Missions Training Program:  On the field. For the field.

The semester has gone by very quickly and we have just one more to go.  God has been teaching us many new things along this journey.  Not only has this been a time for us to be refreshed and renewed for the next place the Lord wants us to serve him, but it has also been a time of ministry and service as we participated in a number of outreaches.  One of the class requirements here is to join churches on their outreaches and assist with evangelism, discipleship and practical ministry on several weekends, then for 10 days, and finally for 30 days which we plan on completing in the summer of 2012.

Weekend Outreaches:  Cantavir, Serbia

Michael gathering firewood
Home of an elderly man
Sam securing a fallen roof
Bible students and Sam repair a roof








When we went down for a ten-day outreach we had an amazing time.  Along the way, however, we had to face a few challenges, including our van, which broke down during one of our weekend trips and on the very first day of the ten-day outreach.  Fortunately, we found a Christian mechanic who was able to complete the repairs before we needed to leave each time.  I told him, “I think my van likes your garage!”

Here we go again!

The van – broke down again!
Michael and Michelle waiting for van mechanic

During the ten-day outreach, the Lord answered our prayers each day by granting us mild temperatures and clear skies.  We had a team of 5 with a student named Grati that stayed with us in a one room building with a heating stove on one end and a shower in the corner.  The Lord also provided enough scrap fire wood for us to gather to keep the place heated for our entire stay.

Michael chopping fire wood
View of Youth building and Kitchen house
church and fellowship hall
Church and fellowship hall

Our ministry extended to two gypsy villages that were nearby.  The living conditions were atrocious and unfortunately, this reality could not be adequately captured in a photograph.  We usually divided into two groups, where Pastor Tibor, Michael and I would share the Gospel with the families and Michelle, Megan and Grati would share the Gospel with the kids.  They would teach them John 3:16 and some songs in Hungarian, and then sing with them using some hand motions to emphasize some of the important words and concepts in the songs.

Sharing Jesus in a gypsy home
Sharing Jesus
Sharing Jesus through worship

On two occasions Sam had the opportunity to minister to some refugees living in the fields behind the warehouses.  Sam would go with Pastor Tibor and hand out bread for them to eat.  At the first place we stopped, there were about 50 men and they were very appreciative.  At the next place we stopped, which wasn’t very far, we thought we would have plenty of bread to hand out, because there appeared to be only a few men there.  Suddenly, a line began to form and in just a few minutes there were over 200 men waiting to get some bread!  It was like the 5 loaves and two fish where we had enough bread to feed every man!

Sam with refugees
A refugee’s shelter
Sam handing out bread to refugees

During this outreach we were able to prepare food and distribute to nearby families in need; teach Bible Studies; continue construction repairs various families had and assist the local chu


Michael sharing worship in a gypsy village

Megan with the Pastor's daughter, Eva

Michelle sharing with the women

Michelle serving food

Sam sharing the Sunday message

People enjoying the meals