One Woman’s Amazing Faith; “If you get baptized, I will commit suicide.”

People in this area are very poor and children do not go to school.

One Woman’s Amazing Faith!

But as it is written, to whom he was not spoken of, they shall see; and they that have not heard shall understand. Rom.15:21. 

   I recently met a lady whose name is R.D. She is from the lowest caste in South Asia. From the group she belongs to, no one is literate, no one has a good home, the children do not go to school, no one has a permanent job, and all the men are alcoholics. They are a very poor group in South Asia.

R.D. has two children. Her daughter is 1 ½ years old, and her son is 5 years old. Her husband is a heavy drinker. Her husband beat her after drinking daily and broke her

R.D. holding the proclaimer (audio Bible) she listens to with her neighbors every night!

teeth. Last year, when her husband beat her, she was admitted in the hospital for 6 months because she had head trauma. However, she didn’t receive full treatment. Her parents spent their whole life savings for her to be in the hospital for 6 months. When my dad and I visited her village to share the Good News with them, she listened and shared about her problem with us.

 We prayed for her husband and invited her to the fellowship. She began to come to the fellowship and continued. As she opened her heart to the Word of God, she began to pray for her husband. After a month, her husband stopped drinking wine, so she went to her parents’ village and shared about how Jesus changed her husband’s life. As a result, more than 20 women from her village began to come to the fellowship!
   After a month, my dad and I decided to go there and teach in her village every Wednesday. When I saw their thirst for God’s Word, I gave them a “Proclaimer” (an audio Bible, since they are illiterate). This woman is listening to the Word of God with all of her neighbors. Now she has been baptized and is fully trusting in God. Every day, she prays with all of the neighbors and listens chapter by chapter from the Proclaimer. Thanks be to God for the change in their lives!

“If you get baptized, I will commit suicide”

He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. (Mathew 10:37)

I want to share some exciting news-we had a baptism service on February 19, and 8 people gave their lives to Jesus, praise God!They ignored all of the persecution that will come from their family and neighbors.
   One brother among them is D.K., who decided to follow Jesus. He is 16 years old and studying in the 10th grade. His parents are nonbelievers; they do not like Christian people, and they persecute him whenever he comes to the fellowship. He stopped doing all idol worship, so his parents are scolding him and are against him.
Last month, when he told his mother he wanted to be baptized, his mother also scolded him and warned him that if he was baptized, she would commit suicide. He has been coming to our fellowships for two years, and has been hearing the Word of God. When he heard the truth in Mathew 10:37, he decided to obey Jesus’ command and was baptized. He did not share with anyone that he has been baptized, not even his mother. If he shares about this, he will face much persecution. He has continued coming to church and learning the Word of God.

Awesome Faith of this Family and Their Paralyzed Son Raju!

 One day, my father and I went to share the Gospel and distribute 500+ Bible tracts in five villages. While we were doing this, we met a man and I gave him a Bible tract and invited him and his family to my home.
   One week later, they came to my home with their paralyzed son. We shared the Good News with them, and they have started to come to our fellowship. The whole family accepted Jesus as their Savior!
   They are very poor. The man’s name is V.T. He has no proper job, but they have a little barber shop. His daily salary is 100-120 rupees (about $3.00). His customers give 10 rupees (20 cents) for one haircut. It is so difficult for him to provide three meals a day for his family.
 He has two sons. The oldest, Raju, is 18 years old, and the second is 14 years old. Raju has been paralyzed since his birth. His father and mother take out loans and spend lots of money for his treatment, but he does not show any improvement. Now his father has lots of loans to pay back to his friends. But he totally depends on God and trusts in God; he is praying for everything.
   He left idol worship and threw every idol in the river. He has a house church going on in his home. I gave him an audio Bible (the Proclaimer); they are listening to it with all of their family and neighbors. They continually pray for his paralyzed son, and God is healing his son (Raju) now.
   Raju can now say “yes, no, mom, dad, brother, Jesus” etc. He can even walk on the rooftop on his knees! When I shared the Word of God with Raju, he accepted Jesus as his Savior! He said in sign language that he wanted to be baptized, and we baptized him on February 19! His father, V.T., was also baptized the same day. V.T.’s wife, Ranjita is a good worship leader. She is always composing Christian worship songs in the local language and helping with worship.
 Praise God they are learning the Word of God and sharing the Good News with whoever comes into their barber shop! V.T. is being really persecuted, but he is stable in his faith. One day, some of V.T.’s neighbors gathered together and tried to beat my father, but God saved me and my father. Thanks be to God for this family’s stable faith in Christ.
Prayer requests:
1) Please pray for R.D.’s fellowship group to grow in the Word of God.
2.) Please pray for the Christians in R.D.’s village to stand strong in all persecution.
3.) Please pray for the children in R.D.’s village to go to school.
4.) Please pray for my father’s finances; he has been doing ministry for 6 years now, and we have lots of loans.
5.) Please pray for D.K., who was recently baptized, and his unbelieving parents.
6.) Please pray for Raju, who was paralyzed, that he will receive full healing from God.
7.) Please pray for V.T. because he has many financial loans for his son’s medical treatment.
8.) Please pray for the believers here, that they will be stable in persecution and grow in the Word of God.
Thanks for your prayers and partnership for Gospel!
R. M.