Sorensen Update Sept

Let your light shine in a dark world

Almost the end of September and we are starting to have a break from the summer heat. The tourist crowds are dwindling down, the kids and older students have gone back to school, and the whole ambiance has changed.

A praise report is that we wanted to have a website for French speaking people with all kinds of good evangelical tools, literature and information about the Gospel and apologetics. We started to pray for someone professional to help us with the website and God sent the right person through a wonderful young Spanish man who show a strong desire to participate. His whole family was present when Juan told us that he wanted to work on the site. They are all strong believers and right away told us that thay would pray for the success of this project and were very excited to be able to share somehow in the building of this work!

2013-08-13 16.15.03Christine went to the Alps in August (gorgeous!) to work for a non Christian organization, to be a responsible for a group of 11 mentally handicapped adults, taking a three week vacation.

It was like a culture shock for me after dedicating so much of our time for the Lord and the ministry. The working team was all French and atheist, and proud of it. I had the chance to witness to my young coworkers. There was some scoffing and the usual provocations that unbelievers like to give at times. But my reward was in the hard work – 15 hours a day for 14 days with one day off- I wanted to be sure the men and women who chose this stay would be much loved, well taken care of, well fed, well entertained and would remain safe day and night, until the last minute . We had to do everything. I would pray out loud in front of the handicapped vacationers while I was about to drive them around on the mountain roads, trying to share here and there about our Creator.

It is sad to see how the majority of human beings who have a well2013-08-06 16.03.27 working brain do not feel shame at spitting in the face of God, while most of the mentally handicapped people I saw there did show respect to God. I even had a man who could not speak but about 5-6 words and when he found out that I prayed to Jesus, he would touch my arm from time to time and point to heaven and say “Amen!” He was my little angel there. I found out that these people have an amazing sensitivity and are very supportive and loving. My comfort came from the Lord through them and it was delightful.

2013-08-16 19.39.58-1I had also the privilege to teach recently intensive advanced French classes for 5 young German Christian ladies and a couple from England who are all coming to help ministering with young Muslim children here, in a ghetto area of Nice. Now, I continue with follow up classes twice a week to make sure they can communicate more fluently in French. This is a very sweet group, very dynamic and so full of love. Such a beautiful gift from God !

2013-09-04 11.44.47Which marks a stern contrast with a world which is becoming more and more violent. The sweetness of the church bodies here and, then the craziness of this lost world getting out of control so fast! I have witnessed violence in the buses from parents against children, and also children being extremely violent right here, in the street, next to our own apartment, Yesterday there was a gang of young teens, about 10 of them, molesting a middle age homeless man. There were shouts all of a sudden around me and I asked the teens what was the matter to realize that this was a group that spelled major trouble. I was not speaking with them more that 2 minutes when 4 of the boys jumped on the homeless man, succeded to put him down and then kicked him hard with their feet in his face, right in front of everyone passing by. I tried to stop them and found out that a young man came also to the rescue and we were trying to protect the homeless man from being totally destroyed. I have never seen this before. Right in the middle of the afternoon, on a very public place. These kids acted like hyenas. There was so much evil exploding which seemed to come suddenly from nowhere… Fortunately the man was able to get up with our help and I brought him to the pharmacy where they took care of him and dressed his eyebrow. I heard of a similar story from a Russian homeless woman, last year. Apparently, there are gangs of kids that go around during the night (or day now) and beat up the homeless here.

Oh Lord, this world needs You SO much!!!! This city needs You so much, above all at night!!! 2013-08-29 16.31.11
(This is one of the permanent sign found in one of the Tramway station in Nice. Somebody is still looking for the Truth! Lord, what an encouragement!)
Thank you Lord for all those who work hard at spreading the Good News of Who You are, for this is a very sick world we are living in. Thank you for all who are supporting this ministry in any way and for all your encouragements.
Thank you for continuing to pray for:
  • Churches in France: for a deep hunger to read the Word of God and to be discerning
  • For believers here to know how to share the Gospel
  • For our protection and our marriage
  • For more love and strong power from the Holy Spirit
  • For all starting material to be ready to be used when the site will be done
  • For tracts, more tracts and more tracts
  • For Mitch and his learning of the French language
  • For our provision
“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort, Who conforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them who are in any trouble, by the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4