.

– Also, pray for the salvation of our families who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!!! 

I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon! It’s a joy to be here and to be a part of what God is doing in South Asia. There are several ways you can partner with me during my internship as I need prayer, financial support, and encouragement. Thank you!

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God bless,
Lacey Olson.