Pierce March Update


Hello once again dear Friends!

Greetings from a much cooler Uganda! Yes the rains have began to  come and we are praising God along with our Ugandan brothers and sisters as the rains will not only cool things off and cut back on all the dust, it will also hopefully bring the prices of food back down to a more affordable price.  Bell peppers had gone from 2,000 Ugandan shillings a kilo to 10,000 in a period of two weeks.  We might never see 2,000 a kilo again but believing it will come down from 10,000 substantially.

Well I honestly had hoped to sit down and send you an update much earlier but have allowed the crazy life we lead here to keep me from it.  Some of you have asked how Victoria is and how the doctor appointment went.  She is much better and feeling less and less pain. We discovered what was most likely causing the pain was some stretches an orthopedic doctor in Kampala had given her to do and she was a bit over doing it.  The American doctor she saw in Kenya gave her a wonderful report.  He confirmed what we had previously heard from the other doctors we have seen that her right hip turning inward was a common problem in children but as she grows it will most likely turn out on its own and that no surgery is needed.  We are so thankful for this report.  Surgery in the states is a scary thing enough but in a third world country…we just didn’t want to have to go there.  Thank you all for your prayers!

We love our new little apartment but we would ask that you continue to pray for our safety.  We have been tear gassed twice now and it was a little scary and unpleasant.  Our apartment is directly across the street from a political office and the recent elections have caused much uproar.  Things have settled down a bit for now but we would appreciate your prayers in regards to this.  Pray for the girls hearts to be at peace knowing God is our protector and our peace! Please continue to pray that God would use us as a light in this community.  We feel He is giving us so much opportunity to shine for Him.  Please pray we SHINE well

A few weeks ago we had a terrible fire in a small community just behind our church and 26 families lost their homes.  We have spent the last few weeks helping these families to rebuild what they have lost. We have had enough donations to provide them all with clothes, household and kitchen items and even wood, nails and iron sheets to rebuild their homes.  It has been a beautiful thing to see the body of Christ at work in this way ministering to these families.  Not just from our church but others as well have come to serve and not just adults but children.  Our girls along with them have had a blast serving these families food each night and it has blessed our hearts to see their eagerness to help out and serve in any way they can. Please continue to pray for these families as they rebuild their lives.  Most importantly our prayer is that through it all they will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Some have and we believe many more to come to know Him as Lord!

Thank you for your prayers as I continue to minister to my Ugandan sisters in prison and out in the village.  Our times together continue to be rich and I feel so blessed to be able to minister to them!  This

past week in prison an elderly lady who I would guess to be in her mid 70’s came forward to receive Jesus into her heart to be her Lord and Savior.  She shared with me as she came forward that she has been a Muslim all her life but God has shown her through our times together in His word that He loves her and is calling her to know Him intimately through His Son Jesus Christ.  I wanted to cry right then as I prayed with her and led her to Him.  Thank you for praying!

I mentioned in our last update, there is so much sickness here.  On my last trip out to the village, I found one of my ladies very sick.  I honestly didn’t know if she would make it.  She was struggling to breathe and her face was beginning to swell.  The local village doctor was unable to treat her and said she needed to be brought to main hospital in town.  We brought her back into town with us.  Because it was getting late, we took her to a private clinic.  At the main hospital, medical care is free but she most likely would have died as the doctors had all gone home for the day.  Hundreds of people were still waiting in line to see the doctor there.  It is so sad as many do actually do die as they wait.  At the private clinic, we were able to get right in to see the doctor and they diagnosed her with pneumonia and after more test, also with Tuberculosis.   She also suffers from asthma.  Please pray for her health that God would bring healing, restoring her lungs and making them whole!

Thank you all dear friends for standing with us in prayer!  We appreciate you more than words can tell.  May God bless you for your faithfulness!

All Our Love from Uganda!

Danielle (Don and Girls) ~ email: dpierce@piercefamily.name





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