Ministry in Port Royal

So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.”    –Galatians 6:10


Dear Friends and Family,

 Happy Easter!

 image310As missionaries we spend a lot of time reaching out to the lost.  We evangelize, go on missions trips to unreached areas and disciple new believers.  While these are good things it is also good to take the opportunity to help other believers with their ministries and to make time to encourage other ministers in the Lord.

 This past month our family and most of the ministry team from Arise Christian Fellowship traveled 5 hours west to Fort Portal to encourage and serve the church and ministry team there at Calvary Chapel Fort Portal.

image313Pastor Doug Calhoon and his family traveled to the States at Christmas time so that his wife,  Destiny, could deliver their third baby.  While in the States, Destiny became aware of some serious health problems and is now seeking treatment.  Please keep her and their family in prayer during this time.

Doug’s Assistant Pastor, Nicolas has been teaching and leading the team at CCFP . Along with the help of the ministry team and missionaries Jo and Greg Clarkson,    Nicolas is doing a great job.  We, as a team, prayed and decided to set a side a long weekend to go and serve along side the CCFP team that they could have a rest and enjoy some fellowship and encouragement.  We were there for 5 days. While we were there to bless them I must say we left feeling like the ones who had been blessed.

image316 image317 

The first ministry opportunity we had at the church was a night of worship.  We had a bonfire at the church. People from the church came to fellowshipimage318 and worship together. Evelyn and Carole from our worship team played the guitar and sang.  We also had a potluck with a BBQ. During our time of worship a couple of youth passing by came and begin to ask questions about the church and Jesus.  Pray for Greg and Nicolas to have more opportunities to share with them and that they would give their lives to Christ.

image321On the Saturday we were there we spent the whole day at the church.  In the morning Evelyn spent time practicing with the worship team from CCFP.  She instructed them on timing, voice, and working together as they lead worship.  After worship practice we had a time of sharing what worship really is, that it is so much more then singing. Since our worship conferences last year, Evelyn has really had a heart to share with other worship leaders and teams about having a heart of worship.  It blesses me to see God using her in such an amazing way to bring others closer to Him though worship.

In the late afternoon I had the opportunity to teach the women.  I had been told they have been going through a book on living a life of worship.  I felt led to share with them about knowing God more.  I shared that to really live a life of worshipping God we must know Him and continue to seek to know Him more.  As I was teaching I told some personal stories of my walk with God that I had not planned on before hand.  After the teaching a couple of the ladies began to share that they had similar stories and had thought they were the only ones.  God is so good to put just the right words in your mouth when you need them.


On Sunday, Brian taught both services at CCFP.  The first service is all in English and the second service is English translated into Lutoro. The message he taught was called, Pleasing God.  To have the opportunity to share with the believers there was really a blessing for all of us.  We felt as if we were part of their body and I guess in reality we are.  What an incredible gift for believers to be able to travel anywhere in the world and be with “family”.

image329Thank you for praying for our family and the ministry in Uganda.






In Him,

 Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee, and Liana


  • Please Pray for Destiny Calhoon’s health. That she would be completely healed. Pray for her family as they go through this difficult time.
  • Continue to Pray that we would truly “Arise and Shine” the light of Christ in this dark place.
  • Continue to pray for the new believers at the church and from the market that they would remain strong in their faith and continue to grow.
  • Pray for the men of Arise as they begin meeting together for a men’s Bible study and fellowship.
  • Pray for Brian as pastors and leads our ministry team. Pray for all the ministries and leaders.
  • Pray for Jill’s students at All Nations as they will have midterm exams this month.
  • Please prayerfully consider becoming part of the Kanyike Family support team.