Pleading for Your Prayers

Emergency Prayer Request 

I have an emergency prayer request! Please pray for us. A woman I never met before just came to my house. She claimed that she is my relative and that she is the rightful owner of half of our property and house. She warned us that if we will not give her half of our property she will go to the police and take us to court. She lives 20 km from my home. She said that she will return with the village elders and people. No one is helping us. My neighbors are making plans to stop the church and remove us from my house and village. Please pray for me and my parents. That God will give us strength to face every persecution. 

Incredible Christmas

Christmas Church Service

Praise the Lord! We had an incredible Christmas with believers and Hindu friends! As I showed Christian movies in remote, unreached villages, I invited everyone to my church for Christmas. So some people came to my home! It was a great time to make friends. Praise God! 

All the church members brought their unbelieving neighbors. They all heard about Jesus and His love! Thank God! 

Thank you so much for your financial help! We were able to give everyone a delicious lunch. Our budget was for only 300 hundred people–but thank God–more than 350 people had lunch! And thank God–no groups came to disturb us! Thank you so much for your help and prayers!

Christmas Lunch

Showing the Jesus Film

Watching the Jesus Film

Praise God! God gave us another opportunity to show the Jesus movie in a believer’s village on the night of December 31st. We showed Christian movies at the believer’s home. His village is 3 km from my village. We took the generator and projector to his village. He invited all his neighbors to see the Jesus movie. Almost 30 people saw the movie. 

It was very cold. As we showed the movie outside in the coldest of our winter temperatures–5 degrees Celsius. Some people had warm clothes, but we could not keep warm. So, I and all the people watching the movie made a fire and then we felt warm. 

Praise God! All of the people watched the whole movie to the end. No one accepted Jesus, but God opened the way so that we can visit the people. They invited us again. So, Lord willing, me and my dad will visit them and show them the Jesus movie again in the hot season. Praise God!

Christmas Church Service

Thank you for your prayers!
R. M.

Christmas Worship