December – Prayer Requests

The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do For a Missionary
It is often cliché to say, “the best thing you can do for a missionary is to pray.” This is usually the sentence missionaries put in their update letters right before they ask for financial support. But that does not negate the truth of the comment. Prayer is the battleground where you can wage a good warfare on behalf of your missionary. Remember what Paul said, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12 NKJV). We often forget that the ministry is not only a physical task but a spiritual affair. The battle is won or lost in prayer. Read the full article.…»



Tim Pappas – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. To stand strong in the call God has on my life and the work He has for me here at SGWM

2. To overcome my challenges with technology, and be full of grace and peace until that happens

3. For financial partners to help me meet my needs as I care for missionaries around the world.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,
Tim – Email: Blog:

Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Praise Report:
-I had a polyp removed from my uteris and it was all benign, praise God!

-The Lord provided all the money needed for a roofing project on our patio

Prayer Requests:
1. For the after school program, “Amigos del Rey” (Friends of the King). We are receiving a few kids with special needs and would like to further help them but we need training.

2. For new vision for expansion of the after school program, to be able to receive and help more kids in this drug infested neighborhood.

3. For God’s wisdom in all that He has me doing here with the children, and for an outpouring of His Spirit in this place.

Thanks for praying for me and the children in Mexico.

God bless!

Serving Jesus with abandon,
Deanna ~ Email:  Blog:

Marc & Linda McSweeny – Frankfurt, Germany

Greetings from Frankfurt! Things are getting chilly and dark, which means Christmas is around the corner.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please continue to pray for my health. I have migraines and/or stress headaches several times a week. I am still in the middle of testing to see if there are other factors in play (other than stress). Pray for strength and healing.

2. My second prayer request is related to the first: I will need a break of some sort, for health reasons and also because I am planning a visit to the States next year. The difficulty is not with my work since the doctors can always give some time off for rest or treatment. The critical area is the church. I will need either someone to take over the church for 1-2 months, or many guest speakers and worship leaders will have to scheduled. Please pray for wisdom and God’s provision.

3. The local Christmas market is on December 17th and the church has a stand there. We will be selling Quesadillas & hand-made items, and distributing flyers. Linda will also be singing on stage with a small band. This is our main outreach for the year and the time of year is stressful for everyone. Please pray for the organization of the event, and for everything to go smoothly. Pray also for more contact with the locals, and opportunities for the Gospel to be shared.

Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Marc, Linda, Sofia, Zoe – Email: Blog:

P.M and V.M. – Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for P.M. and V.M.’s health. P.M. has trouble with asthma as the weather is getting colder, and also ongoing arm pain with restricted movement after his motorcycle accident. V.M. has leg pain, with arthritis-like symptoms.

2. One of the students at the Pastor’s School is sick.  Recently he was admitted in a hospital for a week. He has typhoid; it has been reoccurring for the last two years. His name is Chhabilal.  We would beg you to pray for him.  He is the only believer in his family.  His parents have disowned him, and he lives
with another believer’s family.

3. Pray for God’s wisdom and boldness to witness Him.

4. Pray for our financial needs.

Thanks for your prayers!  God bless you!

Co-workers in Christ,
P. and V.

R.M.(1) – Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for Christmas outreaches to reach many for the Lord, and also for traveling safety.

Thank you for praying

God bless,

D.K. –  Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. D.K. and P.M. held a first church service in D.K.’s rented apartment, and D.K.’s landlord told him he was no longer able to hold any Christian service there. Please pray for this situation, and for a better housing option for D.K..

Your prayers are much appreciated!

God bless,

Alex Gray –  Ensenada, Mexico

Praise Report!
– I was able to get a new laptop so that I can edit personal videos

Prayer Requests:
1. For the students as they seek God during the upcoming Christmas break

2. For safety as I travel back to Florida

3. For more support so that I can move off campus

4. For the graduates to listen to God’s calling and to find a place of ministry after this semester

5. For me to listen to God’s direction in my ministry Thank you for your prayers.

God Bless,
Alex ~ Email:     Blog:

R.K. – Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my ministry here, and pray that God may open more doors here. Pray especially because there is a Hindu festival, when there is a lot of satanic work.

2. Please pray that God may open the people’s eyes to His truth.

3. In December, we are doing a Christmas outreach with village children and our believers in my home  village area.  Please pray that God will help everything to go well and that more new people may come and hear God’s Word.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!


Joel and Amy Garcia – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
3. Please pray for our finances as we are currently in the beginning stages of raising financial support.

2. Please pray for clear vision on how the Lord would like to use us as part of the U.S. support base for SGWM’s international missionaries.

3. Please pray for direction for Joel as he begins to lead the charge on the use of social media to promote the message and needs of SGWM and our missionaries.

Thank you so much for faithfully partnering with us in prayer!

God Bless you,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, and Jude – Email: Blog: 

S.K. – Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for outreaches during December in S.K.’s village. Pray that more would hear the Gospel and believe!

God bless you and thank you for praying!



