Moving Forward

Hello my beloved friends!

I have currently reached $1,300 of my $1,500 monthly support goal! I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and awe for what God has done. I never thought I would be where I am now, and the seeing generosity of His family convicts and challenges me to grow in love. Thank you to everyone who was praying, and who encouraged me day by day to rely on the Lord.

This figure is far enough along in my projected budget to move forward with visa application paperwork. Now I can transition into retrieving my Religious Worker’s Visa with the help of the ywam Tokyo base leaders. It is still hard to give a projected departure date, but the first document I need is a Certificate of Eligibility. This usually takes between 8-12 weeks to obtain after paperwork is completed.

Once the certificate is mailed to me, I will have to take it to the Japanese Embassy to be reviewed for my visa. As soon as I have my visa and my financial support is at 100%, I can move to Japan!

Today, I only need an additional $200 of monthly financial support. I am also still looking for more prayer warriors to join in the task of interceding for the Japanese people. So continue to pray about these things!

I spent most if the summer studying what the Bible has to say about “asking” and support raising. I learned a lot about the aspects of raising up a strong team and how to care for one. I interviewed and talked with others I know who have successfully raised their support. The time I took to do this changed everything about my support raising.

The single most important thing that the Lord taught me was why we must continue to give cheerfully and be generous even through financial hardship. Cheerful giving demonstrates trust in God for provision while breaking the spiritual ties to greed and anxiety about money.

I want to say thank you for the prayers, the patience, and the encouragement. I am thrilled to be moving forward in beginning ministry in Tokyo!

~Angela Simon