Muller Update Oct

Gott ist gut!!!!! (God is good) We are in our fifth week of the semester, and so much has happened. God has been so faithful to do His work here at the school. We are seeing lives transformed by His Spirit and His grace. The classes are going well. I’ve heard from many of the students that their favorite class is the Holy Spirit class. Bruce is co-teaching it with Nick Long, the founding pastor of CC Siegen. The students are learning to wait on God, listen to His voice, be filled with His Spirit, and learn all about the person of the Holy Spirit.

Teresa’s women’s discipleship class is going well. It dovetails beautifully into the Holy Spirit class. So far, she has taught on Intimacy with God, Establishing a devotional life, The filling of the Holy Spirit, and the Fruit of the Spirit. These students are realizing that they can do nothing of spiritual value without Christ. Jesus said , “as you abide in the Vine (himself) you will produce much fruit, for without Me you can do nothing.” How true it is! We see that with our busy lives, we are totally dependent on His grace, power, and Spirit to accomplish any of it! We had the entire class want prayer for the filling of the Spirit. Young people are hungry for all that they can receive from God. It is so exciting to see His hand moving in their lives.

Last weekend, we had an evangelism class on Friday and Saturday led by Dr. Rick Danson, from Santa Barbara, CA. He is a physician who has offered his life for serving Christ in any way he can. It was an amazing class. Afterwards on both days, we all went street evangelizing. We saw several people give their lives to Jesus. Teresa prayed with two young girls who were so open to receive Christ. They were dancing in front of some music we were playing on the sidewalk. Their hearts were drawn to us. Jesus said that no man could come to the Father except He draw him. And how true that is. You see it when you talk with people, how some are so open. We prayed for those who were sick, lonely and hurting. And God answered.

God blessed us with a big answered prayer! We had kitchen cabinets that were falling apart, a sink that had a broken faucet, and a refrigerator that was not working too well. We had lived with it for a year, but kept praying God would send a new “kitchen” ( modular units and appliances) our way. Well two weeks ago, the bible college received a call from a guy who wanted to donate a whole kitchen set. It had been sitting in his storage for a year. God provided all we needed and more. He even brought carpenters, counter top guys, a plumber and electrician all within the church. So now we have a beautiful workable kitchen!! We are so thankful. You are all invited over for dinner!!!!!

Teresa is personally discipling two girls, and Bruce is discipling one man. It has been wonderful seeing the fruit come out of this. Investing in others’ lives brings such satisfaction as we see how God can change minds, hearts, and actions. The times we are living in are so filled with stress. Everyday as we read in the news, we can only find peace in putting our trust in God. The world is going on such a downward slope. Whether in the States, Europe, the Middle East or anywhere else, we see the signs of what Jesus prophesied in Matt 24 coming to pass. Truly, the time is short, and we have a window of opportunity in our lives to make a difference.. right where we are. We count it a great privilege to be over here, letting our lives be used for this next generation.. They are so needing to be equipped for all that is ahead. Thank you for praying for us, encouraging us, and helping us.. You are such a support and blessing to our lives. May God richly pour out His love, favor, and grace on you, as you put your hope in Him.

“May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord even as we put our hope in you. Psalm 33:22”


Bruce and Teresa