Praises and Prayer Requests for Our Growing Fellowship

Our Church Fellowship

We are doing well by the grace of God. This Sunday, new believers came to our fellowship! It was a blessed Sunday. I thank God because He is bringing the people into His temple. Please pray for the new believers who are coming to our church.

Prayer Requests:
(1) Please pray for brother M.L., that the Lord would heal his body and give him and his wife children. He believes in Jesus Christ.
(2) Pray for sister J. and her husband who are new at our church. Pray for their spiritual growth.

The Grandmother who has opened up her home where we gather every Sunday

(3) Pray for brother R. who is a young man in my church. He decided to be baptized.
(4) A very important prayer request is for the completion of the house we meet in for church services. This Sunday it was raining heavily, and we could not sit properly because the roof was leaking. We also need to get some instruments for our church, so please pray for them also.
(5) Please pray for sister S. who is ready to be baptized. May the Lord help her.
(6) Pray for my family; they are so far from salvation. May God open their eyes.
(7) Please pray for brother K. who is very helpful for me in ministry. Pray for his spiritual growth. Please also pray for the grandmother who gave her home for our Sunday Worship.
D.K. and Family