Mike and Erin Thiemann – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Over the past month, I have been able to dedicate a lot of time to writing. I have developed a writing calendar for my weekly mission blog posts, and God has provided volunteers to help with editing and graphics.

2. Please pray that God would increase my writing skills, vision, clarity and that God would allow these articles to go viral and spread a passion for His glory and strengthen the Body of Christ in missions.

3. Please pray for vision and direction as I write each chapter on the book I am putting together. This book will be a practical guide to help missionaries get from “I’m called” to thriving on the mission field.

4. This home school year is going by fast. Erin and the kids are always working hard and plugging away at school work. Please pray for wisdom and vision for Erin as she homeschools our three kids every day. Also, pray for our kids that they would fall in love with learning.

5. Allow me to share a praise report. My son Malachi loves listening to the Bible through the YouVersion Bible App and in the past three months, he has listened to Genesis through John. He also retains what he hears. He’s been asking me a ton of questions, and I have loved this special time of discipleship. I even issued a challenge to him for next year, that whoever reads through the Bible more wins a $50 Amazon card. I’m looking forward to that challenge on many levels.

6. Lastly, please pray for Erin’s photography business as it is steadily growing. Pray for more clients and that the Lord would use her not just to bring in extra income but as a ministry opportunity. She’s also been able to use her photography business to raise money for missions.

Thank you and God Bless,
Mike, Erin, Malachi, Kyla and Alaina – Email:   Blog:

P.K. –  Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my church members, that they could stand strong in their faith.

2. Please pray for me as I travel to visit friends and evangelize.

3. Pray for Kanikaone, one of my church members who is suffering from tuberculosis.  Pray that she will recover soon, and also that God would open the door so that I can visit her. Her family will not allow me there.

4. Pray for my family who are not believers, that the Gospel will touch their heart.

Thank you for praying!

God bless you,

Brad and Melissa Miller – Amazon Jungle, Brazil

Psalm 122:1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.

I for one, cannot wait for that day when our feet shall stand in the gates of Jerusalem!  But until that glorious day arrives, please pray with us for these few things.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the Apurina people.  Specifically for Oscar and Analucia, Valdicis, Nilza, and Guerlermi and Elsimara.  Pray that they would continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and pray for them in the way the Spirit leads you.

2. For the Medical Outreach we are planning for January 27th, 2018.  We are involving our local church with a sister church, evangelists, children’s ministry, lunch, devotionals, and more, to work alongside of the many doctors, dentists, beauticians, and a pharmacy.  All people involved are not only professionals in the community, but also Christians with the common goal of seeing Christ work through them to edify and lift people up closer to our Lord.

3. For our family.  We seem to have a few sicknesses passing around.  Flu, torn muscle, pulled tooth, and other things.  Please pray for Melissa and myself, Josiah, Veronica, Benjamin who recently let a little barbell fall on his head and tear his skin open, Junior and his wife Ashley and child Charlotte, and Andrea who just started a new job.

God bless you and keep you, may He make his face to shine upon you,

Brad and Melissa Miller – Blog:

R.M. – Southern Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for 12 house churches that are going on different villages between 40 kilometers. We are doing outreaches with all of these church’s youth, where we spend time in worship, action songs, preaching the Word of God, and playing games. Please pray that through this, we can raise some youth leaders for these house churches.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,

L.B. – Southern Asia 

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray as we begin laying the groundwork for ministry here. Pray that God will bring those to the Bible College who He wants, and that preparations would go smoothly.

Thank you and God bless!

L.B. – Blog:


Nikki Arriaga – California

Prayer Requests:

1. These past few months, the Lord has brought two new staff members to our SGWM team, and I have been so blessed to see the Lord doing great things with our larger team! Please pray that God would continue to give us His vision for Saving Grace World Missions.

2. Please pray that the Lord would equip me and fill me with wisdom needed to care for our SGWM missionaries.

3. I am currently praying about what ministries the Lord would have me involved in at my church this upcoming year. Please pray that God would open up doors and guide me to His perfect plans for 2018.

Thank you for partnering with me in prayer!

Nikki  – Email:   Blog:

Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Nepal

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for the graduates of CCBC Nepal for this semester that we commissioned on Nov. 17th that they would hear from the Lord on planting a church and reaching their own people.  One of the graduates from CCBC Nepal will be joining us as an intern in South India to help start CCBC India.

2. Pray for our family for health. Bond and Breanna have had nasty head colds, coughs and fevers this past week.

3. Pray for God’s spirit to be poured out on the various outreaches we have planned this month with a visiting team.

4. Pray for those who the Lord wants to bring as students to be equipped at the new ministry campus in South Asia. We will be setting up a system and need the Lord to direct us to those who desire to be trained in God’s Word and start future works in various parts of India. This is in full swing and happening in December.

5. Continue to pray against opposition from the community, government and anyone that has issues or would try to stop the work going forth in the countries we work / minister in.

Blessings and thankful for your prayers,
Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Email: Blog:

Jenna Pepin – Culiacán, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. Thank you for your continued prayers for my health.  In November, I was given a very unwanted diagnosis, but it appears that God is taking care of things in His own divine way.  Tests this month will confirm that theory.

