Thank You For Praying For Gary Barrow

It’s amazing how the Lord works and how faithful He is.

BarrowAs I was getting sick, I began telling the dentist that I was experiencing a constant severe headache accompanied with a very high fever. I was having fevers of 103 and 104 (39.4 to 40). I began to think that there has to be something wrong, “Why is no one concerned about my headaches and temperature?” It seemed like the only thing my dentist was concerned with was that my tooth wasn’t healing. I began thinking that there must be something going on that my dentist was missing, that I had an infection that had gone into my bone and now it was spreading. I wanted to get another x-ray to see if there was any infection in my jaw and then see what we need to do. One of my good friends, who happens to be an MD, gave me a call and told me that his wife had recently experienced a similar situation. He encouraged me to talk to my dentist and see if there was a plan.

Last Monday, I spoke with my dentist. I asked for another x-ray to see if there was any sign of infection. There was none, but she suggested that I go to a Maxillofacial surgeon because of a “healing disorder.” That night I had a 103.6 temperature. The next day Tina drove me to the Erlangen University, a little over an hour away. Again I was surprised that the headaches and temperature didn’t seem to be important to the new dentist I was seeing. She took another x-ray and no infection. She said that I had a healing disorder and she did a procedure and put some paste in the socket where my tooth once was. She gave me a new prescription for amoxicillin since my old one ran out that day. That night I had my highest temperature, just over 104. Tina and the kids were very worried. They put a contact stream of cold compresses on me. After a time I decided to just sit outside, I figured that would be colder then any bath I could get in.

Then that night the Lord brought to my memory when we lived in Hungary and I had the blood clot go to my lung. The doctor gave me some amoxicillin and I had a similar reaction to it. It seemed very clear to me then that the amoxicillin was making me worse. So I discontinued using it and the doctor gave me something else. I immediately got better. I have had taken it before with no problems, I just thought since we lived in Hungary maybe the dose was different then what we had in the states.

The next day I called the surgeon and told her about it. She said to discontinue use and she prescribed a different antibiotic. That day I slept almost all day. My fever went down to 101 and my headaches decreased a little. Today is my second day not using amoxicillin, my temperature is low grade. I’m still very wobbly when I stand and when I walk. I have shooting pains in my head instead of a constant headache. I have actually been able to eat a little too.

Thank you so much for your prayers. The Lord hears the prayers of His saints, He sees our needs and knows our situation. He is altogether good. Please continue to pray for me to get better. It’s still going to be another week before I can get back to work.

Thanks again, your prayers are so precious to me and especially to the Lord.

God bless,


Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping    
“Reach the Nations…One Soul at a Time”.