Prayer, presentation and the best Fiesta ever!

It’s official…I’m leaving for Mexico in the beginning of July!

Thank you for all your prayers, support and encouragement during this time of preparation. So, this is what’s been happening…


Prayer and Commissioning into the mission field, Voyagers Bible Church, my home church. 

Sunday May 31st, at the beginning of both services I joined my Pastor and the Global Outreach Team in the front of church for prayer and a bit of sharing about the Lord’s leading in my life to serve Him in the field full-time.


Thank you church family for making this such an amazing morning! Your prayers, love and support will continue to encourage me to step boldly in His pathway as I serve our Lord.


What an honor to represent Voyager’s as I step into the mission field.


No matter where the Lord sends me, Voyagers will always be my home place.


As I travel over the border into Mexico I go with excitement and confidence knowing that you, my amazing support team, are right alongside me!

PRESENTATION & FIESTA lunch after church.                                                              


It was great to share time with friends and family able to attend the Fiesta after church. During this time I presented a slide show with photos and information detailing the who, what, where and why, how…and when this new adventure is going to officially start. Followed up by more personal prayer time. And, as I’ve learned, like every good Fiesta we celebrated with a piñata. It  was such a great time! I think I was walking on air for the following week remembering the great time.


























Moving time has finally come!

For the month of July I will be renting a friend’s house in Rosarito for a couple weeks hoping to get acquainted with the neighborhood and searching for a long term rental property.

This area of Rosarito I will be staying in has been recommended as a safe as well as convenient place to live. I’ve learned that several people from my new church in Rosarito live in this area.  Most importantly, Pastor Mike Vincent, and his family ( Voyager’s Global Partners)  as well as the Pesina’s (the Pastor, his wife and son from the church that I will be serving with in Vista Del Valle, Tijuana) are in this area too.

July 17-19th a team of families and friends are coming down on a short mission weekend trip. I will be showing the Voyager’s Team around the area that I will be serving in Tijuana as well as helping out at the church in Vista Del Valle.

PRAYER REQUESTS  Please stand with me in prayer to our Father regarding;

Housing- the search of finding the right place during the busy summer season, the location, the communication and arranging  of rental agreement along with set up of water, electricity, gas, internet etc.

The Move-packing up and transport of my stuff to set up a home in this new environment. People to help me transport items to Rosarito.

Getting Acquainted– Getting to know neighbors, being His representative to all that I come into contact. Communicating in my limited Spanish. Starting to attend my Mexico home church, Rosarito Calvary. Getting involved in the Woman’s Bible Study to build friendships with other local woman. And, the process of starting to serve at Gracia del Calvario in Vista Del Valle.

It is with great appreciation that I get to be a part of this amazing adventure.  Thank you all for making it possible through your prayers, financial support and encouragement.  I go representing Him and you as we co-labor for His Kingdom of truth, righteousness and peace.

By the way…I love getting your emails! Keep them coming!

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Te amo mis amigos! ( I love you my friends!)