Something New

DSCN4236Hello again! First we hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! Easter here in Romania isn’t celebrated until this Sunday since we’re on the Orthodox calender. We’ll be sure to post some pictures to the site so you can have a look into our Easter festivities.

This past month…

DSCN4265We’ve had a pretty straight forward month with being busy with our regular weekly schedule. We are still meeting on Tuesday evenings with our landlord and his wife; we have read Matthew and Mark and now we are well into Luke. It’s been great to meet with them and simply read and talk as we make our way through the Gospels together. We’ve had great conversations with them and it has been great to develop our friendships with them over the past year.

Like in most of our updates, I ask you to keep the teenagers that we work with in your prayers! In our studies of Ephesians we came across Paul’s prayer for the Church in Chapter 3.

Paul’s prayer has been a great outline for my prayers for them.

  • That they would be strengthen in the inner man
  • That Christ would dwell in their hearts
  • That they would be rooted and established in Love
  • That they together would understand the Love of Christ
  • That they would be satisfied and filled with the fullness of God

We love these kids and want to see them respond to what God has accomplished for them on the Cross and to love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, and strength; living for His glory and pleasure. Let us together faithfully invest in these kids lives through our prayers.


Something New- TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course

This past month I started a 120-hour online course that will equip me for what I would need to teach English here. I found that when we would have the teenagers over on Wednesdays that I really enjoyed teaching them English, but I also found it frustrating not being able to properly do it. Ruth and I took time to pray about it and sought the Lord about it. The more I thought and prayed the more ways I started to see how God might use it to open doors to new possibilities and ministries. Whether it’s an after school program or an English club at an orphanage the TEFL Course will give me what I need to do those things if God opens those doors. So I’ve enrolled and it’s been exciting having started the course and through Nehemiah, God’s encouraged me to put my hands to the good work that He’s set before me, and to do it for His glory.

IMG_0243So do keep us in your prayers as I work away at this course. Pray that God gives me understanding and wisdom with how to apply the things that I learn. Also pray that I’d be able to manage my time well and get the work done well. Who knows what doors this might open, but for the moment I’ll keep focused on the work that’s been set before me. I continually find it funny that God’s put teaching English on my heart… I always thought if I taught in schools it’d be history or biology. I’ve never been one that’s very fond of English or grammar so it’s been difficult to understand everything, I’m finding that English is very complex.

Also as a side note it was amazing to see God provide for cost of the course. Just a week after I enrolled we found that someone had sent us almost exactly what the course cost us. That wasn’t something that we were expecting at all. So we praise the Lord in that and we definitely see His hand in it all!

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Coming up the next few months

Ruth and I have been excited to hear this past month that a group from Calvary Cork in Ireland will be coming over to help with a kids program in July. For those who don’t know, Calvary Cork was the church in Ireland that my family was really involved with for the first 3-4 years of living in Ireland. It will be so great to welcome old friends here. We also heard this month that our good friend Jackie was able to buy her tickets to come and help out here in Romania! She’ll be coming in July and will be staying till September! It was such an encouragement and we are looking forward to her being here!

Please join us in prayer with regards to a new house for us to rent! Our place has been great but we need some more space! We have a small one room place and when we have family over they usually sleep on our in-closed balcony, with our refrigerator. With all that said our place that we have now wont suit for having visitors over this summer. It’s always proved difficult and awkward to open our house up to any guests and we want to have a place where we can feel free to invite more people over. So please be praying for a new place and we will keep you up to date!

Thank you for your prayers and support! It has been great getting emails from a variety of you and we encourage you to continue in that! We love to hear from you.

In Him,

-Aden and Ruth Knepper