Putting Our Hands to the Plow

Dear family and friends,

Spring is finally starting here in the south of France bringing longer days and warmer temperatures. Mitch came back after staying longer in California to help his parents with a few repairs on their house. Much appreciated there, he is now very appreciated here by his wife and by all the dear brothers and sisters in Nice.

We continue to help wherever we can at Calvary Chapel Nice and IBC(International Baptist Church) in St Paul and Nice.


Carnival Nice.

Carnival Nice. Huge opportunity for evangelism.

Doing puppets for kids at Easter

Doing puppets for kids at Easter


Christine has started to use puppets to tell the Bible story to the 3 to 6years old. Those puppets were also a nice surprise during the last Easter event organized by IBC. Occasionally, Christine teaches women’s Bible study with IBC and is helping with translation from English to French at IBC and French to English at Calvary Chapel.







She is also translating a book from Rich Chaffin, “Faithful Service”.

Mitch is very much needed for his talents in fixing things that needs repairs and is an encouragement to those around him.








Place Massena, Nice. One of our regular fishing holes

Place Massena, Nice. One of our regular fishing holes

We are also involved in regular outreaches in the streets of Nice and in the villages around Nice. La Colle sur Loup has been the village chosen where we have visited almost every house! (To be continued). Now we can pray every time we pass next or through the village for all who, at least got a Gospel tract to be touched in depth by the Holy Spirit.

La Colle sur Loup

La Colle sur Loup

Many brothers and sisters in the States and in France are very encouraged by these outreaches. Christine sends regular reports of what happens during these very special times, about specific people and how we can all pray for them. If you do not receive these updates and you would be interested in receiving them, please let us know.






We are facing some financial surprises from the French government which is called local habitation taxes. There was no warning to this and our initial inquiry was that we are not in the French system and did not need to pay as we pay our regular taxes in the States. Our situation is not described in the categories of the French Tax Department and they consider us as people living in a secondary residence.

Anyway, after the initial shock, came the word of our Lord inviting us to trust Him, one more time. Our prayer is, “Thank you Lord for giving us another opportunity to trust in your provision.”

We know God is the Faithful One and will come through in ways which will truly glorify His Name.

Please do pray that we will do only what He wants us to do regarding this situation and for His provision. That none of that will shake us and prevent us to continue to serve with zeal our God and the people of this land.


Thank you for your interest and your love.

Mitch and Christine

Our prayer requests:

Please pray for our marriage as satan loves to destroy marriage.

Pray for the ministry that God has given to us to do evangelism to the best of our abilities.

Pray that we will be an encouragement and a witness in our lives, our marriage, and our ministry.

Pray that there will be Revival in the church and that evangelism will become a passion to many.

Pray for our provision spiritually and financially.