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The Dove Is Up
Thank you so much for praying over our travels and our time here serving in South Asia. We are very excited to be a part of this team helping with the new CCBC. It has been great to see the progress of the construction on the land, as it used to be covered with overgrown plants but now it has walls, buildings, dormitories, student kitchen, library, offices and classrooms! Jena was also able to bring out her paintbrushes and add the Calvary dove to the front gates. It is our heart that this ministry would always exalt God’s Word and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Please continue to pray for the completing of construction, as there is still more that needs to be done.











For this first semester, the students and team have been working construction jobs on the campus during the morning and evening. In the daytime, Aaron has been teaching Bible classes through a translator. There has been a great bond serving with the students and studying God’s Word together. We’ve gotten to know their personal testimonies and how they’ve overcome serious persecution but have continued to stand firm in their faith. Many of

the students have traveled up to a four-days train ride to come and study the Word. They’re so eager to learn and it has been an amazing time of great encouragement for these courageous men of God.

Church Planting
A few years ago, our dear friend Pastor J.E studied at the Bible College we served at in Nepal. He went back to his home state in South Asia to start a Bible study that has turned into a beautiful Calvary Chapel fellowship. Recently, we went and visited Pastor J.E to celebrate 3 years of their church plant. Pastor J.E had been led to a community of railway workers and has been given much favor to have a place among them to teach and disciple. During our visit, we were so blessed by their beautiful worship, filled with much joy for the Lord. Please pray for them as they are growing in their knowledge of God’s Word and that they would be faithful witnesses. Seeing Pastor J.E be used so mightily for the Lord and being able to watch him grow while he was studying God’s Word at Bible College, showed us more than ever that by simply teaching through His Word will change the world.










Bringing Updates
Our intent in coming to visit this campus in South Asia was to discover in what ways we would have opportunities here to serve. We have learned so much during our time and are excited to Lord willing return for the Fall semester. We are going back to the States on May 10th to visit and update the church on the new work in South Asia.

Hope to see you!

In Christ,
Aaron & Jena Garcia

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