New and Growing Believers!

A Brother Who Started Leading Our K. Church Sometimes!

Praise the Lord! I am very sorry for delaying reporting about our ministry to you! By your precious prayers, I am doing well and my family and both of my children are doing well. God is working in both of my churches, and new believers are coming to the churches. Last Sunday was a blessed Sunday! Please pray for my ministry. In K. Church, one of our brothers has started running the service sometimes. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Pastor D.L. S. Leading Our Gh. Church Fasting Prayer

  Today we had fasting prayer in my church, Gh. It was a blessed time spending time with God. We prayed for so many requests. One of my friends, Pastor D.L.S., preached from the Word of God. Tomorrow, we will be having fasting prayer in my church K. Please pray for this meeting, that it will bless everyone.      Thank you so much for sharing all of our prayer requests, and for continuously praying for us!

Prayer requests:

1)      Pray for brother P. He will be baptized the first week of April.

2)      Pray for sister I. She is from my church, and she will be getting married     April 28.

3)      Please pray for my wife L.K., as she has pain in her left knee.

4)      Pray for me, because sometimes I have pain throughout my whole body.

5)      Pray for every believer in my church, that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

God bless you,

Pastor D.K. and Family

Our Daughter A. Praying!
A Blessed Sunday at Our K. Church
Fasting Prayer at Our Gh. Church