2. There are also many ministry opportunities this month.  Please pray for:

3. Our ministry in La Invasion.  We will throwing a huge Christmas party on December 9, where we will be presenting the Gospel to as many as 50 children and their families.  Thanks to a generous donor, we will also be providing Bibles for nearly every family that attends.  Pray that God’s Word will not return void, but produce  much fruit in their lives.

4. Our ministry in the city dump.  As of now, we have only 4 people committed to this ministry, and we need a minimum of 8 to make it work.  Pray that God will raise up the laborers needed to harvest this ripe field.

5. Our church’s 2nd anniversary celebration.  We have guest speakers and worship teams coming from Rosarito to help us celebrate.  There will be a huge party on Sunday (which I will be speaking at) as well as special outreach events for men and youth/singles.  Pray that these events are well-attended and that many come to know Christ.

6. Our vacation.  Pray for Sammy and I as we travel during the holiday season.  We will be travelling on the 13th and 15th of December and on the 9th and 12th of January.  During our “vacation,” I will be speaking at a minimum of two events, sharing my testimony in 2 different Celebrate Recovery groups, and looking for additional financial partners.  May God’s will be done in all of these areas!

God bless you all and your families.  May you have a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

Jenna and Sammy – Email: Blog:

Darryl and Kayo Record – Cambodia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for Darryl as he prepares to teach Christian Apologetics in Cambodia and Thailand in January.

2. Darryl’s volunteers who are helping with his Apologetics/Evangelistic videos.

3. Kayo’s ministries to at risk women, worship, and Japanese.

4. Kayo and Benjamin’s visa renewal.

5. Health and strength.

6. Our long term vision and needs.

Thanks for your faithful prayer covering.
Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin – Email: Blog:

Rebecca Alaniz – Zagreb, Croatia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please Pray that the Lord would continue to prepare me to be sent out.

2. Pray that the Lord would provide the financials needed in order to move forward

3. Pray for the people of Croatia. That their hearts would start to open to receive the gospel and that the Lord would start a revival.

4. Pray for the Roma(gypsy) Villages. That they would know God’s love for them and that they would receive the free gift of salvation.

Email: Blog:

Thank you!! God Bless!
Rebecca – Email: Blog: 

Jon and Allison Brechtel – Preparing for Oaxaca, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that the Lord would continue to guide us as we prepare to return to Oaxaca, Mexico to begin His calling for us to plant a church

2. That we would be able to get our religious visas in a timely manner
That our time in the states would be fruitful in strengthening relationships with those that partner with us in prayer and support

Thank you for lifting our family up in prayer!
Jon and Allison Brechtel – Email:   Blog:

The Buescher Family –  Cajamarca, Peru

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for Jessica’s health in the midst of pregnancy and other health issues.

2. Pray for wisdom for the upcoming Israel trip, and upcoming semester.

3. Pray that the students remain strong in their walk with the Lord over the break.

4. Pray for the church that it continues to grow and that our local body continues to be strengthened while all the students are away for the holidays.

God Bless you,
Romeo, Jessica, Eva, Romeo, Anya, Avalina,  Email:   blog:

Joni Houser – USA

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for God’s leading and guidance as I am working to help the Indian nationals in ministry.
    2. My financial support

3. My health. I have been having back/neck pain that makes it very hard for me to work on the computer. I have been through two rounds of physical therapy, but am still having trouble.

Thank you so much!

God bless you!
Joni – Email:

Jana Sandbulte – USA

-Praise God that Rose is now 7 months old and doing way better than the doctors ever imagined! Please continue to pray for her this winter. The doctors say that if she as much as gets a cold, they expect her to end up in intensive care at the children’s hospital on life support. Thank you so much!

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that I can be an encouragement to the Indian pastors and their families.

2. Please also pray for God’s guidance in balancing time with family and Indian ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless,
Jana – Email:

Nadeem and Farah Massey – Pakistan

Praise Report
-We praise God for His faithfulness, protection and provision for the needs of the church and our family!

-We praise God in the growth of the church, and for being able to plant our second church!

-We praise God for the completion of my first Urdu book, this was a tough and big task.

Prayer Request
1. Please pray for the continual financial support of the ministry throughout next year also as Lord has faithfully provided for the needs of this year.

2. Please pray for the provision of financial support to get my Urdu Book on Christian Apologetics printed, the printing cost per copy is $2.5, and we need 1000 copies printed.

3. Please pray for the support of iron sheets’ shelter and basic needs like chairs, pulpit and carpet for our newly planted church.

4, One more need we have is a printer for our office, we need to print notes and many other things on weekly basis,  a reasonable printer is for $170.

Thank You very much, we love you and pray for you!

God bless you,
Pastor Nadeem Massey and family- Eamil:  Blog:

Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. That God would bless our Christmas events and outreaches!

2. That God would bless our new Valley Center Church plant (planted in November) and our upcoming church plant to Monterrey Mexico in January!

Thank you for faithfully praying for us!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)
Mike,  Sarah, Grace, and Daniel ~ Email:  Blog:




Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3

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