Push Through

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 The last teaching of women’s fellowship went a little like this…  I was extremely sick with flu/cold.  It had rained so I needed to walk to church through the thick slippery mud.  Upon arriving at church, the only couple of cars at the church happened to be parked where we have women’s fellowship. This meant we needed to find another place so I had to tape the posters to a tree with wind blowing. I knew this was going to be a challenging teaching because there were already so many attacks before the fellowship even began.  As we started worship, a chicken and a rooster came in the middle of us and I had to chase them.  Then someone tied very loud goats to the fence behind me.  Vincent had taken the boys to Arua so that I could focus on the study during the day.  Unfortunately, he had to drop off things purchased for the church.  Because we had to move areas for the fellowship, the boys saw me, jumped out of the car and ran to me.  Vincent tried to get them back, Sister Annette ended up giving them chairs.  All this before half of the first page.  In all, we made it through the teaching on the “Holy Spirit.”  I know God blessed the women because it was the most distracting teaching ever, but also because women asked me for copies of the teaching after, for themselves and also to share with others. We continue to pray for their Growth in God’s Word.  

Thank you for your prayers!  The 44 hours of travel went very smoothly!  No crazy breakdowns from any of us!  We just stayed calm, helped each other and played games. Many people around us were very helpful.  The boys even got to meet the pilots of our second plane. A man helped the boys and I down the metal stairs out of the plane in the night darkness.  Our older Ugandan children met us at the Arua and Entebbe Airports to help and say goodbye.  Ian is tall enough to touch the handrail for the escalators so he didn’t fall this time. Our longest flight of 16 hours we got an extra row all to ourselves!  The boys helped with crying children.  All our luggage made it safe and only a couple ants that attacked my suitcases before we left survived the trip.  It was such a smooth and blessed trip that I know many of you were praying!  

Letter from Vincent

Thank you every one for your generous prayers for my family reached the States side safely and are doing well.  It is always difficult being apart.  Due to the current changes in the ministry I needed to stay but I am hoping to come late January.  

We are grateful to the Lord! The hall roofing is finished and the outreach has fully resumed.  The soccer team is growing fully in training and being discipled.  God has strengthened our relationship with the community through the soccer ministry, hence a free open door to share the gospel. The church is steadily growing through teaching the Word, the Pastors in the Refugee camp are being discipled and encouraged through our intern Jacob.   The fellowships in the church have grown and the LORD is restoring and healing many hearts. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Praise Reports

  • The LORD is growing in the church and it is such a wonderful experience.  The cleansing is never easy but the fruit is amazing.
  • The boys said goodbye to their precious friends in Uganda and came to say hello to their precious friends in America.  The love God gives for His family, makes it feel like we were all never apart!

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for the team coming out to Midigo this month from Calvary Chapel West Grove.  Pray for a fruitful, healthy and blessed trip.
  • Pray for the community library, there has been too much rain for work to begin.
  • Pray for the Lords continual growth and restoration for Midigo and our other church plants.
  • Pray for the doctor appointments and for our family while we are apart.