Muller Update March

Spring Semester 2013

IMG_0324May Your ways be known throughout the earth, Your saving power among people everywhere. May the nations praise You, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise You.” Ps.67:2-3

Spring semester 2013 is in full swing. It’s hard to believe this is our seventh semester in Germany. Three years have just whisked by. God has continued to give us strength and grace to fulfill the call He has given, in leading and equipping others in worshipping Him.

 IMG_0123We have 20 students, distributed fairly evenly between women and men. There are several very talented musicians and worship leaders this semester. It’s been a blessing to see their zeal and hunger to worship God. It’s contagious for the rest of the college.

The semester officially started February 4th. We helped out on Students Spring 13registration day, and then we both got hit with this flu bug going around. For two weeks, we were pretty much out of commission. It was difficult to start the semester being sick, but we learned that God’s grace filled our lack, and things went on despite us being there~ IMAGINE THAT!!!!  

We were asked to teach and lead worship at a retreat for CCParis.. We had been looking forward to this for a long time. Afterwards we had plans to see Paris for a day before heading back. We’ve never been there.

  While there, Teresa developed a bad head cold, as an aftermath to the flu. While she stayed in bed in the hotel, Bruce was downstairs, teaching and leading worship, trying not to cough too much! But God moved , and again made up for our lack. People were filled with the Spirit, and encouraged. Praise God! We headed back to Siegen right after the retreat, however. We weren’t up to doing any sightseeing, especially Teresa!

 We were feeling a bit disconnected from the students, as being sick kept us from being as involved. We decided to invite them over for a night of prayer and worship in our apartment. It was a tight squeeze, but we had a great time. There’s nothing quite like worshipping and praying together, and having God’s presence fill the room. I think we all were very blessed and refreshed that evening.

Bruce’s worship class is going well. He is teaching on Biblical Worship, and enjoying it greatly. He is also discipling several men, as well as leading worship.
Teresa is still the
Dean of women, teaching Women’s Discipleship, discipling girls, and leading
worship. For women’s Discipleship this semester, we are focusing more on outreach. Part of our class is teaching and the other part is training in outreach.

We are doing prison ministry( for the men), helping at the Muslim Girl’s club, street evangelism, helping at the local Mission for street people, and maybe senior’s housing centers. This is a good way to not only have head knowledge but put it into practice. 

We also have several worship conference weekends we’ll be putting on for churches.

Budapest WC: Wed. March 14 – Wed March 20 ( attending/& participating in a Q & A panel)

Hannover WW: Thurs March 21 – Mon March 25. (We could take Students)

Montabelluna IT: Mon April 1- Fri April 5

Rome IT WW: Sat April 6- Wed. April 10

Senseim WW: Fri April 26 – Sun April 28. (We could take Students)

Siegen WW: Fri May 30 – Sun June 1

Please be in prayer for these, that God would anoint the teaching, inspire, and use it to equip and train up worship leaders.

We have been helping a couple we know with pre-marital counseling. They are getting married in three weeks! Bruce used to do this as a pastor before, and it’s been a great blessing being used to prepare them for the greatest commitment they’ll have, outside of our commitment to Christ!

We pray that you will stay strong and focused on Jesus, as the everyday media news isn’t always so encouraging. Sometimes it’s so bleak that it’s hard to hear. Jesus tells us to trust in Him, focus on Him, and know that He is in control. Our job is to draw close to Him and spread the light of His love with those everywhere, sharing the wonderful hope we have in Christ.


In His love,

Bruce and Teresa Muller

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all you that hope in the LORD.” Ps. 31:24

Preaching in Berlin