Thiemann September Update

Wow, it has been quite a whirlwind of busyness the past 2 months. Erin has been homeschooling the kids since the end of August and it has been going really well. Malachi is in 1st grade and has really conquered his fear of doing school which is such a praise report for us. Last year was really challenging for he and Erin. Kyla is doing preschool and has loved doing crafts and learning her letters and has really begun to have a desire to read. She knows her “m”, “i” and “s” pretty well now, its pretty cute.

We were so thankful to be able to join a family on a camping trip two weeks ago which is the first time we went on any type of vacation in 2 years and it was so fun. We went beach camping about an hour away. The kids had a blast playing on the beach for 6 hours a day with no complaining, and not to mention the s’mores which are a must. And the baby did great too. It was so good to have a time away as a family. What made it really nice was that the family we went with had kids that are the same age as our three.

On the ministry front, Erin is still doing worship and loving it. She is leading 1 Sunday per month and filling in when possible. As for me I have now taken on the roll as High School Pastor and loving it. The kids are great and really looking forward to what the Lord has in store for them. Erin is going to be serving with me as well which is such a blessing to be able to serve with my wife. We are looking forward to seeing the youth of our church get a vision for reaching out to our community and the nations.

Photo: Had a great time at lunch today and some sweet fellowship with Garry Barrow our missionary from Germany.

Meeting with Pastor Gary Barrow















I was blessed to be able to meet with one of our missionaries who is currently in Germany and on his way to England to church plant and train native pastors in, “Pastoral Training”.

Please be praying for us as we take on a new ministry opportunity with the High Schoolers as well as maintaining the current ministry we have with SGWM. We are so blessed to be a part of reaching the World around us.

To view pictures from our past month please visit our blog.