Our Overflowing Quiver

Our Quiver is Definitely Full

“Behold, Children are a heritage from the LORD.  Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; They shall not be ashamed, But shall speak with their enemies in the gate.”  Ps 127:3,5

This last time in America I was stirred to go to the Children’s Ministry Conference. God provided and it was amazing! As soon as I returned back home to Uganda God opened doors for me to work alongside Teacher Ben to help the children’s ministry, introduce the Calvary Curriculum and every Saturday train the new teachers. I love that God is always moving even when we don’t realize. We now have 5 classes most of them over 100 children still! Our Quiver is definitely full! Most of these children come from the boarding school and from Muslim families which can bring some challenges. The conference gave so much to encourage the teachers. One of the biggest lessons is Love!  There is not a person I know that doesn’t want love. What if we are the only chance they get to see God’s true love?  Whenever there are children fighting (they really fight even in the overcrowded classroom) or a mischievous one, I remember we have no idea what this child’s life is like. Their dad most likely beats their mom and maybe them also, bringing home more wives and having more children, family members die in front of them, most likely they rarely have food at home, a bed, etc.  Stealing and fighting might be all they know of life and have no clue there is anything different. But it’s so amazing there are no limitations to His amazing grace! We get the opportunity to share with all these hundreds of children! Helping people to see Sunday School not as babysitting but as a chance to make disciples! Every time I look out to all of them I see leaders and the future of our nation! They can become bold adults not ashamed of the gospel, changing the hostile hearts around us. I tell them this every Sunday and I hope they see it too. Another big lesson is to notice spiritual gifts in the children and encourage them even now!  Acts 2:38-39 Kids do not receive a little Holy Spirit just because they are little. They have the same Holy Spirit as us adults. Imagine what God could do with their precious lives as they start using their spiritual gifts now! We get the opportunity to help them pray, sharing they can talk to God especially in their darkest times when no one else is there for them. God knows every single thought and sees each hidden tear! To hear their prayer requests for food, protection, school fees, healings, provisions, prayers to know that someone loves them (especially the orphans), humbles me and increases my love for them! Not only for children but everyone around! Am I loving them like Christ? Did I remember to stop and talk to the old Muslim lady on the road even though I have so much to do at home? When I meet someone who seems troubled or hard, do I judge and assume or do I remember I might be the only example of Christ’s love they have seen? What about you?  What an amazing opportunity God has given to all of us! Share His love to the longing and lonely!  As they said in the conference, “It is heart work!”

Prayer Requests

  • Children’s Ministry: Please pray for God to continue directing all the changes and stirring more to join us in serving. Please pray for God to provide for us to buy Bibles!  We need at least 200 more! Please pray as we have no play equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.) for the children’s ministry. If possible also a DVD player for the younger church.
  • Pray for the converts! Pray for protection! The convert’s families keep threatening them and us. Please pray for continued guidance for Vincent as he goes into the lion’s den time and time again. Going to these Muslim’s homes, sharing love with them and calming them. It’s so amazing that many times angry Muslims comes to Vincent on the road and God gives him the words and the way to touch their hearts. It’s all God!!!!  It’s amazing the wisdom He gives, both culturally and spiritually, to prepare the ways forward.  Thank you for your prayers and interceding for us!!!  Please continue to pray for the weekly discipleship class Vincent has with them on Fridays.
  • Pray for the surveying of our land; that it will be finalized this week to start building.
  • Pray for Angela who is coming early July and staying with us for 5 months to help with Zachary and the children’s ministry! I think all the teachers and myself are counting down the days! I’m especially excited for Zachary since this week has been hard on him. Please pray for the Gaona’s, Teri and the Calvary The Rock team also coming July!
  • Always continued prayer for health and protection for our family.







Praise Reports

  • We had a beautiful time with the CC West Grove team! The Pastors and leaders conference was so extremely amazing! We were all overfilled spilling out on everyone.
  • We were able to host the CC Kampala Worship team successfully even though the missions house is not complete but almost finished. They are always such a blessing to have! It’s like having a family reunion at our place for a week, not guests. Their worship and their lives reflect the spirit moving through and through.
  • We had a baptism for over 40 refugees!!! Excitingly wonderful! The pool surrounded by praise and also laughter. There is a saying that Africans fear water more than bullets. Many almost pulled Vincent in as they bent forward instead of laying back, fearing to get their hair and face wet.
  • The water has been coming more regularly!!! A blessing to know when we need to turn on the facet, water will most likely come. Especially in a compound where currently 10 are sleeping and more come during the day.
  • God is really multiplying our animals and blessing our trees! This month alone we have 3 baby goats and 2 little lambs that have survived and are very strong. 2 sets of twins! New total: 11 goats, 4 sheep, too many pigeons, 4 rabbits, so many avocados, guavas, and mangos.  We keep giving and still keep receiving!