The Lord Has Done Great Things

Addition to The Family

Baby #3 is in route and due early March! We’re excited and more tired already!

Please be praying for a continued healthy pregnancy and delivery, and all the provisions needed that go with those things!

As we look back on how good God has been to us, we are filled with faith, confidently knowing that He will continue to be faithful to us. Just to share some numbers, the delivery of our 3rd will cost $6,000. We ask you to be praying along with us that God will provide this amount for us by March!



School Of Ministry

As we mentioned before, our desire has been to formalize the School of Ministry that we hold on Thursday nights. Thankfully, this prayer has been answered through the opportunity of becoming an affiliate of Calvary Chapel Bible College Mexico! We are really excited about the different opportunities this opens for the local pastors and leaders to further their education in class and online through the teaching of sound doctrine. We pray and believe that God will use this school to educate the Pastors and Leaders of our community with the truth!









School Of Discipleship

As we continue with Wednesday night studies, we see it as a great opportunity for more purposeful discipleship. Since it’s a small, intimate group, our heart is to spend this time focusing on the essentials of the Christian walk. Our prayer is that God uses this time to mature us all.










Women’s Ministry

Back in June, we finished the bible study book we were going through with the women. We had a break for about 2 months and are now about to start back up again. Rachel is now teaching the women through the book of 1 John. We hope that  God uses this time of fellowship with the women to grow and strengthen them in their Christian walk as well as develop stronger relationships among the group.  

To wrap up August and sort of kick-start the new study we had a Women’s gathering at the end of August. Here’s a picture you can check out below. We had a really relaxed time, of study, playing games, and just getting to know each other more!







New Vehicle

Because of the high price of cars here in Costa Rica, we have only been able to afford vehicles that are 15-20 years old which are unreliable and expensive to fix. We’ve broken down various times on very rough roads like “The Mountain of Death” which is the mountain road from our town to San Jose that reaches 11,000ft. With the rough terrain and long distances we have to travel at times, we are praying for a newer, reliable car for our family which is about $10,000.

We trust that God knows our needs and we are sharing this with you so you can pray with us. Thank you!