SGWM Weekly Prayer Requests 08/29/17-09/05/17

P.M. and V.M. – India

Please Pray:
1. Dron’s wedding on 30th August 2017.  Prayer for his financial needs.

2. For V.’s heath.

3. For SOM students that they would be in the Word and their knowledge of our Lord.

4. For God’s strength to teach and good health for P..

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

P. and V.






Helen Hong – Korea

Praise God:
-For a new home, miraculously obtained with a very low down payment.

-For unique and special opportunities to be a part of Intercessory Prayer Meetings and Events regarding the Koreas.

-For the opportunity to serve Elementary Public School as a teacher in Korea.

-For closing doors of ministry/vocational opportunities that are not of Him.

Please Pray
Pray for me for protection from the enemy in every facet of my life as i have been attacked in various ways.  One way I’ve been strangely attacked is though outbreak of various skin problems such as hives, mosquito bites, spider bites, strange rashes, and bumps that brings much discomfort, and frustration.  Pray that I can get the right medical attention for all these symptoms.

Pray for God to open the right door for my ministry/vocational job.  I am called as a Christian School Teacher/Sunday School director/teacher but I have not been fulfilling the right roles in quite a long time.  I am feeling quite displaced for a long time as well. Please pray for the right job soon as I will no longer be employed by the end of September, and am in need of financial provision.

To be ready to minister as a Evangelism Trainer starting this Fall.  Pray for the candidates that God wants to partake in the Evangelism course as well as the right Trainers for leadership.

Please pray for Rosie Ha, my Evangelism Mentor who has been struggling with cancer.  Pray for her healing and comfort.

Pray for me as I will be starting Woman’s group at my house for prayer, and fellowship starting mid September every other week.

Please pray for strengthened time of prayer and intimacy with the Lord.

In His Grace,
Helen Hong –  Email:






Jenna Pepin – Culiacán, Mexico

Praise God:
-1 new classroom

-1 new kitchen

-1 new electrical system in the church

-30 new children in our Breakfast Club

-8 new parents in our Breakfast Club

WOW!  It was an awesome week

Please Pray:
This week, I ask you to pray for Sammy’s and my health.  This has been an ongoing battle for the past month now.  After 3 weeks without a diagnosis, we have now been told that it was/is food poisoning, but even after starting new treatments, Sammy continues to have fevers, headaches, and stomachaches, and mine have gotten worse.  Both of us are dealing with other complications as well.  This has been a long and hard battle, and it isn’t over yet.  As a result, I will be taking a break for a few weeks.  Pray that God gives wisdom to our doctors and/or that He chooses to divinely heal us!

During my break, please pray for our mission’s ministry.  We will be taking on a prayer focus, trying to unify our team and strengthen ourselves for the next wave of activities in October.

Thank you for your faithful support!

Jenna and Sammy – Email: Blog:






Nikki Arriaga – Uganda

Praise God:
-I praise God for this month long trip He has given me in Uganda!

-I praise God for the work He has done in and through me during this time!

-Praise God for the amazing time we had during Arise Christian Fellowship’s very first VBS!

Please Pray:
Please pray that the Lord would continue to grow and strengthen the body of Christ at Arise Christian Fellowship!

I begin to travel home from Uganda on Wednesday. Please pray for safe travels and for a blessed time as I travel back with the Gaona Family.

Please pray that I adjust well to life back in America when I return!

Thank you for praying for me!

Nikki  – Email:   Blog:







Darryl and Kayo Record –  Cambodia

-We thank God for a full schedule of ministry opportunities.

Please Pray:

Our health.

Our Cambodian visa status.

Darryl’s video ministry.

Kayo’s worship and Japanese ministries.

Benjamin’s education.

Long term needs and vision.

Thanks for Praying!

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin –  Email: Blog:






Craig and Daisy Tippie – Huacho, Peru

Please pray for us as we leave for furlough in the next couple of days, we will be spending time visiting many churches, and home groups.  Please pray for a fruitful time, and that the Lord provides for our needs.  We get to take our teenager to Night of Joy the second weekend of September, this is a giant Christian Worship Night at Disney World, with casting crowns, David Crowder, and many of our favorite Christian bands.  Please pray for refreshment, family time, and new vision for our church in Peru. Pray for all those in Peru that will be holding down the fort while we are away, it will be a time for them to grow and be stretched, which is good.  Thanks for all your prayers!

May the Lord bless thee, and keep thee, and Shine His face upon thee…

In His Grip,
The Tippie Family –  Email:  Blog:







Nadeem and Farah Massey – Pakistan

Praise God:
-We praise God that we were able to plant 2nd. Calvary Chapel in an area outside of our town. There are 33 Christian families who really love the word of God, we are having Proper Sunday Services with them.

-We praise God that the Urdu Translation of Pastor David Guzik’s Bible Commentary has started, we have translated the Letter of Jude and now we are working on Gospel of John.

-We praise that Calvary Foundation Youth Fellowship has started, we are having fellowship every Monday evening, and we are taking them through different Bible books and characters every week in order to build a foundation for proper Bible study.

-We praise that the group of Brick Makers is also growing, and on the weekly basis they are arranging a large fellowship in which they invite more brick makers from different Brick Kilns.

Please Pray:
Please pray for the protection of our family, team and congregation while we praise God and proclaim His name and word here.

Please pray for the need of a computer for brother Joseph, we can get one used computer for $170, Joseph is a great helper of mine, he had been using one desktop computer for 7 years and that computer is not working anymore.

We need to purchase 6 Plastic chairs, one table and some local carpets for the Brick Makers. They requested for this need, as there is problem for people to sit during the meetings, we need at least $100 for this need.

Our car needs new tires, last time we changed them 3 and half years before, now they need to be replaced for safe traveling. Reasonable 4 tires are for $400, and we need $70 for some general repairing of the car.

One more need we have is a printer for our office, we need to print notes and many other things on weekly basis, our old computer is not usable. A reasonable printer is for $170. Please pray for the provision of this need.

Please pray for the growth of our Church in the fear and love of God and pray for people to be strong in their faith.

Thank You very much, we love you and pray for you!

God bless you,
Nadeem and Farah – Email: Blog:




Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

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