Ministering in the Mountains

Meeting with Pastor R.M. and Pastor M.’s Family

I hope you all are doing great! I am so grateful to our Lord to have you all with me in this journey.

I had a great time meeting with Pastor M and his family, who are working in the northern part of our country. I went to visit to see how the ministry is going there and how God is advancing His kingdom through their church. It was a great encouragement for me to meet a man of God who is working with a great passion and burden for people. I was able to meet with church believers there, and I encouraged them for few minutes and had worship time. It was all good!

Spending time with Pastor R.K. and his Mother

Meeting Pastor R.M. was a sweet and blessed time. Most of the time, I tried to get to know him and we shared ministry experiences. God has been so faithful to both of us in the ministry while we are serving in different provinces of the nation. It was a good time to be able to help him with different things that needed to be done to prepare for the Pastors School there in the future.

Also, visiting Pastor R.K., his family and village was a different experience for me. I was there when I was a student in Bible college, and meeting him again was a blessed time, just like meeting the other brothers who are ministering in the North.

Sharing about ministry experiences was our primary topic all of the time while I was with them, and talking about believers and their lives was very encouraging. We also visited other villages and gathered young people to encourage them with the Word of God. We shared how beautiful and strengthening it is to have Jesus with them, even during their lowest point of life and when nothing seems to work out. We encouraged them to choose to walk with Jesus every single day.

The entire trip to the North was good. There were several moments that encouraged me, and a few disappointing moments when I realized how difficult it is to do ministry in the place where these pastors are working. There are many challenges, like ministering among villagers who live high on the top of mountains. Their culture, beliefs and strong ancient beliefs are deeply rooted in their minds. I spent a good amount of time encouraging the brothers there that God will work it out, and we need to just be faithful in our portion and responsibility.

Students Studying in the South
Teaching Class

I was so happy to return to the South and begin to invest the Word into the students’ lives here. This fall, I have begun teaching Inductive Bible Study, and I will end the semester teaching 1&2 Corinthians.

The students have a good weekly schedule with included study hours, and they are listening to Pastor C. in two different languages. Currently, they are going through Genesis and Exodus, and some of them said the teaching sounds so simple but is very profound. Yes, they are understanding and learning God’s Word.

Students Studying

Sometimes, we have constant rain for a few days at a time here, as it is monsoon season. I am asking you all to please keep the students’ health in your prayers. Some of them are getting viral fevers and other physical illnesses, and some are homesick. In the beginning of the semester orientation class, I shared many things with them to encourage them and to help them understand the reason they are here, and how important it is every single day and hour to grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for loving and caring for us!

We love you!

Pastor R.K.